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    [–] 15 million girls who become child brides this year alone CamzayHamzay 1 points ago in lossofalovedone

    being offended on another races behalf is racist. People are allowed to have opinions on things that take place in different race groups. Racism is disrespecting the issues and laughing at them, she isn't making an assumption... it is literal FACT.

    [–] Nicegirl in the making CamzayHamzay 3 points ago in Nicegirls

    100% agree. This will only hurt the kid in the future, sadly.

    [–] Nicegirl in the making CamzayHamzay 3 points ago in Nicegirls

    Yeah for sure - this is not a just punishment for regular -pretty much toddler- selfishness. That's just how kids are and they need to be punished by the parent, not a literal swarm lol

    Sadly this post was clearly intended as HAHA NICE GIRL HAHA SELFISH HAHAHAHHAHHA LOOK MAN HATER, you can gather that purely from the caption, (some of) the comments and the sub it was posted on. This was not made to teach the kid a life lesson.

    Just wanna justify my original reply (which got downvoted, rightfully so.)

    The reason I don't feel this is a good life lesson is that stuff like this just hurts a child, it will only teach them to be scared, they will not know the reasons why they shouldn't do this because they're too young to actually understand anything said here - and it needs to be explained by the parent. Full-blown internet hatred is EXTREMELY harmful to this child at their age and it's sad seeing fully grown strangers on the internet feed into the dumpster fire because they deem a 4-year-old a "nice girl."

    What is a just punishment is something far less... exposing? (god that sounds wrong) It should be done by the parent, not fucktons of angry men on the internet. Having a significantly less hurting punishment (something along the severity of being grounded maybe, not sure,) being sat down and explained to as to why this is bad, and getting her to apologise is a good way this could be dealt with, I think, at least.

    [–] Nicegirl in the making CamzayHamzay 4 points ago in Nicegirls

    Sure, I can side with that.

    But if you think being embarrassed at the age of 4 in front of thousands of people on a post LITERALLY taking mocking her -again, no older than 4 or 5- is going to change her life for the better, you are very, very wrong. You fix this issues with fucking parenting, not a full-on invasion from angry Redditors and people from god knows whatever social media - And if you think this is a super-serious thing, then please know the massive insignificance of what a "relationship" is to these kids compared to us, this isn't a nice-girl situation where they want a committed relationship with kids and marriage and fuck knows what else.

    [–] Nicegirl in the making CamzayHamzay 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Nicegirls

    she's no older than 5... jesus how sad are you? lmao

    [–] Nicegirl in the making CamzayHamzay -7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in Nicegirls

    no it's not

    [–] He's gonna hack us with Kyle Lynux CamzayHamzay 1 points ago in masterhacker

    The middle guy's joking but that's actually true given that you have their area/town/city (depends on the country.) Online person lookups are a scary thing.

    [–] The perfect village CamzayHamzay 17 points ago in void_memes



    just let people have fun, this shouldn't have rules and a lot of you are being elitist.

    [–] Retard eats the Navy Seals copypasta CamzayHamzay 2 points ago in AteThePasta

    please no more... don't make me cum... all liquid in my body is running out and my piss is slowly being turned into the last blood cells I have.

    [–] The way this blends in CamzayHamzay 1 points ago in madeon

    sigh another gold it is then

    [–] human image bad CamzayHamzay 10 points ago in dankmemes

    first, not that's not a justifiable reason to be so aggressive.

    second, it's a joke.

    come on dude get out of the moody phase. no one likes an insufferable child, you'll cringe at this when you're older.

    [–] Im sick of reporting disgusting instagram accounts and my reports being shrugged off CamzayHamzay 1 points ago in TrueOffMyChest

    Pretty sure I've seen the second one. It's disgusting, you can hear him laughing too (if we're talking about the same account.)

    [–] The world needs to stop lumping all Americans together. We are a very diverse, multi-cultural society, with very complex issues that are very difficult to approach and solve. CamzayHamzay 14 points ago in unpopularopinion



    Example - Over here in England, there's people who's personalities revolve around being British and taking the piss out of Americans, such a large group of British people have devolved into "AMERICA BAD KNIFE CRIME GOOD" and a huge 'us vs them' mentality. (Most people in Britain poke fun at Americans but it's all in good fun... like we don't actually dislike americans lol)