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    [–] AP Investigation: How two men leveraged access to Trump and Persian Gulf crown princes into millions of dollars BurnedRope 7 points ago in politics

    SA are the biggest sponsors of terrorism in the world and they have an incredible amount of financial links with Western Governments...ffs.

    [–] Ricegum Be Like BurnedRope 15 points ago in Idubbbz

    Defecating RiceGum fans.

    [–] "Can we copystrike pewdiepie?" BurnedRope 0 points ago in videos

    Everything about all of this is so fucking cringy.

    [–] NA/EU Now's your chance to express your standing on the recent changes from Pearl Abyss! BurnedRope -11 points ago in blackdesertonline

    I hope there's someone there representing my views that the changes are good but their implementation was shoddy.

    [–] Hunting Map for Balenos Islands Dailies BurnedRope 1 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Did we really need a map when you can see these missions in the O menu?

    [–] Friday Fun Thread BurnedRope 1 points ago in unitedkingdom

    The new Radio 2 drivetime show with Simon and Jo is awful. Why did they have to ruin it by adding her? :( She's awful

    [–] Testings on Resist / Resist Penetration BurnedRope -8 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Whats the point in outplaying an opponent if they can RNG carry themselves through a cc and punish me instead?

    What's the point of fighting a player who was RNG-carried for enchantments and can punish me instead?

    [–] First Poster for Spike Lee’s BLACKKKLANSMAN BurnedRope 1 points ago in movies

    The name of this movie really irritates me for some reason -.-

    [–] Patch Feedback - Valkyrie (An open letter to Customer Support) BurnedRope 3 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Ranger and Valk definitely needed skill nerfs but the stamina stuff seems a bit ott.

    [–] Petition to revert all combat changes - Renown system to present BurnedRope 6 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Heidel storage and fishing areas look as full as ever. I think the direction they are aiming for is now clear so hopefully they can introduce a good system for cc/evasion then spend time tweaking classes individually.

    [–] Gambling machines stake cut to £2 BurnedRope 88 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Sports Minister Tracey Crouch said reducing the stake to £2 "will reduce harm for the most vulnerable".


    But bookmakers have warned it could lead to thousands of outlets closing.


    [–] 265AP Ranger - Post Patch Hystria BurnedRope 2 points ago in blackdesertonline

    WotW definitely needed a nerf. That is undeniable.

    The mobility hammer seems...harsh though

    [–] It's Reroll Wednesday my dudes BurnedRope 3 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Weird thing is...Striker seems to be doing ok. We took a few hits but we also got some stuff back so...Striker new favoured class!?

    [–] JP Patch notes for Balance changes. BurnedRope 2 points ago in blackdesertonline

    [Main weapon] Active skill Fight killing Fixed a phenomenon that the opponent immediately got up when catching succeeded. Bullet violent leg Delete forward guard effect Rigid combo: Wolf gang Super armor effect deletion versus applying rigidity effect with character [Awakening Weapons] Active Skill Violent downpour Added forward guard effect Changed to apply bound effect only to monsters Instantaneous pole Added super armor effect

    Have they removed FG from Knee Hammer? Have they removed SA from Rising Wolf Fang?

    If so these are awful changes.

    [–] Drone Cuts Hornet Nest In Half BurnedRope -1 points ago in videos

    Imagine the uproar if he did this to a fluffier cuter animal. Not sure why mistreatment of insects is so acceptable.

    [–] Comment section of the "leaked patch notes" post BurnedRope 1 points ago in blackdesertonline

    Yeah, I think you're right. Damage and cc spread out over the numbers of people hit.