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    [–] Is this something Toriyama just forgot about? Goku was able to go to the afterlife just fine. Brain_Blasted 2 points ago in dbz

    Well, the Demon King Piccolo's victims didn't go to the afterlife, so this is actually correct in this scenario.

    [–] #14 Well-Rounded · This Week in GNOME Brain_Blasted 3 points ago in gnome

    I recommend joining on Matrix if you need help :)

    [–] #14 Well-Rounded · This Week in GNOME Brain_Blasted 3 points ago in gnome

    No VM necessary - you can use the nightly flatpak SDK to develop. Most app developers targeting GNOME use flatpak for development these days.

    If you're on Fedora, you can also use toolbx for those few cases where flatpak doesn't work.

    [–] What Have You Watched This Past Week That is NOT a Currently Airing Show? [October 10th, 2021] Brain_Blasted 9 points ago in anime

    Decided to watch the Garden of Sinners movies on a whim when I saw them listed in the Fate section on Crunchyroll. Just finished movie 8.

    [–] We are hiring Rust Software Engineers for Pop!_OS Brain_Blasted 3 points ago in rust

    GNOME is written in a variety of languages actually, and we do have one core app written in Rust. Around half of the third party apps in GNOME Circle are written in Rust as well.

    I believe all the in-house apps from /u/jackpot51 and co are written in Rust.

    [–] #13 It begins… · This Week in GNOME Brain_Blasted 5 points ago in gnome

    None planned - it would need to be in GTK itself, it would be a breaking change for apps, and it probably would need changes to APIs, which we can't do with GTK3

    [–] Using libadwaita with C++ Brain_Blasted 7 points ago in gnome is the only app I know of currently using both. You can just use the regular C when working in C++, no bindings necessary.

    [–] We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close Brain_Blasted 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    They've moved to flatpak, so it should be easy enough to install Steam and other apps from Flathub.

    [–] GNOME 41 Release Notes Brain_Blasted 9 points ago in linux

    The good news is that GTK4 supports them just fine :)

    Source: my 144hz monitor

    [–] GNOME 41 Release Notes Brain_Blasted 3 points ago in linux

    You might be interested in knowing that has been merged :) That's the big step toward global dark style preference support.

    [–] Developing GTK apps, which language to choose Brain_Blasted 2 points ago in linuxquestions

    I can vouch for Rust - the bindings are great to work with, and the community around it is super helpful.

    [–] GTK and custom themes - what really happened Brain_Blasted 8 points ago in linux

    I'm not sure how GNOME is responsible for his interpretation of the HIG, or his own decision not to implement a feature. Please, explain to me exactly how GNOME controls this. No one told him not to, no one forced his hand in any way. So what could we have done to prevent this, hmm?