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    [–] Wow, I Should've Played Kameo Sooner Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in xboxone

    Absolutely loved the game at the time. There is so much potential in the IP. I would love to see them revisit it with a AAA budget and a slightly more mature tone.

    [–] What game did you break out of your comfort zone to play and ultimately enjoyed in the end? Captain_Natsu 0 points ago in PS4

    Not on PS4, but Forza Horizon 2.

    I normally find any sort of racing game boring. I received FH2 for free so I played it. Ended up loving it, so much fun. Now the Forza Horizon series is one of my favourite gaming series. I still find every other racing series I play unbearably boring.

    [–] Rumor - Reaver Industries Website Appears, Possible Tease for New Fable? Captain_Natsu 3 points ago in xboxone

    That's exactly what a Russian bot would say.

    Just joking, you are doing great work. A significant portion of my gaming news update comes from you posting stuff. I appreciate what you do.

    [–] Tips on how to Improve your PS4 Console's Longevity? Captain_Natsu 8 points ago in PS4

    It gets really hot and stressed when you use it for too long so a good idea is to give it a nice cold bath every week or so to cool it down and make it feel more relaxed. Also if you want to spoil it, a massage, particularly focusing on its joints, would improve its relaxation. They say the trick to a long life is to reduce stress, I think the same applies to PS4s as well.

    [–] What upcoming releases aren't we talking about enough? Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in PS4

    Farm slime creatures. I really like the concept and style of the game but would have preferred if it was more open. Hoping they expand a bit with the sequel.

    [–] What upcoming releases aren't we talking about enough? Captain_Natsu -2 points ago in PS4

    Based on my experience with Project Spark, I have low expectations as to how popular it will be.

    [–] Fairy Tail Season 101 (Season 1) is Free on Xbox Captain_Natsu 5 points ago in xboxone

    I really liked it, particularly the theme and characters. I'd say it is worth trying at least.

    [–] For the love of god, can we get another Baseball game for Xbox One on par with the MLB2K series? Captain_Natsu 3 points ago in xboxone

    Might be showing my ignorance, but is there much of a market outside of USA and Japan? I live in Australia where interest in baseball is practically non-existent.

    [–] What is the game you most regret buying? Captain_Natsu 14 points ago in PS4

    I really enjoyed it for the two weeks I played it for. No regrets. Just wish the game was more.

    [–] Introducing the Limited Edition Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro Bundle Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in PS4

    Now I'm tempted to get a Pro. For those with a Pro, how worth it is it for someone who already owns a PS4 and doesn't have a 4k TV?

    [–] Interested in a fighting game? How about Killer Instinct? Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in xboxone

    I'm not typically a fighting fan but I played it a bit when it was out and I enjoyed it. My only gripe was that I felt it needed a good story mode to keep me playing. I played a small amount of season 2 and remember it had a barebones story mode which slightly improved things but it still wasn't enough for me. Did season 3 get better or was it more of the same?

    [–] Microsoft has contacted Eurogamer to clarify that the upcoming "new hardware" announcement does indeed relate only to “new Xbox bundles and accessories”translation Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in xboxone

    I'm hoping they announce some limited edition themed Xbox One X. I know they don't have many games coming out this holiday season but I think a Sea of Thieves or Halo themed one would be great.

    The Jurassic Park themed one looked amazing. They Gears S was also really good. I've been holding off buying an X for one to come out so I can add to my collection.

    [–] Halo : Infinite will NOT have a Battle Royale Mode! [X-Post from /r/Halo] Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in xboxone

    That's fine but I hope they try something a bit different in multiplayer. I'd love to see them take the Warzone mode concept to the next level and make an on going territory based war mode with hundreds of players (something more like Planetside 2).

    [–] Looking to buy a Xbox! Captain_Natsu 1 points ago in xboxone

    Check Amazon Prime sales. In Australia the Minecraft bundle is going for $200.

