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    [–] Anyone have information or resources to make a last stand against my family? ChaoticFather 2 points ago in TransyTalk

    As awesome as it would be to be able to magically transform your family into a supportive or even tolerant collection of people - you can't change them.

    Fortunately, you don't need to. You are 21. You have a support community. It sounds like it's time to leave the nest and join people who will love you for you.

    Edit: find a trans support group near you if literally EVRYONE who cares about you is a college student who lives at home and none of them are options.

    [–] [WSIB] Single player games where you have fun whether you are winning or losing? ChaoticFather 2 points ago in ShouldIbuythisgame

    Any Civilization game. They run long, so when when you're are losing, you're able to claw your way back to even odds.

    [–] Anyone remember this girl/Robert Plant blog? ChaoticFather 2 points ago in ledzeppelin

    I know my rider if I see her in the dark ;) Good luck!!

    [–] Anyone remember this girl/Robert Plant blog? ChaoticFather 2 points ago in ledzeppelin

    I never used Tumblr, so no - but I have had moments in my life where I've wanted to reconnect with a girl I'd crossed paths with someone in my past, so good luck on your search :)

    [–] Is it just me or is Valerie's beauty a little overstated? ChaoticFather 18 points ago in Pathfinder_Kingmaker

    OP is talking about Valerie's looks - which the game keeps telling us are overwhelmingly amazing - not her Charisma stat. She isn't visually portrayed anywhere near as mesmerizingly beautiful as the game claims she is.

    [–] Friend says led zeppelin isn't real deal. ChaoticFather 2 points ago in ledzeppelin

    Classic Rock isn't just 'old rock music'. Rock n Roll was around well before classic rock, and there are quite a few rock bands from the late 60s/early 70s that wouldn't fall under the classic rock umbrella.

    Be careful tossing generalizations around ;)

    [–] What cover band? ChaoticFather 9 points ago in ledzeppelin

    Top right is Greta Van Fleet

    [–] The most beautiful thing you will see today ChaoticFather 0 points ago in MadeMeSmile

    While all this is going on, someone else just tryna play rocket league

    [–] Why do people say “sorting through wheat pennies”? ChaoticFather 11 points ago in coins

    I've known saints with less patience. You're a good man, Jason.