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    [–] Linux will still be used in 2077 (cyberpunk 2077 trailer) Ch0rt 8 points ago in linux

    You'd probably be surprised (not) how many embedded systems are using 32-bit architecture

    [–] Destiny 2: Complete Collection - $39.99 Ch0rt 2 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    The BNet launcher was part of the Activision deal so they have to move out at year 3

    [–] The Next Chapter For Destiny 2 Ch0rt 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Says D2 from the preorder will be available on Shadowkeep launch so you won't get it until September

    [–] [Discussion] iOS 13 Beta 1 Installation Guide - MacOS Catalina (No XCode required) Ch0rt 2 points ago in iOSBeta

    No, you only need the MobileDevice installer. Whether that's from XCode or other sources

    [–] [Discussion] iOS 13 Beta 1 Installation Guide - MacOS Catalina (No XCode required) Ch0rt 2 points ago in iOSBeta

    There's a MobileDevice package in your XCode 11 folder. Install it and do the upgrade from iTunes like normal and it will go through

    [–] This is the SysAdmin Reddit not the Tales From Tech Support Reddit Ch0rt 10 points ago in sysadmin

    I blame Microsoft for changing their KB link format at least once a quarter

    [–] City delays planned closure of DVP by one day Ch0rt 2 points ago in toronto

    I've had to do that a few times at like 1AM for work, coming from York Mills. Turns out the city is fun to drive in with no traffic

    [–] Found my six year-old self on Google Street View Ch0rt 9 points ago in google

    You can go back in time and look at older street views

    [–] [News] iOS 12.3 beta 6 released Ch0rt 1 points ago in iOSBeta

    I haven't updated to B6 yet but it worked for me today in Beta5 when it hadn't earlier this week.

    [–] Well, that's one way to beat a Zelda shrine. Ch0rt 41 points ago in gaming

    It’s not that bad. Early game everything takes way longer to kill, but once you start getting better weapons and gear it’s pretty identical to normal mode

    [–] HBO Edits ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode to Remove Errant Coffee Cup Ch0rt 3 points ago in television

    2 hour movies in 4K HDR10 with 7.1 audio are usually 40-60GB depending on the bitrate.

    I have a copy of Interstellar thats 70GB, Plex struggles if you don't have the settings juuuust right

    [–] This show died with him Ch0rt 10 points ago in freefolk

    Don't let Bobby B hear you say that

    [–] S08E02 Post Episode Discussion Thread Ch0rt 5 points ago in freefolk

    He died last season, rip lil dickon

    [–] [Spoilers] Post-Premiere Discussion – Season 8 Episode 1 Ch0rt 5 points ago in gameofthrones

    Also the guy’s name was Dickon Tarly, you’re not making it far in life with a name like that

    [–] Yogg-Saron Puzzlebox in Karazhan Catacomb Ch0rt 4 points ago in hiddenwow

    You can open them normally by doing the Lucid Nightmare secret. Once done it’s permanently open for that character