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    [–] A lot of leg. Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in KanMusu

    And not enough spit in my mouth to lick the length of her thighs.

    [–] Do you like pulsating oral creampie? :) Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in OralCreampie

    I wasn't directing it at you lol it's everywhere.

    [–] Waking up Mercy (darkholestuff) Brostoyevskii 56 points ago in Overwatch_Porn

    Trying to give an SFM animation human rights now? gtfo

    [–] [Request] Woman's POV - fellatio with man sitting on couch - FOR DRAWING REFERENCE Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in femalepov

    Check out some anime art sites. Like danbooru. Those guys are getting mighty autistic with their tagging. You'll be able to narrow down what you're looking for.

    [–] This gif WILL make you cum Brostoyevskii 21 points ago in whenitgoesin

    These guys are never full mast

    [–] I think I saw a PowerPoint on her once. Brostoyevskii -1 points ago in deepthroat

    If your blowjobs don't sound as good as hers you're doing it wrong.

    [–] Damn Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in lingerie

    God damn

    [–] I just got a pet Thrumbo. Yay? Brostoyevskii 3 points ago in RimWorld

    They are going to decimate all of your trees. And limit the type of Medicine they get because they'll also go through stacks for post-raid.

    [–] That good good Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in amateurgirlsbigcocks

    I think this is just a random tumblr post from the source. A kinda one hit wonder

    [–] Is it worth it to buy a razer blade? Brostoyevskii 3 points ago in razer

    This is true. You're not likely to hear anything for those whose RB15 is working as intended.

    [–] Has anyone managed to get DOLBY ATMOS installed again after a fresh windows install on the blade 15? Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in razer

    I'm pretty sure Dolby atmos is purchased through the Microsoft store on Windows 10. Right click the sound speaker icon in the taskbar and select Dolby atmos there and it should open that store for you.

    [–] Big dick for a small package Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in dirtysmall

    I've noticed that Asian girls never run from dig bick

    [–] Tropical Paradise Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in Pantyfetish

    Is there a reddit for the butt selfies?

    [–] Soft Trouser Snake Brostoyevskii 2 points ago in TotallyStraight

    Only if were uncircumcised and had the same tan as mine. Otherwise pfft

    [–] Windows 10 start menu doesn't work Brostoyevskii 1 points ago in 24hoursupport

    It's been an ongoing issue for my laptop, too. I've come to just pin my most frequently used processes to the taskbar

    [–] Anyone else get scared/freaked out a little on how easy it is to kill people Brostoyevskii 14 points ago in NoStupidQuestions

    Yep. They're known as intrusive thoughts. Our higher brain function suppresses your urge to commit homicide