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    [–] Meanwhile, in Canada. Ch0rt 0 points ago in canada

    Yeah, you need to show ID on delivery. If you’re not home it goes to the Canada Post pickup spot.

    Which also sounds like I wouldn’t be able to get it delivered to my UPS box :(

    [–] Meanwhile, in Canada. Ch0rt 0 points ago in canada

    Yep, I’ll probably try to check out the OCS website at midnight then order from a MoM that can get me what I want within the next 1-2 days for less

    [–] Blizzard Intends To Add Cross-Console Play To Diablo III Ch0rt 2 points ago in nintendo

    On the switch port that comes out the first day of Blizzcon especially

    [–] Blizzard Polish is Dead. It's all about content pacing now. Ch0rt 2 points ago in wow

    I don't think the unsub feedback poll has been in since WoD

    [–] NCIX SERIOUS DATA BREACH Ch0rt 3 points ago in toronto

    They also had a few stores in the GTA

    [–] My Galaxy S7 Edge exploded last night. Ch0rt 4 points ago in Android

    Its easier to dig a hole and build a pole

    [–] NVIDIA RTX 2080 & 2080Ti spotted in FINAL FANTASY XV Benchmark Ch0rt 1 points ago in hardware

    Isn't this how it usually is, Ti to Ti, and regular to regular? Albeit with cheaper price points

    [–] Save yourself some time by reading the 'grand scheme' of the AMA right here Ch0rt 4 points ago in wow

    No you don't understand, the subreddit, official forums, and all the 3rd party sites are just a vocal minority. The REAL fun they're looking at is the people who aren't posting online :eyeroll:

    [–] Easiest way to transfer from an old Windows Vista machine to a new Windows 10 machine? Ch0rt 5 points ago in windows

    You can get his whole Firefox profile from C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\ (might be different in Vista, you can get the location by typing in about:support in the URL bar). This will transfer his history, saved passwords, bookmarks, extensions etc. Do this after you've opened Firefox on his new computer once or else the folders won't be there.

    While you're in the C:\Users\ folder, you can also grab all the folders under his username which will grab his Desktop, IE Favourites, Downloads, anything saved in My Documents, etc...

    If you use a USB key or external hard drive to copy from one computer to the same folders on the other computer it should make everything close to how it was on his old computer.

    If you can't find the AppData folder, enable display of hidden files and folders: Tools > Folder Options / View Tab

    Bonus points: If you don't have a copy of his wallpaper, you can find it at C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

    OR C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper

    [–] I'm World of Warcraft Game Director Ion Hazzikostas, and I'm here to answer your questions about Battle for Azeroth. AMA! Ch0rt 18 points ago in wow

    Yeah dude, I totally love losing 1.5 out of 10 seconds of Arcane Power. Or more if I accidentally hit it before PoM.

    They either need to revert the change, or make the shorter timed cooldowns last longer.

    [–] I wonder how shocked people will be when they realize they can't play Bloodelves in classsic. Ch0rt 5 points ago in wow

    Gilneas was the same. If you made it through the gate it was a little untextured mountain pass and then a bunch of flat ground.

    Actually there were a lot of those in the mountains between the zones. Can't wait to wall jump my way to the Shatterspear tolls again.

    [–] A month into its release, World of Warcraft's Battle for Azeroth is in bad shape. Ch0rt 5 points ago in Games

    Neither are any of the rares that drop pets and mounts, they all reset with the faction flip.

    [–] Demo megathread? If you have questions I'll try to answer what's in it etc Ch0rt 1 points ago in ForzaHorizon

    There’s 2 shirts, one for the first part and one after you finish all the events/qualify for the Autumn season

    [–] Toronto could break 73-year-old temperature record today Ch0rt 2 points ago in toronto

    My bedroom faces East. I’ll take midday peak over the rising sun

    [–] Warsat down! Ch0rt 8 points ago in destiny2

    My favorite part of Warsat down is standing directly under where it crashes down and watching the ragdoll go across the map