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    [–] Travelers if Reddit, what place made you think, "I have made a huge mistake by coming here?" BrassMunkee 12 points ago in AskReddit

    He already deleted his alt account, or the accomplice did. No one has a problem with facts here, some cities and some countries just have really bad or low income, shitty areas. The problem with the users above though, is they are trying to push an agenda by entering information to the dialogue that simply is not true.

    Notice how he ended his original statement with "Sweden is a joke." There's a reason it's about more than just Rinkeby in particular. They want to normalize talk about Sweden being some no-go zone immigrant hellscape.

    [–] Travelers if Reddit, what place made you think, "I have made a huge mistake by coming here?" BrassMunkee 23 points ago in AskReddit

    Serious answer, OP wasn't actually in Rinkeby and the story is made up. He specifically said Rinkeby because of it's immigrant population and it's a troll account to stir up shit. Another user engaged him in the comments is found to be replying to all of OPs similar comments in other threads.

    You've been bamboozled.

    [–] You had one job! BrassMunkee 1 points ago in funny

    Yeah, that's definitely the ideal outlook in my opinion. Obviously, we're all human and make mistakes, but as long as you recognize them and make an effort to correct it. Like evaluate what you might be doing or not doing to create the perception that you don't help out enough. It's very easy to be defensive, especially when you personally feel like you "help out all the fucking time!" It mostly just means the other person feels overwhelmed. Sure, sometimes the other person could be directing their frustration inappropriately at you, but you can never start defensively - that will always be a fight where no one is right or wrong, then you end debating the semantics of something you said during the argument.

    In that situation, I'm sure every couple has been in, start by listening and agreeing to make changes that will accommodate their concerns. Then when that is resolved, you can share they brought their concerns up very unfairly and you'd like them to be more considerate of what you actually do contribute.

    [–] You had one job! BrassMunkee 65 points ago in funny

    Yeah... that's why if you want to attend a game, plan it in advance. And then trade, your wife gets to go do something she wants to do while you stay home. Then hire help and go on a date together once in awhile. It's not hard. Communicate.

    [–] Sitting at my desk at work about to either burst out laughing or crying... BrassMunkee 17 points ago in phenibut

    Couple things, probably avoid music. If you’re really connected to what your listening to, it’s going intensify all those emotions. Not very comfortable at work.

    If people ask about why you are so upbeat or chipper, my go to was “the best night of sleep I’ve had in so long.” Everyone can relate to shit sleep and they’re almost congratulatory.

    [–] Stealth camo equipped BrassMunkee 1 points ago in gaming

    I thought the same thing, but the HUD at the bottom has a healthbar and not the 1-9 inventory slots that Conan Exiles should have. Pubg has a desert map, and Pubg's health bar is at the bottom like in this gif. You notice him take falling damage and the health bar at the bottom is reduced.

    [–] They can burn down my village.. they can kill my family, but there's one thing they can never erase. BrassMunkee 8 points ago in kingdomcome

    Seriously why is no one else trying to figure this out, those stupid holiday frills make absolutely no sense. Did OP add them there on purpose? Is it some mod in-game? I NEED TO KNOW and it bothers me so few people are focusing on what's really important here!

    [–] For longtimers like myself that tries to beat Trials BrassMunkee 1 points ago in IdleHeroes

    Yes, but early on it's significantly easier to pull off. If you had decent luck with some good heroes and a large pool to work with, you'll beat it no problem at low levels. Brave trial scales with you, so most of the time at high levels, stage 10-13 start dealing massive damage to you. You either need luck or back-up heroes to save your A team for the final stages. There are also tricks to reduce the difficulty level of the brave trial stages you generate.

    [–] You guys seen this already? Where do they even get the money for these BrassMunkee 1 points ago in pcmasterrace

    It's actually likely less than $2. This is coming from people in this very thread looking up averages in nicehash, as well as owners of the card using it to mine. It's around $1.50.

    [–] You guys seen this already? Where do they even get the money for these BrassMunkee 3 points ago in pcmasterrace

    For a rig that probably cost upwards of $150,000. And there's no way each card is getting $7 a day. Other crypto users here have estimates from their tools at about $1.50 to $2.00 a day. That means this rig is going to take about 2 years to pay itself off.

