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    [–] Fudge Ceredron 13 points ago in AskNYC

    that's actually an interesting question. Most chocolatiers in the city will have fudge equivalents in choc truffles and the like, but fudge is considered a lower tier item and might not be available at the high end spots like la maison du chocolat or neuhaus.

    Your best bet might be to check out the larger stores like Jacques Torres, go to the supermarket or find a local bakery/dessert spot. Fudge is definitely not a commonly sold item on its own in the city, at least not at the nice chocolate stores.

    [–] What team do you care the least about? Ceredron 1 points ago in baseball

    I disagree, had no horse in the race but I remember their lineup of Howard and Victorino and Utley pretty well, Rollins and Hamels and all them. Also remember the city basically rioting after the win. I barely even remember the 08 Indians lineup.

    [–] On some days I feel quite alienated Ceredron 1 points ago in AdviceAnimals

    This is specifically called "hiding your powerlevel" and we're all doing it. We all enjoyed Naruto. We just can't talk about it in public.

    [–] Speakeasy / quirky bars near Central Park South Ceredron 5 points ago in AskNYC

    you should look for the hotel bars in the area, which tend to be a good way to open for the night.

    The library at the Hudson hotel, the Aviary, the Office at the Mandarin, all good spots for this.

    [–] What is the greatest 'what if' in MLB history? Ceredron 60 points ago in baseball

    on top of this, what if the rain delay doesn't happen in game 7 and the indians just keep playing with that momentum off of Rajai davis' homer

    [–] Summer is almost over! What are your favorite restaurants with outdoor seating? Ceredron 3 points ago in AskNYC

    won't speak for everyone else but I worked there for a few years and we always hit up mad dog first, ulysses second. This is all contingent on not being able to get into the dead rabbit (ppace is always packed to the brim)

    [–] Is Victor Robles one of the biggest let-downs of the season? Ceredron 3 points ago in fantasybaseball

    I'm barely making the playoffs this year because I had to wheel and deal my ass off to deal with Stanton being a complete whiff in round 2. Nothing comes close to this regret.

    [–] Extra ticket to Yankee Game saturday Ceredron 1 points ago in ClevelandIndians

    since you were first, pming. Will reach out to others if it falls through

    [–] Extra Ticket to Yankees/Indians Saturday Ceredron 1 points ago in nycmeetups

    I see you dude, I'll follow up later today. Only thing I'm holding out for is if I meet one of the other two Tribe fans in the city on the Indians subreddit. Will reach out when the decision's made

    [–] Jose Ramirez destroys a baseball to left field, a 3-run homer and his 17th of the year. Ceredron 4 points ago in baseball

    yeah it was decnitely tipped, even the Indians announcers replayed and you could hear the tip. Really balanced out by the low and outside strike call the pitch before though, imo.

    [–] Should I stay in a hotel in Manhattan or an Airbnb in Brooklyn? Ceredron 2 points ago in AskNYC

    Hard agree with this. Midtown and streets of Manhattan will be buzzing and the shit a tourist wants to do is all pretty much there. Rockefeller, Saks fifth, Central Park, even just going downtown and seeing all of the lights and festivities and shit. Definitely the right call.

    [–] Best dessert spots in manhattan? Ceredron 2 points ago in AskNYC

    A Bakery is pretty straightforward, a place where you buy croissants and cookies and stuff. The list above has plenty of bakeries.

    There are also a bunch of dessert places in the city, where they are not bakeries but restaurants or holes in the wall dedicated to only serving dessert or several courses of dessert. Spot Dessert Bar, Patisserie Chanson, Chikalicious dessert bar, Patisserie Fouet, are all examples of places where they're serving dessert as their main feature. Where a bakery is a place to grab a bunch of baked goods, a dessert bar is a place to sit and be served dessert, usually a much more varied and interesting set of options. Check them out.

    [–] Where Is The Best Tiramisu In NYC? Ceredron 2 points ago in AskNYC

    At La Pecora Bianca, they occasionally put together Tiramisu on a season by season basis. Call ahead and ask if they've got it as it's not on the menu.

    It's probably not the best in the city, though. Someone else will have to chime in for that. It's pretty damn good though.

    [–] Who is your team’s secret star? Ceredron 2 points ago in baseball

    the old fastballs up offspeed down magic the astros have is such bullshit, and this coming from a fan of a team with pretty decent pitching

    Why doesn't everyone do it? Is it magic? Is it pine tar? Is it science?!

    [–] East Village Sushi Recs Ceredron 1 points ago in AskNYC

    Ise near astor place, Uchu if you wanna ball out.

    [–] Private garden/terrace area of restaurant for small group? Ceredron 2 points ago in AskNYC

    if it's a weekday, Aretsky's patroon in midtown is pretty great.

    Weekends are really just a crapshoot, most places are always booked or have extravagant minimums to hold spaces.

    [–] not going to company happy hours Ceredron 2 points ago in AskNYC

    It's been said several times in the comments, but you gotta play the game to move up. Between two employees who are both competent, managers will promote the one they like better. After work events are where you can cultivate personal relationships and even open up to your coworkers and bosses. My best opportunities have come at happy hours or social events where I was able to connect with coworkers and managers.