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    [–] One arm. One leg. But not handicapped. BufordTeeJustice 2 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in MadeMeSmile

    Did not intend the caption as any kind of disrespect to any handicapped people. So I apologize for doing a poor job of captioning. What I meant to convey is that this guy is awesome for what he’s doing and that - despite his physical limitations - he’s competing in a race against able-bodied riders with all their limbs. Again, I’m sorry for doing a poor job with the caption - upon reflection I probably should have typed something like, “One arm. One leg. Competing hard.”

    [–] Never skip sphincter day. BufordTeeJustice 51 points ago in AllGasNoBrakes

    There’s a lot of gas there. Lots of gas.

    [–] You smelling this shit? BufordTeeJustice 200 points ago in youseeingthisshit

    Yep, lol. Dude in the hat heard it through his headphones and bailed!

    [–] One tiny pebble could ruin your day. BufordTeeJustice 48 points ago in AllGasNoBrakes

    Insane that he can get the board sideways but not lose it completely.