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    [–] Terrible PC nonsense from Gilette Cannon0006 -16 points ago in TheNewRight

    "we are trying to gain womens favor, so remember guys, women cant tell you to back off, you need to do it for her" is all i got out of this tripe

    [–] Arvin Vohra is seeking the Libertarian Party's nomination for president in 2020. Here's his website and platform. Cannon0006 2 points ago in Minarchy

    i'm ok with removing the income tax, but there will still be a government to fund, is there a plan to address that? I dont think our current tariff levels are capable of sustaining the government

    [–] A fully federated galaxy Cannon0006 3 points ago in Stellaris

    I usually end up vassalizing those annoyances

    [–] Need Help Rescaling Website Cannon0006 3 points ago in html5

    you want to use percentages on your CSS, that allows the device to do the scaling automatically

    [–] Any body remember this? Cannon0006 15 points ago in Minecraft

    Mods arent a sellable product, thus theres no profit in suing

    [–] what morph is this Cannon0006 10 points ago in cornsnakes

    Pretty sure it's a Siberian husky, the noodle looks natural but not 100%

    [–] Democrats are in charge of fun Cannon0006 3 points ago in The_Donald

    the transplants love it so much they try to turn their new home into liberal shitholes

    [–] Ruth Bader Ginsburg Falls Down, Fractures Three Ribs Cannon0006 6 points ago in TheNewRight

    As much as she may not be liked, let's at least offer her hopes for a speedy recovery

    [–] Sad, man. Cannon0006 2 points ago in Libertarian

    Republicans in my experience aren't as trustful of big gov as the Democrats tend to be, so they are usually able to listen to a Libertarians words

    [–] SUPREME. COURT. JUSTICE. BRETT. KAVANAUGH. Cannon0006 22 points ago in TheNewRight

    I want to, but i also dont wish to be suicided, its a tough choice

    [–] The Death of the Great Khan... by concubine Cannon0006 5 points ago in Stellaris

    In current stellaris, no. As theres no real system for such

    [–] Returning noob player Cannon0006 2 points ago in treeofsavior

    Linkers usually can go well with summoning, that class can bind many enemies together, damage 1 damage all sort of deal

    [–] I was looking around the Eu4 files when I found this Cannon0006 24 points ago in Stellaris

    Pretty much every European country but the UK and Hungary at this point

    [–] My snake is starting on the wrong end and I’m not sure what to do about it Cannon0006 1 points ago in ballpython

    What hes doing is no different than eating a pizza from the crust end first, it's nothing to worry about