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    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 3 points ago in movies

    Patriot's day was good too. This was just shit-tier Berg.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 4 points ago in movies

    No, it's not even 'so bad it's good'. It's just irritating.

    Save your money Sisi.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 11 points ago in movies

    I stopped trying to figure out what was happening on screen during that scene. Just grenades flying, tables breaking, Wahlberg-stunt-doubles jumping around.

    Total mess.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 13 points ago in movies

    in rapid cuts and shaky camera

    so. many. cuts.

    holy shit berg, get it together man.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 10 points ago in movies

    Why'd they make him such a piece of shit? You want to build a franchise around this character?

    What lol.

    [–] Liam Neeson to Star in Action-Thriller 'Hard Powder' - Will Play Snowplow Driver Taking Revenge on the Local Drug Cartel BunyipPouch 1702 points ago in movies

    This is actually happening. We've reached peak-Neeson.

    The film has Neeson playing a character named Nels Coxman, and really that should be all you need to know. But if you want more info, here goes: Nels Coxman is “a local snowplow operator recently named Citizen of the Year of his small Colorado ski town for keeping the roads open through the winter. Nels’ quiet life with his wife (Laura Dern) abruptly spins out of control when their son is unjustly murdered by a local drug cartel. Taking the law into his own hands with only the tools of an outdoorsman and snowplow driver, Nels sets out to find those responsible but inadvertently ignites a gang war that threatens to engulf the town – unless he ends it first.”

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 16 points ago in movies

    If she had any acting ability before, that head kick made her forget it.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 43 points ago in movies

    Battleship Berg is back with a vengeance.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 20 points ago in movies

    Bad. Really bad.

    Not much screentime, thank god.

    [–] Official Discussion: Mile 22 [SPOILERS] BunyipPouch 67 points ago * (lasted edited 13 hours ago) in movies

    what a clusterfuck of a movie. This is just one of those "where to even begin?" with problems.

    • Firstly, I don't remember hating a main character as much as I hated Mark Wahlberg in this movie. I get being an asshole was 'his thing' but this was just another level. Shitty backstory made for a real shitty character with absolutely zero redeeming characteristics. His monologues were hilariously bad. He just shits on everyone in his team at every opportunity. His 'tick' was more an annoyance than anything.
    • The baddies would risk World War 3 over some personal vendetta? What?
    • Peter Berg's cameo was so unnecessary and laughable.
    • Wahlberg & Cohan do not make for a good duo at all. Also, they go around breaking shit and leaving? What was up with that lol?
    • How many grenades could they possibly have? I swear they used like 30 of them during this movie. They were just getting thrown left and right.
    • Ronday Rousey is such a terrible actress. They didn't kill her off fast enough. Also, "fucking nerds!", is on track to be the single-worst line in movies this year. There's really no competition.
    • "Let's explode 2 grenades 5 feet away from us and hide behind this mattress. We'll be alright."
    • The 'laughs' all felt cheap and undeserved.
    • Iwo Kuwais was inches/seconds away from dying every few minutes but this entire movie/plot/attack/etc depended on him surviving until the very end. That was really shitty planning.
    • The bad guys were just idiot bullet-fodders the whole movie. The body count was stupidly-high. Who cares about action scenes if they're so goddamn unrealistic?
    • The Overwatch team in general was an incompetent, bumbling group of idiots. I can't imagine/believe that hundreds of thousands of peoples' lives would depend on them.
    • That entire first mission was probably the single worst special forces mission of all time. It was such a simple thing that they had locked down. Then one of their agents dies and it's just like 'eh, whatever, just another Tuesday. Like what? That was a disaster.
    • This is Berg's Mission Impossible-lite with no heart or brains. It's sequel-bait trash. Also, really bad sequel bait.
    • Lauren Cohan's entire family/divorce thing was dumb. The part when she screams out 'Family Talks' or whatever during a top-secret mission briefing was mind-blowingly bad screenwriting.
    • Complete waste of Iko Uwais. Could Peter Berg squeeze more cuts into his fights scenes?
    • I can't handle John Malkovich with hair.
    • So much more but I've wasted enough time with this movie. That was a long ass 90 minutes.

    That ending lol. "The entire team is dead except for the shittiest, most irritating character, please give us another $12 next year" is not a good way to sell a sequel.

    [–] First Poster for Comedy 'An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn' - Starring Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement, Craig Robinson, and Emile Hirsch BunyipPouch 64 points ago in movies

    On February 12, 2015, Hirsch was charged with aggravated assault after initiating an altercation with, and then strangling, Paramount Pictures executive Daniele Bernfeld on January 25, 2015 at the Tao Nightclub in Park City, Utah. On August 17, 2015, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault, and was sentenced to 15 days in jail. He was also fined $4,750, received 90 days of probation, and ordered to undergo 50 hours of community service.

    It's weird that his career even recovered from that. An actor strangling a studio executive at a huge film festival? what?

    [–] Sevilla vs Barcelona 1-2 Highlights 2018 BunyipPouch 3 points ago in movies

    This is the correct subreddit for this post.

    [–] First Poster for Comedy 'An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn' - Starring Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement, Craig Robinson, and Emile Hirsch BunyipPouch 44 points ago in movies

    Great cast but I recall this doing pretty poorly at.....Sundance maybe?


    Lulu Danger's unsatisfying marriage takes a turn for the worse when a mysterious man from her past comes to town to perform an event called "An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn; For One Magical Night Only."

    Release Date:

    October 19, 2018


    [–] Scarlett Johansson Announced as World's Highest Paid Actress with $40.5 Million in 2017-2018 BunyipPouch 822 points ago in movies

    Forbes always does June 1 to June 1 (not an accountant but most companies so this right?) so it's already closed.

    [–] Scarlett Johansson Announced as World's Highest Paid Actress with $40.5 Million in 2017-2018 BunyipPouch 112 points ago in movies

    Move over Emma Stone, Tinseltown has a new highest-paid actress. Scarlett Johansson leads this year's ranking with $40.5 million in pretax earnings between June 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018, making her acting's top-earning female lead.

    Not bad. Rest of the top 5:

    • Angelina Jolie (No. 2; $28 million)
    • Jennifer Aniston (No. 3; $19.5 million)
    • Jennifer Lawrence (No. 4; $? million)
    • Reese Witherspoon (No. 5; $16.5 million)

    [–] New poster for upcoming stop-motion film “Missing Link”, staring Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, and Zach Galifianakis by Laika Studios. BunyipPouch -4 points ago in movies

    I'll quote my other comment:

    Sure, Mondo took the image and made it into a poster, in the same way that I can print out literally any image on the internet in a 24x36 dimension and call it a 'poster'.

    But this is not an official poster for the movie. This is the first still that was released 3 months ago, and was posted here a couple times. This movie doesn't have an official poster yet.