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    [–] yellow. Leica Q. CaballoDePalo 4 points ago in streetphotography

    is that your reflection in the shades? If so, funny photo taking pose :)

    [–] Boston Commute. CaballoDePalo 1 points ago in AccidentalRenaissance

    original was at f1.7, 1/60th and an ISO of 400

    [–] Boston Commute. CaballoDePalo 21 points ago in boston

    True ... It’s my photo. I originally posted it on r/waitingforatrain where I’ve posted a number of this same series and someone suggested this sub reddit.

    [–] Boston Commute. CaballoDePalo 111 points ago in AccidentalRenaissance

    my sister totally thought I was 'you' and wondered how I positioned the camera AND run to go 'pose'. I had to remind her that my beard when grown looks more like the 2nd to from the right instead of the 2nd from the left. :)

    edit: chg'd "me" to "her"

    [–] Boston Commute. CaballoDePalo 32 points ago in AccidentalRenaissance

    Wow! I got a silver award for this! First time over 1k and first time with an awardy thing. Priceless comments and who knew so many people in a non Boston specific sub-reddit know this subway (and even the stop ... Park Street Red Line)! Kudos and gracias to you all!! Note for some who guessed at timing. It was a post work (around 7pmish) capture on a rainy wednesday.

    [–] Morning rowers on the Charles CaballoDePalo 3 points ago in boston

    Ha! Nah ... still got my 5s. I had my digital cam and played w/ it on my a phone app.

    [–] Night view of the Longfellow Bridge. Big fan of the LED lights. CaballoDePalo 1 points ago in boston

    Hola! I took the pic from the Harvard Bridge aka Mass Ave Bridge. While I had a tripod, I only had a 28mm lens that evening because I was trying to take pics of cyclists. Hence no super sharpness on this.

    [–] Visiting my girlfriend in hartford need help CaballoDePalo 1 points ago in Hartford

    I believe so. It's in the hallway going towards the restrooms.

    [–] Visiting my girlfriend in hartford need help CaballoDePalo 3 points ago in Hartford

    I think the Bus station at Union Station has a photo booth.

    [–] Hello! My wife and I are visiting Hartford for the weekend (Thursday-Sunday) all the way from Oklahoma. What should we do while we are in your city? CaballoDePalo 19 points ago in Hartford

    Friday eve take a cab/Uber to ‘La Casona’ for good salsa/Latin dancing.

    During the day on any day there is: - Wadsworth Atheneum (incredible Museum) - Wadsworth is next to City Hall that, if you can get in, is a beautiful structure to check out. In between the two is an incredible sculpture by Alexander Calder. - Nook Farm (campus has the Mark Twain House and Harriet Beecher Stow House) tours daily - Google Real Art Ways and see what current exhibits and Indie movies are happening this weekend.

    Hartford has a couple breweries in the City. One popular spot is the Hog River Brewing Company

    If you have a car drive down towards Essex, CT. (40 minute drive) quaint little town and close to a ferry (should still be in season) that will take you to Gillette Castle. The grounds are awesome and beautiful view of the CT River Valkey. And yes, there is a castle. Created/owned by William Gillette who was known for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Tours are Fri Sat Sun til 4pm.

    Good local watering hole would be Red Rock Tavern. Best patio in the City. Red Rock is also steps away from a great coffe spot, ice cream shop, and excellent pho spot (Bahn Meee)

    [–] PsBattle: Boris Johnson after losing early election vote CaballoDePalo 1 points ago in photoshopbattles

    The woman at his left looks happy. Aren’t they supposed to be the PMs hype peeps?