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    [–] Give Yuumi a gun Bromancer20 1 points ago in leagueoflegends

    Late Game heals for a Fed garen or Xin or leblanc .. Is pretty much OP though

    [–] Like.. Come on, what Next? A Radioactive instant kill Circle that Closes on the Map!? Bromancer20 1 points ago in gaming

    a Closing Circle on the map as to Hint to simular Trending ideas as in PubG or Fortnite , Being Sarcastic because Fallout was always a Single Player Game, it was always organized in Lore, you had NPCs , options to save and reload.. Choosing a Side actually meant a whole plot Twist on the Game, karma effect ,etc. Now it feels like they only care about money more than the Purity of the Game. I mean it is OK to Try new things.. But frankly.. They are not good at it. For many reasons. Like why can't i have a button that Switches from multiplayer to single player as in GTA V for example.

    P.s : i mean no Offense to anyone, all opinions are welcomed, and i actually play (V76) the game because i am loyal to the fallout Franchise, it makes me sad seeing it like this. Cheers

    [–] What are you doing delicious, let me see it Bromancer20 1 points ago in aww

    Im i the only one who knows that this is a REPOST!

    [–] When your internet is going to be down for 5 days... Bromancer20 4 points ago in gaming

    My Friend, you MUST download it now! I envy you for not playing it before, i Have finished it with all its series and Campaigns again and again.. Never gets old for me .. And Yes , you are going to Love it

    [–] One of the Best RTS Games ever made Bromancer20 5 points ago in gaming

    Ahh, the Meaning of Fear, and your Que for "God Dam it Flak cannons! flak Cannons!"

    [–] One of the Best RTS Games ever made Bromancer20 8 points ago in gaming

    MXML.dll solves most problems with the "Fatal Error" and a compatibility for windows XP2 or vista. Solves pretty much everything. P.s .. I dk about Windows 10 if it works.