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    [–] Is a law degree worth it IF tuition wasn't a concern AND one doesn't intend to practice? Chanel1202 2 points ago in LawSchool

    You don’t get the Esq. unless you’re admitted to practice, which means going through all of the licensing exams (mpre and bar) and the bar application process. Why would you go through the work to be admitted to practice if you don’t want to practice? That’s absurd.

    [–] Terrible 2L Search Chanel1202 5 points ago in LawSchool

    You probably need to look at public interest jobs and in-house jobs at this point.

    [–] OP's son fraudulently purchases $16K airfare to London, OP is really hoping the airline is liable (Spoiler: They aren't) Chanel1202 6 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    Maybe. He doesn’t necessarily have lawyers on retainer. If that’s the case, he might not want to pay for a consultation, especially since he seems to accept the answer fairly easily. He likely suspected he wouldn’t be able to recover from the airline. The way most of these families keep their wealth is by not spending unnecessarily.

    A lot of these people are reticent to let people know their family business as well. He might not have wanted to air his dirty laundry to a lawyer, especially if the lawyer he usually uses knows the family.

    [–] OP's son fraudulently purchases $16K airfare to London, OP is really hoping the airline is liable (Spoiler: They aren't) Chanel1202 169 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    It actually comes across as completely believable/normal to me. He specifically posted his location as NYC.

    Having grown up in similar circumstances, I suspect this kid is growing up with fairly wealthy parents and is most likely very spoiled. In most households like this (at least of my friends) the parents are not overtly concerned with watching their kids. A lot of free reign is given to kids growing up and there is certainly a lack of discipline/routine. I mean, even with the money, Dad doesn’t seem overly concerned with the amount and unexpectedly incurring an expense of 16,000 would be life changing/debilitating for most of us. Yea, he wants it back if it’s from the airline, but he doesn’t want to imperil his son. From my experience, this is par for the course.

    I’d also say that it does read to me like the family (including the 16 year old) lived in London at some point.

    I totally believe this is some fairly wealthy Dad that doesn’t want to involve his lawyer, but wants to know if the airline is liable.

    [–] OP's son fraudulently purchases $16K airfare to London, OP is really hoping the airline is liable (Spoiler: They aren't) Chanel1202 363 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    This reads to me (as someone that grew up in similar circumstances) as a spoiled upper east side kid booking a ticket in the class he is used to flying in (first class). So, the thought process would be “my family and I always fly first class so that is what I’m booking.”

    The Dad doesn’t seem overly concerned about the money. Yes, he’d like to get it back if he can get it from the airline without imperiling his son, but it doesn’t seem overly emergent to him. It doesn’t seem, to me, that the amount is life changing for him (as it would be to the vast majority of us).

    Just my gut reaction reading it.

    [–] It's 4am and I'm taking my life. Chanel1202 12 points ago in UnsentLetters

    Please don’t do this! There is hope! There are many better days ahead of you!

    It’s hard to admit you need help. It’s hard to take the step to get help. Please, call the national suicide prevention hotline. 18002738255

    Know that there are so many people that love and care for you. I am one of them and I am here to talk through anything you want to talk about.

    You have so much potential to take all the pain and the guilt and truly make a difference in the world because of the pain you experience. It’s going to help you reach a larger audience, to change hearts and minds. Even if you only convince one other person to never drive drunk, you will be a hero.

    Please don’t do this. Please call 18002738255.

    [–] Power judges have Chanel1202 3 points ago in LawSchool

    Not appropriate for this sub. Post in r/legaladviceofftopic

    [–] SLPT: When your lawyer says stop using credit cards, it's more what you’d call a ‘guideline’ than an actual rule... Chanel1202 9 points ago in bestoflegaladvice

    I believe OP meant he won the case and so the judge discharged (dismissed) all of OPs debts and/or dismissed motions from creditors asking for OP to continue being liable for the debts.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Chanel1202 60 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago) in legaladvice

    I said the OP of the comment you originally responded to (yes I know it was you even though you deleted the original comment) made the comment you quoted, which s/he did.

