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    [–] Planned BR changes - October 2019 C4H8N8O8 2 points ago in Warthunder

    Well. You are supposed to target the bombers first. The problem is more about how unbalanced are the bombers depending on the tree. The b-17 is extremely fragile, all it takes is a few hits on the tail or the wing (flying fortress is bullshit), Extremely unmanoveurable to the point that you can easily kill yourself by diving down and having your elevators stop working because the high speed. And the whole landing and taking off process takes a lot of time too. All just for having a 50% more load than a p47 or a b-25, which have 1 or less battle rating.

    Put them in 4.0, 4.3, and 4.7 respectively and they would be balanced for realistic battle.

    [–] Planned BR changes - October 2019 C4H8N8O8 12 points ago in Warthunder

    A fucking p47 (with a BR of 3.3 and 4.7 on RB) can carry 75% of the load a b17 can. Maybe it's i who do stuff wrong, but i have much more success bombing with them on BR than with the B-17 .

    [–] Columbus Day be like C4H8N8O8 7 points ago in HistoryMemes

    You know Columbus day is a festivity on other countries too, right?

    [–] Still relatively new to Linux so I'm sure this is common knowledge but Rsync is awesome. C4H8N8O8 1 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in linux

    That's why i love the fish shell. zsh is my tool for scripting but man if it isn't nice having a quick summary of options for the commands, specially if it's a tool you don't use often.

    [–] reddit moment C4H8N8O8 1 points ago in averageredditor

    Exactly. All that fucking sub is comprised of that guy who nobody could fucking stand being around because he is a judgmental asshole who thinks he is better than anyone else, and usually for stupid reasons like using a different social network, hating fornite, or watching Rick and Morty.

    Like fuck, i'm slightly autistic, and while i'm a perfectly normal person i can still recall that my empathy and filters on general were not the best when i was a teenager. Yet people still liked me. Because saying tactless stuff from time to time does not make you an asshole. Thinking you are better than the normies is.

    That's why you will find all that much misogyny on that sub. And on the female dominated equivalents, misandry and /r/notliketheothergirls posts.

    [–] reddit moment C4H8N8O8 3 points ago in averageredditor

    I mean, is a sub of teenagers full of people who can't hang out with their peers on real life.

    [–] The more you know C4H8N8O8 1 points ago in FacebookScience

    Honestly what you like more, natural beaver butt juice, or synthetic beaver butt juice.

    [–] The more you know C4H8N8O8 1 points ago in FacebookScience

    They used to. Now is all syntetic.

    [–] B-36 with tracked landing gear C4H8N8O8 1 points ago in WeirdWings

    Well, i don't see that thing weighting 2500 kilos by itself so obviously there must be another systems at play there. Anyway that still wouldn't be that much for the advantage it would gain. The MTOW, however, that's unworkable .

    [–] B-36 with tracked landing gear C4H8N8O8 48 points ago in WeirdWings

    I don't think that thing weights more than several hundred kilos. And the Peacemaker could carry 39600 kilos so not really an issue.

    [–] Don't ask me as a Libertarian how property rights are enforced C4H8N8O8 4 points ago in EnoughLibertarianSpam

    The natural state of uncivilized humans is a polygamous society without any hierarchy besides age, but strong gender roles. Children are cared by the collective village and the fatherhood and motherhood status is not considered very important.

    We know this because there are countless of groups like that, for the moment.

    Of course not everything is pretty, depending on the group you may find that they rape the teenage girls as a pastime, that they torture their male teenagers as a proof of adulthood, that they practice cannibalism, human sacrifice...

    It is unclear of what group Homo true ancestors were, but the known hominidae members are full of either patriarchal societies ruled by strength or a quasi-matriarchal ruled by the exerting of social pressure without the use of strength (which is what true anarchy is at the end of the day)

    [–] In the wake of the Blizzard Hong Kong controversy, I decided that people here need cheering up, so I re-create the Amazon in Minecraft! C4H8N8O8 15 points ago in Gamingcirclejerk

    Yes. For example the loading engine is both a bit limited and stupid. If the game used cubic chunks of 16x16x16 instead of vertical chunks of 16x16x255 the game would not only run so much more fficiently, with reasonable settings like loading a radius of 10 blocks around you, 5 below, and 1 above. All that space would still be less than what is loaded on 2 normal chunks. But not only that, it would allow the game to not be constrained by the limitations of size of the chunks. You could build a real scale enviroment, mountains thousands of blocks high, dungeons thousands of blocks deep...

    [–] The Road to KDE Frameworks 6 C4H8N8O8 2 points ago in kde

    Yes, that why i said that, at least, for those specific packages. Worst case scenario you have to compile them the normal way.

    [–] The Road to KDE Frameworks 6 C4H8N8O8 6 points ago in kde

    Well, this is just an incremental upgrade of KF5. If anything it should be barely even noticeable.

    [–] The Road to KDE Frameworks 6 C4H8N8O8 0 points ago in kde

    No other solution other than using ccache. At least for those specific packages.

    [–] Are we? I must have missed that meeting. C4H8N8O8 43 points ago in FacebookScience

    Dam, i liked it more when it was about 30 meters meat robots fueled by childhood trauma.

    [–] Double standards intensify C4H8N8O8 2 points ago in HistoryMemes

    And the French and Spanish soldiers to foot the bill.

    [–] Windows will eventually fall...... C4H8N8O8 2 points ago in linux

    You are much wiser than me.

    [–] Windows will eventually fall...... C4H8N8O8 1 points ago in linux

    You pry active directory from my cold dead hands