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    [–] [Image] Sucker Punch started this generation on the right foot with Infamous: Second Son, and now they’re ending it excellently with Ghost of Tsushima CallsignLancer 4 points ago in PS4

    Ghost of Tsushima does the open world formula better than almost every other game, but it’s still a genre that’s been done countless times. I can completely understand why someone wouldn’t like it.

    [–] What is the best way to directly support FH and not parent companies? CallsignLancer 4 points ago in funhaus

    I wish they were like Kinda Funny and had a partnership with Rooster Teeth rather than being fully owned.

    [–] A timeless classic CallsignLancer 1 points ago in PrequelMemes

    They hated him because he spoke the truth.

    [–] Sperasoft Has Joined the Development of Halo Infinite to Assist 343 CallsignLancer 19 points ago in halo

    As a few others have said in the replies, it's normal for big games these days and Sperasoft are pros. Additionally, as @riceZITA noted, they've been partnered with us for a while so this isn't really new news or cause for alarm 👍 - Unyshek

    [–] Sperasoft Has Joined the Development of Halo Infinite to Assist 343 CallsignLancer 15 points ago in halo

    A lot of AAA games have multiple outside studios helping with the game. TLOU2 in particular had 14 other studios working on it.

    [–] Microsoft: "There are no changes being made to Xbox Live Gold at this time" CallsignLancer 8 points ago in xboxone

    Yeah they’ve said this type of stuff before events. Aaron Greenberg said the Fable Twitter account was just renewing the license and it turned out to be the official account for the game after the presentation.

    [–] Episodes consistently skip/repeat parts CallsignLancer 2 points ago in ColinsLastStand

    This happened to me a lot on the Apple Podcasts app. I think it might have happened a few times on Spotify too. I just use the Patreon app now at the cheapest tier.

    [–] Isn't it weird that we can't message our friends?! CallsignLancer 1 points ago in nintendo

    Sadly, the friends list doesn’t do much other than tell you what game your friend is playing.

    [–] A friendly neighborhood Spider-Man lends a helping hand to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in 2021 CallsignLancer 21 points ago in PS4

    Full game exclusives are fine but other platforms should get the same content if they’re paying the same price.

    [–] Brian David Gilbert and his recent Halo video CallsignLancer 1 points ago in funhaus

    That sounds like the perfect fit! It'd be a fun and easy segment that wouldn't require a lot of time like a full video would.

    [–] (Reupload; made a correction) CallsignLancer 3 points ago in halo

    I love having Buck as an announcer. Reminds me of having him as a firefight character/voice in ODST and Reach.

    [–] Halo Infinite confirmed free-to-play and 120 FPS CallsignLancer 62 points ago in xboxone

    Yeah I had “multiplayer only” in mind for the flair lol