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    [–] Please help identify this font Bronson_AD 1 points ago in identifythisfont

    Termina, or more likely Titling Gothic Wide Black (available through Adobe Fonts).

    [–] Roast my baby daddy Bronson_AD 1 points ago in RoastMe

    When the doctors were looking for your baby’s heartbeat, did it sound like a drum circle?

    [–] Official: Liverpool sign Takumi Minamino from Red Bull Salzburg. Bronson_AD 13 points ago in soccer

    Kashikomarimashitaaaaaaaa, give him the ball and he will scorrrrrrre...#

    [–] Realistically will the Rams be able to afford Kupps next contract ? Bronson_AD 1 points ago in nfl

    I've got a strong feeling that we'll be trading Cooks in the offseason. That won't solve everything, but it'll help a little at least.

    [–] Game Thread: RedZone/Game hub (Week 10) Bronson_AD 2 points ago in nfl

    Somebody pull Troy Hill out, he’s being a damn liability.

    [–] Shout out to Japan for being great hosts!! Bronson_AD 78 points ago in rugbyunion

    I really hope they continue to embrace the game. That national side are damn heroes, and I’d love to see them consistently challenge the established national sides.

    Wonderful, wonderful spectacular hosts.