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    [–] I never thought of Easter that way until now. BrokeDickTater 9 points ago in exmormon

    Don't forget to load all sins on before performing sacrifice.

    [–] Idaho, an island of moral strength in an ocean of addicts of the marijuana cigarette... /s. WTF already... BrokeDickTater 22 points ago in Idaho

    Yeah those potential tax dollars need to go to gangs or other states. We got plenty of money here in Idaho and if it's legalized we all know it's the end of civilization as we know it. Just drive thru Colorado, Washington, Oregon or Nevada and see for yourself what it's like in those states. It's fucking Armageddon, rioting in the streets, and drug addicts on every corner.

    [–] Romney talking integrity... really fella? BrokeDickTater -1 points ago in exmormon

    Yes I agree and have to begrudgingly give him credit for that. :)

    [–] Romney talking integrity... really fella? BrokeDickTater 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in exmormon

    You're right. Romney is a self-serving asshole. (ftfy)

    Romney wants to be the first Mormon president. He knows if he acts like a jerk now, it will come back to bite him after Trump is gone. Romney never does anything that isn't good for Romney.

    Edit: just ask Romney if he would vote to impeach. He wouldn't. So until he calls for that, anything he says is just fodder.

    [–] Does the church believe the Jesus will come back within 5 years? BrokeDickTater 2 points ago in exmormon

    Follow the money. If the church truly believed the end of times were just around the corner, why are they investing in long term assets like malls, temples, and real estate?

    [–] TBM - May all be in their head BrokeDickTater 1 points ago in exmormon

    I didn't read the article but the headline makes sense. :)

    [–] My family was extremely offended when I sent them this video BrokeDickTater 1 points ago in exmormon

    This Mormon stuff is just superstitious nonsense look at these crazy ass beliefs!! My religion on the other hand has none of these flaws.


    [–] Potatoes for all! BrokeDickTater 17 points ago in Idaho

    Yes, it's the Idaho potato museum in Blackfoot.

    [–] 3 signs you have a shitty god/religion BrokeDickTater 6 points ago in exmormon

    I think life is more fun and interesting when you are not a atheist.

    I get what you are saying, but I actually believe the opposite. Once you realize you have no purpose, it's easier to relax and enjoy your life for every precious moment you have. Imagine the odds and how lucky are we to be here.

    To quote the great Rick and Morty:

    “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everyone’s gonna die. Come watch TV.”

    [–] Hahaha BrokeDickTater 1 points ago in exmormon

    Feeling the spirit.

    [–] I dont understand the complete anti-mormon sentiment... BrokeDickTater 12 points ago in exmormon

    My theory:

    A lot of the anger arises from finding out something you believed in all a big lie. It's like investing with Bernie Madoff only to find out it's all a scam. People get pissed off when they find out they've been bamboozled.

    [–] It’s sad how afraid my parents are of the temple penalty. This is a 100% a Cult BrokeDickTater 21 points ago in exmormon

    losses beyond your power to imagine

    I really love this part of the threat. I mean, if I can't imagine it, then it's not much of a threat right?

    [–] Saw this gem today. Wow. BrokeDickTater 3 points ago in exmormon

    Interesting thought while reading this. It used to be much more of a big deal to go to the temple in years past, simply because many people had to travel for several hours. It actually made it more special in that you had to prepare for the trip etc., and often involved an overnight stay.

    Now it seems, that the church wants temples to be on every corner and pretty much a pedestrian and convenient thing. Perhaps as a perceived need to ramp up the indoctrination as much and as often as possible.

    [–] "I always knew" BrokeDickTater 2 points ago in exmormon

    But.... but.... they were lying for the lord right? That's makes it ok right?

    [–] My nevermo son posted this. So weird how things like this use to offend me. Now I laugh... open mind is so liberating BrokeDickTater 10 points ago in exmormon

    Has the power to stop all wars.

    Lets one of his most recognized symbols of not only the city of Paris but the French nation burn to the fucking ground.

    [–] Just more Mormon apologists BrokeDickTater 6 points ago in exmormon

    Well, it's basically two guys sitting there giving each other blow jobs by agreeing with everything the other guy says... so yeah.

    [–] How to identify a cult: check, check, and check. Gold star, Mormonism BrokeDickTater 5 points ago in exmormon

    "A very important aspect of cult is the idea that if you leave the cult, horrible things will happen to you..."

    Did this guy watch conference?

    [–] Time To Stop All The Hate, Admit We Still Love One Another, & Start Healing The Divide BrokeDickTater 5 points ago in exmormon

    I think you may be naive. The leadership of the church sees exmo's as a an existential threat, that's never going to change no matter how much you want to make nice.