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    [–] Okay ladies, let's talk underwear. Chapstickie 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Nylon and spandex aren’t a great material choice for everyday underwear.

    [–] People who should be sleeping, why aren't you sleeping? Chapstickie 1 points ago in AskReddit

    My cat got stuck in a bag earlier and ran into the wall. I’m pretty sure she is ok but she was really scared and growling and hissing for a bit and I’m staying up to make sure she’s not hiding an injury.

    [–] [CHAT] I want to mark this nifty pre-canvased aida, but how should I go about cleaning it afterward so it doesn’t affect the wood? Chapstickie 1 points ago in CrossStitch

    It is super fast. The only thing you have to do is make sure your line doesn’t drift. It’s easier to end up drifting by a square when it’s one run over six inches or so instead of a line of 8 stitches.

    Oh, and you’d need to redo the grid if you move the hoop because although the grid isn’t loose exactly it will shift if you let the hoop or Qsnap overlap it. You could probably avoid that by just tacking it down a few more times. I only use gridding to lay out the bits of projects so by the time I am moving the hoop I usually have enough groundwork down that I don’t bother redoing the grid.

    [–] This is my toothbrush now Chapstickie 6 points ago in AnimalsBeingJerks

    It would be worth making sure you aren’t using any toothpaste or rinse that includes xylitol. It is an artificial sweetener mostly used in cavity fighting chewing gum but it is in some other tooth stuff too. You don’t want your cat or dog consuming that stuff, especially over and over. It is very toxic to cats and dogs.

    [–] [PIC] Typical Chapstickie 1 points ago in CrossStitch

    I had considered it but I wasn’t sure a more general audience would know what they were looking at. This happens every time I move my Qsnap.

    [–] [CHAT] I want to mark this nifty pre-canvased aida, but how should I go about cleaning it afterward so it doesn’t affect the wood? Chapstickie 3 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in CrossStitch

    I mostly stitch on 18 count so I’ve found fishing line to be a little big. The Sulky is flat and thin so it doesn’t distort the holes. Honestly though I’m sort of lazy in my gridding so I only tack down my grid lines once in the middle of a 8x8 QSnap. With a run that long anything with any stiffness would probably be hard to follow. I basically end up with a tight but shiftable net over my fabric so moving the lines out the way when I stitch near them is easy. Lol. I would say it was a conscious decision but really it’s just easier.

    The only place that grid is tacked down is across the row a little above the top fin. The Sulky stays right where you put it. I love it.

    [–] [CHAT] I want to mark this nifty pre-canvased aida, but how should I go about cleaning it afterward so it doesn’t affect the wood? Chapstickie 3 points ago in CrossStitch

    If you are set on gridding without markers (I don’t use markers either) you should try gridding with Sulky Sliver or Holoshimmer. It is thin, much more flexible than fishing line, and a monofilament so you can’t stitch through it and trap your grid lines. It’s the same as the floss but a bit better. Also it’s sparkly and pretty. I don’t grid projects that often but when I do I can’t imagine using anything else anymore.

    [–] WIBTA if I didn’t go to my bachelorette party? Chapstickie 22 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Oh god, the drama is going to be endless and entirely justified. What a thoughtless thing for the MOH to do to OP.

    [–] WIBTA if I didn’t go to my bachelorette party? Chapstickie 10 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    This would be shitty of them but not super surprising. People do shit like this all the time and act like the relief of stress at the end undoes all the stress before it.

    [–] AITA for wanting child support after having an affair? Chapstickie 3 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    Maybe they have a living situation where his lifestyle won’t work with fifty fifty custody? Military or similar? It may not matter if he agrees if he has a job where he isn’t available to raise her.

    [–] AITA for making my husband eat vegetables Chapstickie 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in AmItheAsshole

    I thought I hated a lot of different meats because my mom over cooked the hell out of them and lots of veggies because she boiled them which is the worst way to cook almost all veggies except maybe peas. I too am going through this process. I have a rule now that I eat any food item that comes up just in case my tastes have changed. I have learned a variety of things I thought I hated are amazing in specific situations. For instance, I thought shiitake mushrooms tasted like dumpster juice smells but it turns out they are amazing in soups and I never would have known if it didn’t have a rule about not asking about what is in stuff and just eating it anyway.

    [–] AITA for making my husband eat vegetables Chapstickie 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    The only way to serve veggies that is grosser than boiling them is to eat, digest, and excrete them first and then serve them.

    [–] [CHAT] me, every time I start a new project: gonna work super hard to keep the back tidy this time! also me: Chapstickie 3 points ago in CrossStitch

    A lot of times it does change how the framing looks. But for that there are rules to follow that are less “making the back perfectly like the front” and more “just don’t make it lumpy or trail floss past blank spaces so you can see it looking grimy from the front”. It’s two pretty huge different levels.

    [–] 1% of US smartphone buyers think headphone jack is top-three feature Chapstickie 11 points ago in Android

    Mine have a more subtle warning but they also don’t warn you about low battery until you are roughly five (more like three in practice) minutes from dead which sucks because that’s not long enough to do anything. I much prefer my crappy $5 Koss wired headphones. I dread replacing my phone and ending up being restricted to only the wireless. I have headphones on most of the day, I’ll need at least two pairs to switch between to not have battery related downtime.

    [–] Tired fireman is trying to put the flames out in the Amazon. Chapstickie 1 points ago in pics

    This is super heroic but I can’t unsee all those videos I’ve seen of people pouring water for dehydrated animals to drink. The giant water bottle is making me think “thirsty koala” instead of “hero firefighter”.

    [–] LAOP is probably victim of a scam, but repeatedly finds creative ways to avoid answering about verifying anything Chapstickie 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in bestoflegaladvice

    Trump is going to singlehandedly reverse the definition of that word in the future.

    It already feels wrong to use it.

    [–] [WIP] