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    [–] 4 Blast furnaces, what to keep and what to grind Chaff5 0 points ago in sharditkeepit

    The third BF is definitely going to be your PvP roll. Zen Moment will make the gun buttery smooth and rampage will give you the boost to dmg without having to reload. You'll want to use steady rounds. A stability MW would have been better but range is definitely welcome. Put a counter balance mod on it and you're golden.

    If you have any doubts, I'll let Aztecross break it down for you. Trust me, your third is golden.

    As for the Kindled Orchid, KC + Rampage is top notch right there. Everything else with those two is just icing on the cake. Keep that unless you get something with better stat perks.

    [–] In the Beta of Destiny 2, there was a removed combo that the Arc Staff could do where you turned into a spinning helicopter in the air as your second in-air melee attack. Please put this back in Bungie. Chaff5 36 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Any single one of the nerfs they did would have been fine but, as usual, Bungie over compensates and put all the nerfs in. Move slower? Check. Use more super when charging? Check. Decrease duration? Check. Decrease super armor? Check. Decrease PvP damage? Check.

    "We only decreased the Nova Warp super slightly."

    Slightly across the board.

    [–] Which duke is dukiest? Chaff5 1 points ago in sharditkeepit

    I can't see the post anymore and I can't remember exactly what you had. I would just mix and match the perks you have and see what works best for you. Remember that outlaw only works on headshots so you might want to stack up that reload. Or maybe you want more rounds so anything that gives you more rounds might work for you.

    [–] Which duke is dukiest? Chaff5 1 points ago in sharditkeepit

    Definitely 2. Outlaw/rampage is a beast and with rampage going, you can two tap people in PvP. That reload MW is just extra icing for when outlaw isn't available.

    [–] Which duke is dukiest? Chaff5 1 points ago in sharditkeepit

    number 2 would be dukiest.

    [–] [Handgun] FNS-9L NMS Blk/Blk Night Sights (3) 17rd Mag, $379.00 + $19.99 shipping Chaff5 3 points ago in gundeals

    If you don't like the grip angle of Glock and for some reason don't want a S&W M&P then yes, you should.

    [–] [Handgun] FNS-9L NMS Blk/Blk Night Sights (3) 17rd Mag, $379.00 + $19.99 shipping Chaff5 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 hours ago) in gundeals

    I wish they had made these in the infamous "Glock 19" size and just be done with it.

    EDIT ok so I just saw that they came out with the 509 midsize which is the Glock 19 size!

    EDIT 2 so apparently the 509 has a problem with water logging. No bueno.

    [–] I'm grieving.. Chaff5 5 points ago in horizon

    The first time I got to the top of a tall neck, I stayed up there for at least 2 loops just to take in all the sights. I forgot why I had gone up there in the first place.

    [–] Fight Club Chaff5 -5 points ago in apexlegends

    The two of you are getting downvoted just for being honest. WTF people.

    [–] Need a hair cut Chaff5 12 points ago in vickili

    Finally something without make up on.

    [–] Why is it such a bad thing for a girl to ask a guy is he’s not attracted to her when he can’t get hard? Chaff5 6 points ago in sex

    It doesn't seem to be a reasonable response because a guy in bed with you is 99.9% already attracted to you. Him not being able to get hard for you is more likely a physiological thing; maybe too much to drink, stress, or performance anxiety.

    I wouldn't say it makes her look desperate but it does make her look ignorant.

    [–] why tf you on reddit? Chaff5 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Escaping life.

    [–] Is a 12 year old gap too big between an 18 year old who's about to turn 19, and a 30 year old man? Chaff5 1 points ago in relationship_advice

    Unless one being abusive, manipulative, or otherwise undermining the other, age has no baring on a relationship (given that they are of legal consenting ages) and your opinion of it is irrelevant. If they're happy together, you should be happy for them.

    [–] In "The Matrix" Neo is given a choice of Reality or wonderland. Reaches for the red pill but isn't seen moving in the other lense. Showing he is "in reality" reaching for red. Chaff5 8 points ago in MovieDetails

    The lenses reflect their choices; red pill lens is reality, blue is the matrix. In reality, he reaches for the red pill. In the matrix, he does not reach for the blue pill which means that even there, he is reaching for the red pill.