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    [–] Here's Why the Pagani Huayra Is Worth $3 Million - Doug DeMuro CareForceOne 1 points ago in cars

    Top speed gets shown at one point when Doug talks about the gauges.


    Holy Shit.

    [–] Handbrake turn with electronic handbrake CareForceOne 2 points ago in cars

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks it.

    [–] Handbrake turn with electronic handbrake CareForceOne -20 points ago in cars

    God, these two look like a couple of try hards. So much better content on youtube than these two, and I used to LOVE Chris Harris' videos.

    On a slightly different note, you can do them in new Vauxhall Astras, allegedly.

    [–] Abandoned places in Nottingham CareForceOne 1 points ago in nottingham

    Came here to write this, saw you beat me to it. Have an upvote and salute, you savage bastard.

    [–] How to do a Pendulum Turn (Rally School) CareForceOne 91 points ago in cars

    It is. "Pendulum turn" sounds boring in comparison.

    [–] Beeston Restaurants CareForceOne 2 points ago in nottingham


    [–] Bloke schools a stalker cop from his window CareForceOne 12 points ago in videos

    If anyone genuinely believes that the narration is an accurate representation of what happened, then you're likely to be deluded. The guy runs a channel dedicated to exposing what he thinks are cops who "do nothing" and refers to the cop, another human being, as "it".

    If I read between the lines with some decent experience of this, I would give a fairer explanation of what might have happened -

    S5 public order typically requires something like swearing in the street, or being offensive. Most cops in the UK dont really bother with this offence as much as they did ten years ago. It often isn't worth the bother. This person describes a "disagreement between two people". So I would make a fair assumption that perhaps, during this disagreement he used language that offended another person. It's possible, or unlikely to be the police officer.

    The necessity to arrest people in the UK is low in most cases. Police forces are absolutely decimated, and running with far fewer cops than ten, even five years ago. Arresting someone is not a quick process. If you arrest someone for an offence such as section five whereby someone has said something someone doesn't like, is it proportionate to remove that person's liberty? And if you do, are there enough staff on your shift to cover the shortfall? It might be more pertinent to deal with the matter at a later date when it is both less busy, and when you already have the evidence (so there is no need to gather evidence while someone is in custody). This is actually a fairer and more respectful way of dealing with things, because if that person is then interviewed voluntarily at a mutually agreed date, everyone wins. They don't spend any time in a cell, and police officers can then work it around less busy periods. That's the beauty of a voluntary interview.

    This biased video where he says he doesn't have to attend a voluntary interview is right. He doesn't. I mean, really he doesn't have to comply at all. But that officer will have two options now. 1) Report the offender for summons and include in the file for the magistrate that he was given ample opportunity to provide his side of the story but refused. Or alternatively 2) Circulate the male as wanted on the police national computer. That means that if the male is located on a street or has contact with the police, he will be arrested there and then. This is the least convenient way for the matter to be dealt with for all parties involved, because unfortunately it means that person will be arrested at a time which is unlikely to be convenient for them, and will spend time in a cell. If he had agreed to be interviewed however, it might not even make court as he could give an explanation as to what he did, or at least some mitigation. It might not be in the public interest to continue with the matter, if it is as minor as he claims and that is a consideration that has to be given before he could be charged with the offence.

    So, in closing, this chip-on-his-shoulder narrator has essentially given a very biased view of events. I might have given some clearer version (if somewhat with a few assumptions, but then, I'm not convinced he's telling the whole truth...).

    [–] Underwater Surf Fishing Footage CareForceOne 3 points ago in Fishing

    There is some great footage out there somewhere...

    [–] Someone just referred to Bourbon biscuits as "chocolate custard creams" CareForceOne 7 points ago in britishproblems

    This blew my mind when I found out, but bourbon biscuits cover in chocolate are.... penguin biscuits.

    [–] Absolute Unit on wheels CareForceOne 3 points ago in AbsoluteUnits

    I wonder how he got fat?

    [–] A Dudes First Dining Room Decor (DIY Bar Cart) CareForceOne 2 points ago in malelivingspace

    I've got one. It's totally out of place in my apartment but it looks fantastic.