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    [–] What is your profession (1440×2560) CatalanConqueror 26 points ago in Amoledbackgrounds

    The movie 300, the great line of, "Spartans what is your profession?"

    [–] Goallllll lol CatalanConqueror 29 points ago in funny

    Maybe what was left of his pride lol

    [–] K.C. Back to Back Anyone CatalanConqueror 27 points ago in KansasCityChiefs

    Dedicate it to the dedicated fans. Can't go wrong there.

    [–] Hang Time (1440×2560) CatalanConqueror 1 points ago in Amoledbackgrounds

    Honestly I don't so but I am not certain I have post some other space stuff under my profile u could check it out if u wish to