    The money in crypto is not from daily mining profit. The real money comes from the value of your currency rising, like stock in a corporation.

    If this bubble bursts and the value of his coins plummet, he will never make back what it cost to set this up.

    [–] Beast Mode goes to basic training BrassMunkee 48 points ago in WatchPeopleDieInside

    That was a real nail biter. Especially the part about when they made it after the movie.

    [–] Reddit users demand ban for notorious pro-Trump community BrassMunkee 1 points ago in politics

    I read a comment from someone who said they feel they've converted to alt-right and all of it's associated racism and nationalism. They explained that once they "learned" they were considered racist just because they are white, they decided to not give a fuck anymore and just be racist.

    I had added that it sounds like they've been racist all along, got found out and just decided not to hide it anymore. I'm not racist - if I was excused of being racist because I'm white, my response would not be to become racist, it would be "No, I am not racist and you are wrong."

    I was then called anti-white and learned that I am apparently a cuck and a slave to SJW's.

    [–] Two of some of the best JRPGs ever (FF6 and Chrono Trigger) are trashy mobile ports on steam. Can we do something about this? BrassMunkee 3 points ago in pcgaming

    I’ve been using snes9x for over a decade when I plan to replay old favorites. When the snes classic came out, everyone was flipping out and asking me if I was going to get one. Why on earth would I do that? I have an actual snes and most of these games as their original cartridges, and I don’t even use that anymore.

    [–] I really want to continue my Thief/Assassin run but... BrassMunkee 7 points ago in kingdomcome

    So far we know that if your victim sees you, even if you kill them, it causes this problem. Stealth kills from behind shouldn't be a problem so much.

    There's also a theory that your conspicuous stat determines if you are thought to have committed the crime. Like if the town knows a crime was committed, you having a high conspicuous stat might cause NPCs to accuse you.

    It's also possible that a full thief/assassin run may not be possible in this game. You might not be able at any point to cause wanton mayhem, stealing and killing everyone without consequences.

    [–] On the save corruption bug and a band-aid solution BrassMunkee 1 points ago in kingdomcome

    Through additional testing I realized my post wasn't accurate and it was just a specific quest bug. Ignore.

    [–] They said you could be a knight, a bard, or a thief BrassMunkee 36 points ago in kingdomcome

    Don’t worry, it’s the dank in your heart that matters.

    [–] Is there a way to legitimately practice Pickpocket and level it up? BrassMunkee 1 points ago in kingdomcome

    Yeah, most of the games mechanics emphasized practice. The problem I ran into early was that there was no good way to practice because everyone caught me instantly the moment I tried. I made so many adjustments for hours, and most attempts the victim caught me instantly the moment I started pickpocket. Like I couldn't even get past the bar to 1 second. That made it really confusing.

    Since trying on sleeping people that's definitely changed and it's getting better.

    [–] Is there a way to legitimately practice Pickpocket and level it up? BrassMunkee 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in kingdomcome

    Oh that's another layer, I am dumb. You can grab more than one item?


    You can loot multiple items, but you only gain experience for the one pickpocket attempt.

    [–] Is there a way to legitimately practice Pickpocket and level it up? BrassMunkee 1 points ago in kingdomcome

    Yeah I was asking about leveling it. Not really for clearing an NPC's inventory, since that would be overkill. Some quests I know you need to pickpocket 1 item, so those perks are awesome for that. Or if you just want grab valuables for silver. I was having a hard time just engaging the item wheel at all, for a long time.

    [–] Is there a way to legitimately practice Pickpocket and level it up? BrassMunkee 1 points ago in kingdomcome

    So I've been testing it out, it's not really to your hearts content. I was trying the inn in Ledetchko since about 5 people sleep nearby the save bed. I did get from level 6 to 9 with some effort though.

    Basically, I noticed that you can pickpocket all of them easily the first time. Each subsequent pickpocket on the same person seems to increase the difficulty of that same person. So you can't pickpocket the same person over and over. I had near 100% success rate on my first try, but getting past 2-3 attempts on the same person dropped dramatically .