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    [–] Nah I’m just feelin it BreakingGarrick 100 points ago in marvelstudios

    What the Hell you talking about?

    He gave a great performance during the entire movie.

    [–] Official Black Panther Discussion Megathread [Spoilers] BreakingGarrick 7 points ago in comicbooks

    MBJ as Killmonger was so damn good.

    Easily the best Phase 3 antagonist thus far.

    I have very few complaints but one is that they killed off both Killmonger and Klaue.

    I understand that Klaue's death served a means to an end because Killmonger used his death to sway the Border tribe to his side but Klaue would've been great as a main antagonist in the sequel or future movies.

    I really would've liked to see more of MBJ as Killmonger as he had a great screen presence.

    [–] Poll: Worst Phase 3 movie? BreakingGarrick 3 points ago in marvelstudios

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

    [–] I think I’ve lost my hype for this game... BreakingGarrick 2 points ago in SpidermanPS4


    Sony is doing a poor job hyping this game up.

    [–] GOAT getting emotional.. BreakingGarrick 1 points ago in Patriots

    What do you mean?

    Bill really fucked up keeping Butler out.

    He could've changed the damn outcome of the game!