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    [–] Update: 100 Free Mental Health and Self Harm Prevention Boxes Sent Out! Bumblebee_Lee 1 points ago in selfharm

    Hi no problem at all!

    Mental Health Boxes Contain: •Colouring And Activity Sheets •Swap Colouring Pencil or Graphite Pencil, Highlighter, Mechanical Pencil •Eraser •Vinyl Sticker •Sunflower Seeds ( 2/3 Seeds) •Tealight Candle •Sweets •Tube Of Bubbles •Plasticine Strip •Temporary Tattoos

    Self Harm Prevention Boxes Contain: •Colouring And Activity Sheets •Highlighter Or Felt Tip Pen •Stretchy Man •Vinyl Sticker •Plasters •Antiseptic Wipes •Sweets •Tube Of Bubbles •Tea Or Coffee •Plasticine Strip •Temporary Tattoos •Elastic Bands

    [–] I sell my original black and white illustrations Bumblebee_Lee 2 points ago in etsypromos

    Hi your link isn't working for me x What's your shop name?

    [–] I provide free (other than shipping) mental health boxes for anyone who needs one. I would be incredibly grateful for donations towards them. More info in comments. Bumblebee_Lee 1 points ago in donate

    Hello Everyone! I'm Amber I'm 21 years old and I'm an access to nursing student hoping to go on to do midwifery!

    I also provide free mental health and self harm prevention kits to anyone who needs one (they only cost shipping). I personally suffer from mental health problems and wanted to do something to help others who are struggling.

    Thank you for reading my post!

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