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    [–] Exactly 1 year ago... Broadpostjudkins 2 points ago in exmormon

    Amen, great post.

    I’m kind of pissed at you organizationally, because your b-ball team made me lose some money in the OSU game.

    Besides that, sending nothing but love and respect

    [–] Makes me feel better. Broadpostjudkins 13 points ago in exmormon

    I like to flip off the SD temple.

    In fact, if you make two birds and put your hands next to each other, it kind of looks like that temple.

    [–] My dad just offed himself. You know what the fucked up thing was? Half the shit he was so pissed about was stuff the goddamn TSCC did to him. Fuck that fucking shithole organization. Broadpostjudkins 8 points ago in exmormon

    I thought about it some more, and I think a good way to describe it is he was a victim of the system. And TSCC was a huge part of the system for him. And they have a track record of fucking people up that don't fit into their cookie cutters

    [–] Conference Recap Broadpostjudkins 2 points ago in exmormon

    Holy shit that was funny