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    [–] YSK If someone informs you they're suicidal, you should take that statement seriously and offer to help BroAkinto 2 points ago in YouShouldKnow

    Ok how will I help my friend that’s addicted to online betting. We are both in college and he always gets in huge amount of debt. He won’t listen to any advice I try to give him.

    As a last resort, I decided to tell his mom. She believed me at first but then he told her that I was lying. Because of this I tried to limit our friendship. We meet only on weekends. That made him turn me to into his personal therapist.

    I didn’t have a problem with that until he started to become aggressive towards me as I am the only one telling him to stop. I decided to stop being friends with him. That’s when he told he was suicidal.

    I feel bad for him but whenever we’re together he always seem to be angry at me. I didn’t cause any of his problems yet he threatens to beat me up for every mild inconvenience.

    He’s also horrible towards women. Both his previous girlfriends publicly called him out for a bad thing or 2 he did to them. That’s what finally made me to decide to cut all ties to him.

    I really want to help him but not when he threatens to beat me up every time we’re together. All his other friends left him and his mom us enabling his behavior.

    [–] Hmm I’ve seen this one before BroAkinto 1 points ago in memes

    Not really. I made this myself as I’m currently watching the movie

    [–] Hmm I’ve seen this one before BroAkinto 1 points ago in agedlikemilk

    We are heading into an inevitable sky net scenario. Experts and movies have warned us but we didn’t listen. However, robots go brrrr

    [–] Kinda the same vibes. BroAkinto 5 points ago in ksi

    So is the girl

    [–] Netflix is spitting facts BroAkinto 0 points ago in TheLastAirbender

    That doesn’t explain the giant robot tho

    [–] 17 years later, still one of the best scenes in cinematic history - SPIDER-MAN STOPS TRAIN BroAkinto 18 points ago in movies

    There’s just something that feels real about not having superhero friends that come in and save the day. He’s alone and just a kid from Queens who wanted to do the right thing.

    [–] Excavator Operator saves Deer stuck in mud hole BroAkinto 3 points ago in nextfuckinglevel

    Seriously, why do excavators needs to have very fine movements when all they move is sand?