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    [–] Metacritic has removed the review bombers' scores for Astral Chain and FE3H! BrightDarkness16 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I’m hoping this keeps up with Sword/Shield, when they inevitably get review bombed solely because of the complete Pokédex not being in them...

    [–] The Flash season 7 Wells leaked!! BrightDarkness16 2 points ago in FlashTV

    Really? I agree with the second part but Blaine's ending was one of the few things I really liked, lol

    [–] [Season 6] How I Feel When I Think About How Easily NTA Got Off After Everything They Did, With Oliver Going As Far As To Include Them On His Immunity Deal. BrightDarkness16 1 points ago in arrow

    I agree. Felicity had already gone downhill a bit in season 3 and it continued because the writing was annoyingly centered around their relationship at times, season 6 was straight up character assassination for 3 characters who were just starting to become likable

    [–] Ok, WE got 7 days. Throw your favorite iZombie moment clip in this thread. BrightDarkness16 30 points ago in iZombie

    I can’t find it on YouTube but I’d probably say the D&D playing scene with the whole gang from S3E9.

    [–] LG lied to me BrightDarkness16 19 points ago in sbubby

    I think they’re referring to the “1 - be attractive; 2 - don’t be unattractive” thing?

    Unless I’m the one being wooooshed right now.

    [–] I sincerely don't know who made this, but lol BrightDarkness16 1 points ago in DunderMifflin

    The real issue (see: YouTube these days) is corporations pretending to care about it with logo changes and marketing and their administration proving to not actually care about the issues when they come up firsthand.

    [–] [NO SPOILERS] My Ranking of Arrowverse Villains!!! BrightDarkness16 2 points ago in arrow

    I would move Mallus and Cicada down a tier. Emiko, honestly, I would put in F tier. Damien, while not a great villain in Arrow, was at least usually entertaining/fun while Emiko always bored me. Also kinda felt like she had no arc (to me the New Green Arrow reveal was kinda pointless).

    [–] Makes sense when you apply the context of the situatiom, but still BrightDarkness16 4 points ago in FlashTV

    I could be wrong but I don’t remember him actually asking her to marry him. I remember he was planning on proposing —> tried to propose but got kidnapped by Eobard before he could finish —> gave up on it because Eobard told him she marries Barry in the future —> got back together with iris before killing himself

    [–] [S05E22] "Legacy" Post Episode Discussion BrightDarkness16 64 points ago in FlashTV

    I kinda felt like in some episodes recently, Tom Cavanagh sounded a bit weird/different as Eobard, sometimes sounding a bit like Sherloque. But this whole episode he was pure season 1 Eobard.

    [–] [S05E22] "Legacy" Post Episode Discussion BrightDarkness16 0 points ago in FlashTV

    I will agree it improved a lot, to the point of being better than seasons 3, 4 or 6, but the improvement the show made from 4 to 5 was definitely bigger than between 6 and 7 IMO.

    [–] Does anyone else have a hate-love relationship with the show? BrightDarkness16 1 points ago in FlashTV

    Yes. Season 1 was by far my favorite season and if it had been the same quality level as any other season I probably wouldn’t have continued watching.

    Basically the first season was the only one good enough to encourage me to continue, but I’ve never hated the show enough to stop watching.

    [–] [S04E10 - Season Finale Episode Discussion] - 'Redacted' BrightDarkness16 17 points ago in lucifer

    I like this explanation, I always wondered how it would work with people who don’t feel remorse and that would make sense.

    [–] [S04E10 - Season Finale Episode Discussion] - 'Redacted' BrightDarkness16 37 points ago in lucifer

    I agree. I think the way they used Eve was almost a twist in itself, that she WASN’T working against him the entire time as a part of some bigger conspiracy. I’m not sure if they plan on having her stay in the show at all (provided we get more seasons, fingers crossed), but I actually found her quite well-developed by the end and I wouldn’t mind if she came back.

    [–] (Spoilers) I have qualms with this weeks episode BrightDarkness16 3 points ago in FlashTV

    I thought they explained that Nora was being negatively influenced by the negative speed force when that was happening and that’s why no one’s talking about the Cisco part. Arguably a vaguely defined, poorly written explanation, which doesn’t excuse Nora for her behavior before the negative force stuff, but an explanation nonetheless.

    [–] The good ol’ days BrightDarkness16 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    I remember downloading Fall Out Boy songs on Limewire and the artist was always listed as “Fall Out Boys”. Classic

    [–] creed is a mood BrightDarkness16 10 points ago in DunderMifflin

    ...Definitely we should.

    [–] [S07E18] "Lost Canary" Post Episode Discussion BrightDarkness16 27 points ago in arrow

    Agreed, the one thing that felt different from Legends to me was how she was wearing the White Canary outfit which is ironic because that an entire alias was made for her on Legends.