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    [–] how's the game going currently? BurnedRope 1 points ago in AnthemTheGame

    I can't find any randoms to play with for story missions. I guess the people sticking with the game are all level 30 and have finished it.

    [–] 'Cancel Brexit' petition hits 1m signatures BurnedRope 4 points ago in worldnews

    It's appalling how their No Deal crowd seem to be excited by the damage that could be inflicted

    Because they are being paid to do so by disaster capitalists (if they aren't actual disaster capitalists themselves).

    [–] Brexit: Hundreds of gagging orders taken out by government for no deal prep BurnedRope 20 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Note to mods: I changed the title to make it clear the gagging orders relate to no deal prep rather than just Brexit

    [–] Chris Hemsworth feeding a quokka BurnedRope 3 points ago in aww

    Look at his everything 😍😍😍😍

    [–] God of War wins Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards BurnedRope 25 points ago in Games

    It's weird because I was very meh on Last of Us and didn't actually get around to finishing it but GoW is still lingering in my mind months after completing it.

    So many people love Last of Us that I'm entirely sure I'm in the wrong aboutit but I'm not sure I want to revisit it because by now I've read/seen all the emotional low/high points that it's not going to have any effect.

    [–] What scares you about Reddit? BurnedRope 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That fascists think they have a right to debate.

    [–] Chris Hemsworth feeding a quokka BurnedRope 3 points ago in aww

    Look at his guns 😍😍😍

    [–] A wolf made entirely of pipe cleaners BurnedRope 5 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Didn't they join up with the Woodwork Weasels?

    [–] Bill and Ted 3 announcement BurnedRope 0 points ago in movies

    So who will replace George Carlin?

    I think Amy Schumer would do a great job.

    [–] The Outer Worlds and Control will launch on the Epic Store, not Steam BurnedRope 1 points ago in Games

    People were saying Fortnite was ruining gaming but they never said it'd just be the profits from it doing it.

    [–] So, her speech. Discussion: BurnedRope 8 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Tinfoil hat time

    She had a sudden sense of decency and was about to do the right thing but a technical delay meant her natural authoritarian belief rose to the fore

    [–] What do you think she will say? BurnedRope 0 points ago in unitedkingdom

    Subscribe to T-Series

    before pulling out a gun and shooting herself dead

    [–] Corbyn apparently walked out of meeting after seeing Chuka Umunna there. BurnedRope 17 points ago in unitedkingdom

    He's sat down with some proper dodgy characters in his time and it's some stupid TIG'er that he gets affronted by 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    [–] Theresa May may announce a snap general election later today, according to LBC BurnedRope 25 points ago in unitedkingdom

    I suspect this is because Macron has been strongly linked with a "no" to any article extension unless he sees a GE/2nd ref.