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    [–] Anyone else have this problem with loading times? BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in apolloapp

    I am jailbroken, but why would that affect anything like this? It’s only Reddit apps that are giving me this problem...

    [–] Join the Raimi memes Discord... BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in raimimemes

    I’m banned before joining what the heckin’ heck

    [–] Anyone else have this problem with loading times? BrineDude_Gaming 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 hours ago) in apolloapp

    It happens with subs, posts, and other things... It’s a bit random. I have solid internet, and this problem only exists on Reddit (Looks like it’s a thing on the official Reddit app, too. Maybe someone here knows why...) Content loads immediately when I refresh, as shown in the video, but it takes around 10 seconds sometimes to load things normally. Refreshing also makes the content buggy... It seems like no one else is experiencing this, but I KNOW it’s not my WiFi.

    [–] *FRANTICALLY STARTS FILING LAWSUITS* BrineDude_Gaming 17 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    He attacked Alex Jones and stands by it despite his audience so...

    [–] The next Iron Man (@artounii on Instagram) BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in marvelstudios

    A lot of people (including me) would love to see Tom as Marty McFly in a BTTF remake. 😅

    [–] Her face ready for the head-butt and his face right after BrineDude_Gaming 44 points ago in marvelstudios

    Holy shit that makes perfect sense. Now I finally know why he knew exactly what the right move was when Strange held up his finger.

    [–] Netflix app and Windows LTSB 2016 BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in Piracy

    IGNORE THE REST OF THESE COMMENTS. Use this well-known script to install the store itself:

    You never know when you'll need the store again for something like EarTrumpet or a game or anything else. It's also great for installing programs (like iTunes or UWP VLC) in their own little bundles that don't affect the rest of your PC and are easier to uninstall. If you're a gamer, that script also includes some helpful(??) Xbox stuff, but you can easily skip those.

    [–] In honor of Apple's $1000 monitor stand; Madtv presents i-rack BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in videos

    You’re proving my point. Bush put a smiley face on his evil. He would say that and then go on to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. He tortured people. He lied to the American public about WMDs. I don’t care what he says about Muslims in a speech, I care about his policies and actions. He was a true monster, not just “terribly flawed”. I was downvoted but I don’t want anyone to think for a goddamn moment that I was defending Trump. I’m just saying that this whole “Aww I miss Bush, better than what we have now” has no basis in reality, and does more harm than good. It downplays the evil of Dubya, and shifts the overton window to the right in such a way that it makes me nauseous to read that the MAJORITY of Democrats miss Bush... Trump hasn’t had his Iraq yet, nor his crash. I don’t wanna give him time to get to that, so let’s elect a progressive that can beat him. The “I miss Bush” shit could also lead to complacency with an establishment candidate like Clinton or Biden, and I don’t wanna see that happen again.

    [–] In honor of Apple's $1000 monitor stand; Madtv presents i-rack BrineDude_Gaming -7 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in videos

    Yeah, I'd love to see an answer to this. Bush was just as bad as Trump. Similar policies. Trump adds on mean tweets and shit, so it's easier for vapid Colbert fans to call him a cheeto or whatever.

    [–] I wonder how long he´s been saying that... BrineDude_Gaming 33 points ago in raimimemes

    Yeah, I like new Flash, but TASM nailed the character in just a few small moments.