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    [–] Conan Learns Australian Slang Chadwiko 4 points ago in videos


    [–] Rise up, fellow Australians! Chadwiko 2 points ago in marvelstudios

    Hey mods

    Speaking of this, can we please ensure we get up an official discussion thread from about 6pm US EST time on the 23rd?
    Australians will be leaving the cinemas around that time after the first screenings.

    [–] Big Dick Chad vs Micro Dick Virgin Chadwiko -1 points ago in playrust

    This has been posted like 500 times.

    [–] Big Dick Chad vs Micro Dick Virgin Chadwiko 0 points ago in playrust

    Hey TheDarkestsomeTV, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s):

    • The content you have posted is not directly related to Rust, is a repetitive meme, or it is a low effort post.

    If you feel this was done in error, or would like further clarification on our rules, please don't hesitate to message the mods.

    [–] Barry Humphries's name stripped from Melbourne comedy festival award after transgender controversy Chadwiko 5 points ago in melbourne

    White people used to be much nicer to fellow white people, but much more discriminatory to non-white people.

    Ask a person of colour today if people are generally nicer now than in the 1950s, and I bet you I know what their answer will be...

    [–] Now there’s an idea Chadwiko 6 points ago in australia

    Reminder of the three simple rules of self-checkouts;

    1) No Trolleys.
    2) If it doesn't scan, it's carrots.
    3) Everything is carrots.

    [–] Still want to play TagPro? Every Monday at 8pm Chadwiko 3 points ago in OceanicTagPro

    We played. I didn't lose a single game. How embarrassing for PT.

    [–] Grammar Nazis of Reddit, what mistake bothers you the most? Chadwiko 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Grammar Nazis of Reddit, what mistake bothers you the most?

    People who use commas instead of semi-colons. Especially in Ask Reddit thread titles.

    [–] David Leyonhjelm misses out on NSW Upper House seat Chadwiko 20 points ago in australia

    Because he knew he had 0% chance of getting re-elected in the federal election this year, so jumped ship thinking he had a good chance at the NSW level.

    He was wrong.

    [–] Grill'd Has Gone 100% Meat Free, Selling Only Vegan Burgers Chadwiko 0 points ago in melbourne

    That's what a lot of people fail to understand.

    By far the biggest contributor to climate change is the meat farming industry.

    Bigger than all the cars and trucks and power plants combined.

    [–] The Orville - 2x12 "Sanctuary" - Post Episode Discussion Chadwiko 2 points ago in TheOrville

    You just made me realise that John wasn't in this week's episode at all, was he?

    [–] Match Thread: North Melbourne vs Adelaide (Round 4) Chadwiko 2 points ago in AFL

    Reckon this is going to be a really small crowd tonight unfortunately.

    [–] What movie was loved by the audience but hated by critics? Chadwiko 0 points ago in AskReddit

    the soundtrack is still awesome

    It features 'Creed'.

    Let's pump the breaks a little there...

    [–] Guys of reddit, do you actually care about boob size? Why or why not? Chadwiko 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Quality > Quantity.

    Good small boobs are better than unappealing big boobs.

    Good big boobs are better than good small boobs.