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    [–] What purpose does this prompt serve? Can we remove it please? Cerderius 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I found out that this is caused by two things:

    1. Using an older console (Ie. Xbox One over Xbox S/X)

    2. Owning Save the World.

    [–] Crack 9 video Cerderius 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Flair your post my dude.

    [–] I was trying to get this guys attention... Cerderius 3 points ago in FortNiteBR

    For a second I thought the air horn caused that earthquake.

    [–] Safe to say this update has made fortnite fun again. 80% of my lobbies look like this again. Cerderius 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Honestly start by just using it. And then once you get use to it go practice. Or don't because either way you are still using Turbo Build

    [–] New update Cerderius 3 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I'm not the biggest fan of it. While it has saved my ass a few times it isn't what I want in my Fortnite experience. If I wanted it I would just play Pop-Up cups.

    [–] Sword fight appreciation post Cerderius 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I haven't had a chance to try the mode yet but I'm kinda disappoint there are guns in it. I was hoping for some straight up "everyone has only swords" madness.

    [–] The pet everyone was hyped for, but no one uses Cerderius 19 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Speaking the truth. I hear that scream at least once every 2 games of Rumble.

    [–] When people think everything's exclusive Cerderius 2 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Imagine being this guy and doing this the 3rd time the skins came out but not the second time.

    [–] 1 Refund Ticket after each Max Tier Season Cerderius 4 points ago in FortNiteBR

    Except Epic switch the buttons we normal use when they added the preview option for skins with selectable styles.

    While I've never done this this, it still is a thing that causes concern as it seems absolutely intentional.

    [–] I Bought Tesla, Now Wheel Energy Rewards Are The Worst Prize Cerderius 1 points ago in idleapocalypse

    Maybe the ability to use like 100 Energy 3 times a day for a 1 hr Time Warp?

    [–] The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch Cerderius 23 points ago in nintendo

    Same. Now to wait for the OoA and OoS remakes. Hopefully they will revisit the Mystical Seed of Courage concept too.

    [–] v7.40 Patch Timing Cerderius 1 points ago in FortNiteBR

    I have a soft spot for quirky robot chatacters

    [–] Patch v7.40 Delayed Cerderius 16 points ago in FortNiteBR

    A day is 24 hours.