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    [–] me_irl BrownDi 5 points ago in gaming

    Player in red has 99 runecrafting

    [–] Submit your questions for this week's Q&A! BrownDi 5 points ago in 2007scape

    Why was there a stool added in the grand exchange?

    [–] So I finally met my Runescape girlfriend BrownDi 120 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in 2007scape

    How much did you buy her for?

    edit:someone in full bandos stole my gf

    Edit2:gave her a rune scimitar, she still will not accept me back

    Edit3: accidently gave her my dragon dagger instead of dragon long, she laughed while her bandos boyfriend gave me 100k out of pity

    [–] Rick and Morty season 35 episode 73 BrownDi 213 points ago in 2007scape

    We we-burp- landed in the world of connection lost please wait

    [–] I just got mems :( BrownDi 10 points ago in 2007scape

    Slayer levels?

    [–] Help how do I get unbanned? BrownDi 3 points ago in 2007scape

    Wait until August the seventh of two thousand seventeen, three : twentynine after morning

    [–] Miami looters BrownDi 6 points ago in pics

    Definitely not a cop, look at that username ;)

    [–] Reminder: No sexist/racist comments are allowed on this subreddit BrownDi 2 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago) in florida

    @mods, you should make a post about volunteering:

    If anyone wants to help the Floridians in trouble because of Irma:

    Volunteerflorida org irma

    [–] I'd like just a droplet of power pls BrownDi 5 points ago in florida

    Most schools/colleges/jobs are closed until Thursday, sucks to have work tomorrow

    [–] Driving back to Florida tomorrow - advice? BrownDi 5 points ago in florida

    Some traffic lights are destroyed thus creating problems on the road, I75 was pretty hectic

    [–] [meme] The Meta Karma Race BrownDi 3 points ago in 2007scape

    Black background + yellow text =

    [–] Break line of sight... BrownDi 7 points ago in gaming

    Last moment before white_cat22 died

    [–] Bye! BrownDi 19 points ago in 2007scape

    [–] Important message to all 'scapers BrownDi 18 points ago in 2007scape

    Arr ye ready matey?

    Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

    [–] May not be much for most of you, but I finally achieved this cool little milestone today! BrownDi 63 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in 2007scape

    99 construction on an ultimate Iron man must have been hell.

    [–] [Suggestion]Add a dark wizards random event, to counter the bots BrownDi 107 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago) in 2007scape

    Random mole event, hcim only

    [–] Fire cape and barrow gloves unlocked within 5 days of creating the account. BrownDi 259 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in 2007scape

    Why'd you train runecrafting to 9? You could of saved 5 hours.