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    [–] A nevermo asked me why I left the church. After giving several reasons, the nevermo then asked me why it took so long to leave. BrokeDickTater 29 points ago in exmormon

    People who have never been brainwashed have a hard time understanding what is involved. Especially if that brainwashing begins at age 2, in the birth family, around trusted parents and relatives who are also hopelessly brainwashed.

    What's obvious isn't obvious if you're in a cult.

    [–] Need CBD Advice BrokeDickTater 1 points ago in exmormon

    You can get it in a lot of different forms. I think some are infused in oils and you can just take a tablespoon, some is infused into other things like gummies or candy. I'm sure the people at the store are way more knowledgeable than I am. It's totally worth trying though imo.

    [–] Need CBD Advice BrokeDickTater 2 points ago in exmormon

    I'm not sure I've never done it alone. Although I do not believe so. The munchies are from THC i think.

    [–] From Teachings of Prophet Joseph Smith...of course they never lie to us BrokeDickTater 4 points ago in exmormon

    His theology was always subject to change to fit his needs.

    His theology was always subject to change to fit his sexual needs.


    [–] Need CBD Advice BrokeDickTater 9 points ago in exmormon

    You can buy CBD that has little or no THC if you want to try that. IF you are looking for CBD that has THC in it, I would buy a CBD heavy edible with a small dose of THC. Like 1/2 a gummy to start.

    [–] Stone tools are evidence of modern humans in Mongolia 45,000 years ago, 10,000 years earlier than previously thought BrokeDickTater 11 points ago in science

    Just as modern man is fending off that aggressive person in line at McDonald's, he too is making a family thousands of years from now possible.

    [–] Priesthood ban? BrokeDickTater 4 points ago in exmormon

    Hey wait a minute, they could be servants right? A servant in Mormon heaven shining Brigham Young's shoes. That's salvation isn't it?

    [–] Shower Thought: Virtually all of the TBMs in the Morridor are just brainwashed children, born of brainwashed children, born of brainwashed children. Brainwashed to believe the most ludicrous things by a highly effective brainwashing system. BrokeDickTater 7 points ago in exmormon

    The indoctrination starts as soon as you are old enough to talk. If there were a way to inject it in before then, they would try. Parents are encouraged to start the indoctrination as early as possible. And this is how you end up with very smart and educated people, like Doctors and such, who believe in a totally ridiculous and fraudulent religion.

    [–] Second what? BrokeDickTater 13 points ago in exmormon

    Does anyone know how many people have received this? Even care to speculate? Thousands? Hundreds?

    [–] Polygamy divided women in the early days of the church. Imagine the constant competition? The knowledge your husband could be out courting another woman and you had no right to say anything negative about it? Being disconnected made women more vulnerable to neglect and abuse from bad men. Thoughts? BrokeDickTater 20 points ago in exmormon

    Based on copious amounts of genealogy created by generations of my TBM genealogy nuts relatives, I know a lot about my great grandmother. She was young, around 22, got converted to the church in England and shipped off to Salt Lake. There she married my late 40's great grandfather, his third wife. She got pregnant, shipped off to a small town in Mexico, gave birth, and died shortly thereafter. My grandfather returned to SLC and was raised by his "aunts".

    I'm not sure how she would describe her experience with Mormonism.

    [–] Whoa there Fanny, go play with your dolls BrokeDickTater 14 points ago in exmormon

    Just like most of the "prophets" who succeeded Joe. When exactly did most of the brethren stop having an interest in young girls? I remember Brigham had young wives and so did Lorenzo Snow.

    [–] Rare moment captured this morning as our cat (who is very shy) booped our bearded dragon (who is always sleeping under his rock). BrokeDickTater 6 points ago in aww

    But birds and reptiles are extremely susceptible to the bacterias that most predators tend to carry orally.

    Is there an evolutionary reason for this or just species interacting in a way they normally wouldn't?

    [–] That one time my TBM BIL told me a story that “proves the existence of god” BrokeDickTater 8 points ago in exmormon

    THIS. Irritates me to no end how mormons (and other religions too) give God the credit for the most mundane things ever. In the meantime, thousands of children die daily. How fucking myopic do you have to be not to see that God clearly doesn't give a shit?