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    [–] I don’t know which on to choose! Hmmmmm Burban477 4 points ago in grilling

    L to R: squat, stout, derp, sunburst, church, sarge, OG, Margherita, ankles, bucket

    [–] Any other DGC vets around here? Burban477 2 points ago in robotics

    Looked it up; that thing looks like a BEAST. Cheers!

    [–] Any other DGC vets around here? Burban477 1 points ago in robotics

    What team were you with? If you don’t mind my asking?

    [–] Any other DGC vets around here? Burban477 3 points ago in robotics

    I begin my robotics class with the Nova video special about DGC 2015 every school year

    [–] what single moment killed off an entire industry? Burban477 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Meanwhile I learned June Diane Raphael does instructional VO work.

    [–] loading structure [OC] Burban477 1 points ago in loadingicon

    I love how there’s movement only in the x and y directions, but the connecting lines give it a virtual organic feel. Cheers!

    [–] Some rack of ribs ready for cooking Burban477 1 points ago in grilling

    Sorry about the late reply. It’s called a rib and roast rack; mine was Weber branded but it seems different companies make it. I’ve used it both this way and flipped over to roast a duck. (More frequently for ribs).


    The ribs need to be on the larger side as they can fall through otherwise!

    [–] One of the most tragic and gruesome F1 accidents in history Burban477 2 points ago in CreepyWikipedia

    A mercifully blurry pinwheel of gore.... I’m heartened by the fact that neither men seem to have suffered.

    [–] Some rack of ribs ready for cooking Burban477 2 points ago in grilling

    I own this rack; I love this rack.

    [–] Help! Weber kettle searing tips?? Burban477 2 points ago in grilling

    Essential: no. Useful though; got mine on amazon for 15%.

    [–] "No brakes" Burban477 3 points ago in Justrolledintotheshop

    This whole comment thread: thank you.

    [–] Finding out your best friend was also your wingman Burban477 12 points ago in startrekgifs

    I cringe when I think about those silver contact lenses.

    [–] Sea Shadow, the experimental stealth US naval ship from the early 2000s Burban477 7 points ago in fictionalfloorplans

    Drawing definitely is. I remember reading the popular mechanics article on the real sea shadow prototype a few years before that movie came out and wondering why Carver’s stealth boat wasn’t perfectly angular like the actual ship.

    [–] My VW MK1 Derby after 1,5 years of learning Burban477 1 points ago in projectcar

    There are some lovely Giugiaro lines in this photo.

    [–] 2010 Fusion 2.5L (Low Gas Mileage) Burban477 3 points ago in fordfusion

    Write down odometer reading and how much gas you put in the tank for the next few fills (assuming you go all the way up). Do your own math (mileage between fills / gallons added to tank per fill) and see if you match your computer. Easy way to eliminate it as a problem.

    [–] 2013 shudders after filling an empty tank Burban477 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in fordfusion

    Eventually you'll get an occasional "walrus" noise from your tank (as described by Mrs. Burban477). and a P1450 code. Also, it'll probably die after you fill up (only to restart a few seconds later)

    Canister purge valve assembly probably going bad. looks like a spiderweb of rigid pipes that is rather knuckle-grindy to replace, but i did it in an evening. Here's the video i followed.

    I replaced the vapor canister first (trapezoidal thing right next to the gas tank) but that didn't really help anything. It's worth noting, though.

    Edit: should clarify that this exact thing happened to my 2013 SE (2.0 ecoboost) this July; I replaced it the night before a road trip, and it worked out gloriously. The part I bought is specifically displayed in the video.

    [–] The "I Can't Decide If I Find Them Attractive" Starter Pack Burban477 5 points ago in starterpacks

    Upvoting primarily because this is the main reason my nerdy ass recognized her. Agree 100%

    [–] I miss Brandon Burban477 2 points ago in roosterteeth

    Replying to ping it for the curious. It IS the one with the underwear story. It is a GREAT Brandon/Chris podcast.

    [–] College Setup Burban477 2 points ago in mechanicalheadpens

    The Akai is photobombing...

    [–] What in the mobile meth lab is going on here? Burban477 1 points ago in Shitty_Car_Mods

    It’s two supercharged engines and a hell of a lift kit away from being the War Rig from Fury Road.

    [–] I miss Brandon Burban477 16 points ago in roosterteeth

    Possibly 331? I just checked through and it seems not all of them are up anymore. But it is subtitled “cringiest girlfriend gift ever” which seems appropriate.

    EDIT: this one is Brandon, Chris, Gus, and Burnie . I’ll bet it’s awesome, and I’m re-listening now, but I don’t think this is it.

    [–] I miss Brandon Burban477 211 points ago in roosterteeth

    I’ve commented this before; Brandon and Chris on a podcast together is a dream team. There was one podcast I will remember forever, I was painting a room and it was Brandon, Chris, Kerry, and Blain, I believe. I thought “oh god, the B-squad. This is going to suck”.

    It was glorious. It involved a debate about how long you are supposed to keep underwear.