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    [–] This build CarbonReflections 21 points ago in Jeep

    If recall correctly this was built for a Saudi prince out of a JKU.

    [–] Stuck In A Mental Institution- Plz help [19F] CarbonReflections 66 points ago in legaladvice

    So I’m not a lawyer but I’ve had a lot of dealings with mental health stays at hospitals due to my mothers issues.

    The 3 day discharge rule is standard at all facilities with voluntarily admission, that I’ve dealt with. It’s stated very clearly on the paperwork. If the doctor that admitted you said other wise, it’s probably because they felt you needed treatment and knew you would leave.

    They would not have admitted you unless you were stating that you felt like hurting yourself, or you were showing signs of extreme mental distress.

    Also I’ve never seen a place allow you to keep a cell phone, or have access to the internet while admitted. So I’m curious as to how you were able to make this post?

    Not calling you out but there’s a lot that doesn’t add up with your post.

    My advice is to play along if you want to get out. It’s the only way, continue on the way you are and they will see it as a manic episode and will likely forcefully medicate you.

    I hope when this is resolved that you seek help on the outside.

    [–] The Perfect Cannonball CarbonReflections 3 points ago in funny

    Right? It almost looks fake, but I can’t see any reason why someone would take the time to fake something like this.

    [–] Cows trying to scare Canada goose CarbonReflections 3 points ago in funny

    Oh I’m sure the cow would win as well but that goose will dye trying.

    [–] Cows trying to scare Canada goose CarbonReflections 54 points ago in funny

    Those cows have no idea what they are messing with. Geese don’t give a fuck!

    [–] Why don’t you like Ocasio-Cort— CarbonReflections 11 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Because they don’t have logical reasoning, and they only use reactionary fear mongering to justify their thoughts.

    [–] I asked my mom to take this picture. Do your worst CarbonReflections 1 points ago in RoastMe

    I feel like none of these comments are roasting the OP, they all seem like solid life advice for him.

    [–] Teetering on the edge CarbonReflections 2 points ago in Jeep

    Nothing like a cold dark and muddy night recovery to make you sleep well 😂

    [–] OMG!! Must protect owner. Must not harm goose. CarbonReflections 41 points ago in aww

    That goose is like “No no you don’t understand that’s my brother Bob inside that jacket! I just want his feathers back!”

    [–] Teetering on the edge CarbonReflections 2 points ago in Jeep

    Looks like that was suppose to be the bypass.