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    [–] Why do you still use IGG? BrineDude_Gaming 4 points ago in Piracy

    This. They have a lot of titles that can't be found anywhere else, their sites are pretty easy to navigate... If they would quit it with the shady practices, they'd be one of the best around.

    [–] The power of deepfakes in the palm of my hand... (Tobey in the MCU) BrineDude_Gaming 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in raimimemes

    Just thought I'd show everyone what we could have had.

    Credit to derpfakes for the actual face swap. The edit is mine.

    YouTube version:

    [–] Seeing the generous Switch game posts and sad you can't participate because you've no Switch? Well screw it, this is the Nintendo Switch thread. BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    Okay wow. My best friend has been pretty stressed lately, and they've been wanting a Switch for a while now. They've been saving up money for one, but if I win this giveaway, I'd be able to give them a Switch without making them spend all their money. :) Thanks for doing this, cragcrag.

    [–] Llamas with Hats 1-12: The Complete Series BrineDude_Gaming 8 points ago in videos

    Oh my god it really does feel like the mask is a representation of the fans, constantly repeating nothing but "CAAARRRRLLLLLLLL" and Carl is Jason, just repeating the old quotes back to him and shit. "There's nothing left!"

    [–] [discussion] Stop Spamming Jake James on Twitter!!!!! BrineDude_Gaming 2 points ago in jailbreak

    Yeah, IDK why they always threaten to quit over this shit. There are plenty ways to prevent this from being a problem. It's like they want us to suck their dicks just so they stay. Just mute the tweets, goddamn...

    [–] [News] iOS 12.1.1 and 12.1.2 are no longer signed=( BrineDude_Gaming 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in jailbreak

    I bumped myself down to 12.1.1 from 12.1.2 yesterday. I did it by shift clicking "Update" instead of "Restore" so hopefully I'm okay.

    I know that method has been buggy in the past, but whatever... I didn't wanna lose my data.

    [–] The whole "Xbox Live for Switch" thing is very misleading. There is no indication of Microsoft working with Nintendo on anything. BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago in nintendo

    Phil Spencer said he wants Microsoft's characters in Smash and he would allow it in a heartbeat. Things like Banjo, Steve, and even a Master Chief skin for Steve or the Miis, aren't outside of the realm of possibility.

    [–] Pokemon Snap 2 - Junichi Masuda's advice and how it could work on Switch with Labo (2 mins) BrineDude_Gaming 3 points ago in nintendo

    Pokemon Snap could be a great mobile game, even without AR.

    Hell, even a port of the original game with motion controls would be lovely.

    [–] Maroon 5 for not playing sweet victory at halftime BrineDude_Gaming 1 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago) in trashy

    Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, Brittany Pettibone... Just a ton of people in that alt-right YT circle. (Zero left wing political commentators, btw. Exclusively right wingers. By itself, that would be whatever, but a lot of the right wingers in his list are straight up white nationalists.)

    Dude likes their content. Gives you a lot more pause when he says shit like “I don’t even know who Heather Heyer is.” after he “accidentally” promoted a nazi YouTuber to millions. Gives you a lot more pause when he says the N word and acts like it’s not something he says day to day. Gives you a lot more pause when he promotes Ben “Arabs like to live in sewage” Shapiro “for the memes”.

    There were smear articles of the motherfucker and that was a major mistake. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth to the idea that PewDiePie is alt-right adjacent, and those shitty articles from MSM made plenty of his cult-like fans think every bit of this is false.

    There’s a pattern. Dude’s an asshat.