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    [–] to enjoy that sunny mid-january weather Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Never leave a BMW key in your pocket when you get home. Holding down the unlock button opens all the windows including the sunroof. I've fucked my 545i that way because the unlock button was pushed down while in my jeans pocket.

    [–] Found him earning his convertible on a 30°f day. Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in TopGear

    It's so pleasant having a window open while having the vents blow hot air during the winter.

    [–] Oiled up Pussy Brostoyevskii -1 points ago in LipsThatGrip

    The girl accepts only the biggest of cock so it's no surprise seeing her here.

    [–] Merry Christmas kappa! Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in Kappa

    I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment.

    [–] Aika - Fucking At The Party Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in Kappa

    Dude gets jizz in his hair

    [–] Bronze to GM stream not on smurf but boosting an account. Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in heroesofthestorm

    Ah, yes. I remember him. Faced him in HL. He was last pick on the opposing team. His team needed a a tank or a healer, I can't recall hwich, but he picked Probius even after we banned Gazlowe, compromising his team. Needless to say we won and he cost his team the game.

    [–] Meat Buns Brostoyevskii 3 points ago in Kappa

    She looks like she's moments from squealing out/crying/Japanese moaning

    [–] Reimagined Fight between Vader and Obi-Wan on the Death Star Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in StarWars

    I read in the book the power within the beam is contained and moves in a circular motion and acts like a gyroscope and is very hard to move

    [–] Yennefer (Witcher) by Firolian Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in rule34pinups

    This guy is hit and miss when it comes to faces.

    [–] "You have the right to remain cute" Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in Eyebleach

    I don't know and it's becoming overused imo, but I refer to the users of that spelling as meme fags.

    [–] Anime irl Brostoyevskii 0 points ago in anime_irl

    No lol the MC is cringe. Then I take a potato chip and EAT IT

    [–] Man walks into Goodwill store and starts playing the piano Brostoyevskii -3 points ago in videos

    What's with the employees crowding him? They call the cops and are now waiting for them?

    [–] Markiplier crys over order 66 Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in starwarsmemes

    I'm at a loss. Who's this emotional dude?

    [–] Ending. Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in kampfer

    Kiss manga

    [–] Ending. Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in kampfer

    Yeah, it was finished quite some time ago. I'm glad he picked the best girl.

    [–] A regular checkup Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in pharmercy

    Pharah has a big fuckin' head, man.