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    [–] Tyler Coe Leaves Roosterteeth Ch0rt 62 points ago in roosterteeth

    Probably because when she was on other shows like Always Open the views skyrocketed, so they put her on Sportsball to try and give it a boost.

    [–] 3DS got a system update today! Smea says it just looks like a browser update Ch0rt 159 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in 3dshacks

    You can watch low quality 3D porn in the browser

    For anyone wondering: PornHub's 3D section works pretty good. You're welcome

    [–] Anxiety abounds at NASA as Mars landing day arrives Ch0rt 2 points ago in space

    There's minutes of delay communicating with Mars, it's all automated and the control room gets reports back from satellites monitoring the landing

    [–] Canadians wildly rush a store on Black Friday Ch0rt 2 points ago in funny

    I worked at an Apple store opening day and we had a clap line when the store opened, it was just as awkward for me as it was for the people coming into the store.

    [–] Nasa video says it is going back to the Moon – and staying there: Moon base could be a useful place to launch Mars missions from Ch0rt 15 points ago * (lasted edited 22 days ago) in Futurology

    Capturing pictures of stars is hard, you need a really long exposure time to get enough light to see stars. It would make the rest of the picture look blown out and blurry

    EDIT: hahah what the fuck happened around me?

    [–] Common Misspelling Bot. It’s just spam at this point. Ch0rt 22 points ago in TheoryOfReddit

    There was a shortlived bot that would turn links into permalinks that would give the direct video link for sharing. I miss that bastard.

    [–] BlizzCon 2018: What the heck happened? Ch0rt 7 points ago in MMORPG

    Its actually way more in-depth than the SC remaster. Along with the major graphics updates, they're updating the map editor and doing balance changes

    [–] People with OEM CarPlay - what car do own, and how good / buggy is your head unit? Ch0rt 2 points ago in CarPlay

    2018 Challenger with the upgraded 8.4 NAV. Only issues are with Spotify not loading some times but that’s an iOS12 issue. Never had an issue with the head unit itself, just plug in and go.

    [–] PC is using very low fraction of GHz while running very slowly. Ch0rt 0 points ago in Windows10

    Change your power savings to High Performance and restart

    If that doesn't work, reset your BIOS (by pulling the motherboard battery off) and it should go back to normal

    [–] To people saying Blizzard is pushing D3 hard on Switch Ch0rt 2 points ago in Diablo

    I believe Starcraft64 came out later than Blackthorne

    [–] Possible Blizzcon leaks? Ch0rt 9 points ago in Diablo

    And the Switch port comes out the day before Blizzcon, why would they spend any significant stage time towards it?

    [–] Never heard of Golden Sun outside of Isaac, now I'm trying it for the first time. Some thoughts after playing the opening segment Ch0rt 10 points ago in GoldenSun

    Yep, that fight is scripted to always lose. Even if you Gameshark in max attack and infinite health when the fight is over the same cutscene with Isaac and Garett knocked out plays

    [–] Meanwhile, in Canada. Ch0rt 0 points ago in canada

    Yeah, you need to show ID on delivery. If you’re not home it goes to the Canada Post pickup spot.

    Which also sounds like I wouldn’t be able to get it delivered to my UPS box :(

    [–] Meanwhile, in Canada. Ch0rt 0 points ago in canada

    Yep, I’ll probably try to check out the OCS website at midnight then order from a MoM that can get me what I want within the next 1-2 days for less

    [–] Blizzard Intends To Add Cross-Console Play To Diablo III Ch0rt 2 points ago in nintendo

    On the switch port that comes out the first day of Blizzcon especially

    [–] Blizzard Polish is Dead. It's all about content pacing now. Ch0rt 2 points ago in wow

    I don't think the unsub feedback poll has been in since WoD