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    [–] Lathering up for a good cleaning (corrected) C_Chris77 1 points ago in aww

    I agree 100%. I could watch this for a lot longer than the length of this GIF.

    [–] Lathering up for a good cleaning (corrected) C_Chris77 1 points ago in aww

    Changed the title to remove the word "monkey" and reposted.

    [–] Extremely rare two gender spider also called Gynandromorph (Male and Female in one). Lampropelma nigerrimum. The first in the world of this species C_Chris77 14 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    Just guessing I would say it will die near or before the end of the male lifespan. I doubt it can survive when the male dies, but being the first in its species that we've found it's impossible to say for certain.

    [–] [OC] Cheap whiskey, beautiful glass. C_Chris77 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    I highly recommend the other way around when possible, but when not possible, this is the way to go.

    [–] I'm coming to see you! C_Chris77 3 points ago in Eyebleach

    This is actually not my cat. My wife sent me this and I thought it belonged here. I see these cats everywhere now too, but I have no idea what type of cat this is.

    [–] The way this mechanical tray moves C_Chris77 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    That's whose room he's going to.

    [–] The way this machine catches the tennis ball C_Chris77 111 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    It was made by B&R Automation. I don't know where this specific event took place, though.

    [–] Next level dog skills C_Chris77 30 points ago * (lasted edited 20 hours ago) in toptalent

    I don't know if this is good for the dog's legs in the long run, but that's damn impressive.

    Edit: formatting

    [–] This perfect timing of this photo C_Chris77 1 points ago in oddlysatisfying

    Sorry about that. I didn't realize that was included. Won't happen again.