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    [–] [BUSCO] Cuenta facebook CelesteBosnic 2 points ago in Mercadoreddit

    Seré curiosa, para que?

    [–] Jueves de contemplación CelesteBosnic 2 points ago in argentina

    Desde que tengo memoria que me estreso por todo y nunca me contento con nada de lo que hago, soy exigente y la paso mal. Hoy tengo entrega en la facultad y por primera vez baje un cambio, se que no es lo mejor que pude haber hecho pero lo acepto y prefiero llegar a tiempo antes que no llegar con nada. Probablemente me vaya para el orto pero bueno.

    [–] Spanish Spider-Man CelesteBosnic 9 points ago in funny

    *Chilean Spider-Man

    [–] What's your "crazy ex" story? CelesteBosnic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    He was driving me home, screaming at me because he was angry that I had to get back to my parents house, he was so busy doing that that he ended up crashing onto another car. There was an elder couple on it, which luckily weren't harmed. He cried and begged me not to leave him. I wish I did at the time.

    [–] Hasta siempre Vaquero. CelesteBosnic 7 points ago in argentina

    Joji, el youtuber que lo interpreta, dejo de hacer esos videos para dedicarse de lleno a su música.

    [–] Reddit, what are some life lessons you have learned? CelesteBosnic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I guess sometimes we can't help it. I hope you're doing better!

    [–] My cat loves staring at my rats. Does it mean he wants to eat them? Should i keep Jim away? CelesteBosnic 7 points ago in RATS

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I've read those wheels aren't recommended for rats because their tails or feet might get caught between the bars. There are bigger plastic wheels that prevent that from happening.

    [–] The Betrayal CelesteBosnic 29 points ago in RATS

    Hello darkness my old friend

    [–] A short guide for transcribers that want to go faster and make more money CelesteBosnic 4 points ago in WorkOnline

    I'm fairly new to transcribing, been doing it for 3 months. Does this program work in online platforms? I use crowdcompute to browse through the audios and have a built-in window where I put the transcription.

    [–] Ramona Flowers cosplay CelesteBosnic 1 points ago in gifs

    The original ending in the movie was the same as the comics, Scott chooses Knives. But they re-shot it so he ends up with Ramona, I prefer the original ending.

    [–] What are the arguments for and against men identifying as feminists? CelesteBosnic 2 points ago in Feminism

    Because, I think, it shouldn't be about women VS. men, but rather the people who believe and want equality VS the ones who don't. Feminism fights against stereotypes and this includes men's as well.

    [–] [SELF] Elizabeth from Bioshock Burial at Sea + Skyhook ! CelesteBosnic 3 points ago in cosplay

    Really great job. I was planning on cosplaying Elizabeth as well and really want to build a Skyhook but have no idea where to start. 😥

    [–] Gamers of Reddit, What video game made you emotional? CelesteBosnic 1 points ago in AskReddit

    SOMA. It really makes you think what it means to be human. The ending gave me shivers.