    [–] Wife got upset and threw my Xboxone. We've been together since say one. 1st Gen. This helped with anxiety and depression. Now I have nothing to cope. Wish me luck. Goodbye old friend. Captain_Natsu 2 points ago in xboxone

    Not sure if it helps but my parents relationship was very toxic while growing up. It definitely made them unhappy and I believe it negatively affected us children. It was tough for all of us when they broke up. It took a while for everyone to heal and there were definitely some tough times emotionally but now everyone is much happier for it. It definitely was a positive turning point in their lives and our lives, even if we didn't realise it at the time.

    [–] Game Pass is the Best Value in gaming. Captain_Natsu 2 points ago in xboxone

    I'd agree if you are new to Xbox. Personally, there aren't any games that i am interested in playing that I don't already own. It therefore adds zero value to me but costs money. Therefore for me, it is one of the worst deals I could buy.

    As a note, I did buy one month for $1 however won't be renewing.

    [–] Game Pass is the Best Value in gaming. Captain_Natsu -3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in xboxone

    $0 - Team Fortress 2.

    $0 - Path of Exiles

    [–] Five Titles Leaving Xbox Game Pass on July 31st, 2018 Captain_Natsu 57 points ago in xboxone

    Losing Overcooked is a big loss in my opinion. Great game that I believe a wide audience would enjoy.

    [–] Mike Ybarra wants to see Cross Progression become a standard. Captain_Natsu -5 points ago in xboxone

    OP said it was a terrible store. Compared with every other store out there, that is true. I use it to play crossplay/cross buy for SoT and SoD2 and I previously used it for Gears.

    I find it annoying that I have to launch a separate app to be able to join a game with a friend, which is every time I use it. This functionality is build into Steam.

    Being able to search for a specific game if you know the name of it is fine but you can't really use it to browse through what is available due to all the mobile games. In my mind that is a indication of a bad store.

    I understand how to get to the library. The issue though, as I previously stated, is that there is a seemingly endless list of mobile games, including those not available on PC due to me previously owning a Windows Phone and Windows Tablet which I did in fact use for mobile games.

    [–] Mike Ybarra wants to see Cross Progression become a standard. Captain_Natsu -14 points ago in xboxone

    Yes I still believe it. The store is still crammed with mobile games. It is a nightmare to be able to browse through to find proper computer games. I also used to own a Windows Phone and Windows Tablet. My library is crammed full of a seemingly endless list of every single game and app I have ever downloaded along with all the preinstalled stuff Microsoft has, even though a sizeable chunk isn't able to be downloaded from the Windows 10 PC store.

    In addition to that, there is no friends list integration. I need to launch a separate app for that.

    [–] What’s the top 3 most disappointing video games sequels that you’ve played? Captain_Natsu 3 points ago in xboxone

    Halo 5 - Gameplay was fine, was never really into multiplayer but the story made me no longer consider myself a Halo fan. I hate what they did with Cortana.

    Titanfall 2 - loved the first game. Was so hyped for the sequel. Only made it to the pre-launch Tech Test and that was enough to make me lose all interest. They took away so much about what I loved from the first game (e.g. the verticality, the constant movement and the AI) and instead seemed to gear the game more towards camping. It's great that so many people loved it but after what I played, I was disappointedly out.

    Twisted Metal (PS3) - I understand this one suffered a lot from scope creep and it wasn't necessarily the developers fault however it wasn't the next entry that I think the series deserved.

    [–] PS4 games I can sink hundreds of hours into? Captain_Natsu 2 points ago in PS4

    Mount & Blade Warband. If you like medieval RPGs and don't mind a game being very rough around the edges, it can be a sinkhole for your time. You start off as a lone wolf, you build status and followers and in the end you can forge your own empire or pledge your allegiance to one and help them conquor the world. There isn't much of a structure around the game. It's like a massive sandbox.

    [–] Yooka-Laylee is currently 67% off. Can we discuss it's strengths and weaknesses as a 3D platformer? Captain_Natsu 11 points ago in xboxone

    Overall I found the game to be fine. I felt it tried to be Banjo Kazooie a bit too much rather than trying to be its own thing. The level and mission design felt a bit too mediocre. There was one world which I really disliked. I didn't really like the characters. It overall felt a bit too low budget and lacking in ideas. I still enjoyed it though and I don't regret playing it.