    And in the comment I responded you, you explicitly said “that isn’t how comment OP worded it.”

    You’re trying to change the goal post now and say you were talking about the OP of the post?

    Come on dude, have some integrity.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Chanel1202 207 points ago in legaladvice

    Comment OP said: “if she wants to avoid a rape charge she will probably drop this paternity nonsense.”

    That is because, as comment OP said, a 22 year old having sex with a 14 or 15 year old constitutes statutory rape.

    It doesn’t matter if OP didn’t have sexual contact with the 22 year old. All that matters, and all comment OP was just conveying that if she pursues his paternity she opens herself to a rape charge.

    Comment OP also uses the word “nonsense” in relation to pursuing paternity, which at least implicitly acknowledges that the OP says he didn’t sleep with this 22 year old. It’s nonsense because comment OP believes OP. Yet, this advice is still a solid strategy.

    When you’re giving legal advice you use whatever will give the person the most leverage. Here, it’s the fact that if this foster parent and her daughter want to pursue this kid’s paternity, it means a statutory rape charge for the 22 year old.

    The advice was helpful.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex Chanel1202 172 points ago in legaladvice

    Lying to law enforcement doesn’t apply unless she, you know, files a police report for a CRIME (which you don’t do for paternity). Asking for someone to get a paternity test does not constitute “false claims” or lying to law enforcement. Full stop.

    The point the OP of this comment is making is that if the woman tries to pursue the 15 year old being her baby’s father, she opens herself to statutory rape charges. OP can tell her that and she’d likely drop the whole thing.

    [–] the beginning of a new day Chanel1202 11 points ago in UnsentLetters

    Wish this was for me.

    [–] Moral Character Application Denied Chanel1202 22 points ago in LawSchool

    You should appeal on the grounds of the error ASAP

    [–] CAN SCHOOL FORCE ME TO CUT MY HAIR? Chanel1202 6 points ago in LawSchool

    Depends if it’s public or private school.

    [–] T3 advice Chanel1202 4 points ago in LawSchool

    Pretty sure OP means TTT not HYS

    [–] OCI- can applicants pick location Chanel1202 5 points ago in LawSchool

    If the firm offers the Chicago office as a choice when you bid then yes. If they’re only interviewing for one office you’d (most likely) be locked into that office. Though my career services office told people to bid on the office coming and then request a different office in the interview. It’s rare to be granted that, but it happens.

    [–] OCI- can applicants pick location Chanel1202 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in LawSchool

    You’re a 0L right? There’s a stickied post on Tuesdays for 0L questions.

    But, when you bid you’ll bid on a specific office. Most firms will only let you interview for one location, but some will let you interview with multiple.

    [–] Help Me Decide On 2L Transfer Options? Chanel1202 4 points ago in LawSchool

    OP this is a great point too. American has a great reputation in the industry, even though it’s ranked 80. The other T2s on the list (Cardozo and Brooklyn) also have good reps in the industry/are climbing in the rankings (especially Cardozo).

    Not all T2s are created equally in terms of transferring to a higher ranked school.

    [–] Help Me Decide On 2L Transfer Options? Chanel1202 4 points ago in LawSchool

    I only said Harvard would be all but impossible if your grades go down, which I stand by. And like I said, most of Harvard’s transfers come from T1 of T14 schools.

    If your grades go down at all , Harvard will be nearly impossible and might make Chicago, NYU and CLS (which you should also consider) that much harder to get into.

    You have a shot at Harvard but the likelihood is small. I would capitalize on your current stellar GPA and ED Chicago. The risk of your GPA going down (your classmates will start figuring out what they need to do to improve and it becomes harder to get the good grades, especially if you’re complacent). I wouldn’t want to risk grades going down and foregoing the possible chance at Chicago.

    I’m risk adverse though.