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    Hey OP here, thanks for all the love! If you waned to check out the rest of my art I am on twitter, facebook, intagram and u/asterismosart just search for ''asterismosart''. Commisions are open so if you wanted me to do a particular character in this style just message me for information and prices! xxx

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    You have one nut pass right?

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    Hia, I have disassociative identity disorder so I refer to myself as we. I am fortunate enough to not have biploar disorder myself however I do have friends who have been diagnosed with it and I have seen how tough it can be. My support groups and pages are fully inclusive of all mental health conditions to support and include everyone. On our social pages we are hoping to post positive and mindful quotes, activities, coping strategies, support groups, helplines and information about mental health. Our support groups on discord and Facebook are mostly peer support driven. We are not registered as a non profit organisation as everything is done by myself. Our mental health boxes have not been launched yet, when they are they will be funded out of my own pocket however people will be able to "donate" items off of the amazon wishlist to help out if they want to. Some of our pages have been up for a while however most are new as I have been unwell and haven't had time due to studying to set them up. Hope this helps? Let me know if you have anymore questions ☺️

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    Go on my profile XD Ive done usopp and sanji as well and im about to upload luffy XD

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    Thanks! It actually started as a joke when I first did Usopp but then people love/hated it so I did Sanji and then Zoro was requested so here we are XD I do art in my spare time if you wanted to see anything else ive done im on twitter (Username: Asterismosart) and u/asterismosart

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    Why Not....Its not as bad as the others!