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    [–] Best photobomb yet! (Posted by Singlemum95) CertifiedLol 1 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    I wonder who else will get this reference outside of Ireland!

    [–] Finally got myself a switch!! Now to see what that Legend of Zelda botw hype is all about :D CertifiedLol 0 points ago in gaming

    I'll need to check all this, I haven't turned the damn thing on in too long, but yeah that would be awesome if you could send me that stuff

    [–] 2 Minutes of LEDs [3000 x 2000][OC] CertifiedLol 3 points ago in ExposurePorn

    This is excellent! Have any other long exposure shots like this? Also what LEDs did you use?

    [–] False update notifications CertifiedLol 1 points ago in GalaxyS7

    Good to know I'm not going nuts!

    [–] Battery usage increased after nougat update? CertifiedLol 7 points ago in GalaxyS7

    I seem to be the complete opposite, I'm getting 18-20 hours with 2-3 SOT with mid usage with everything enabled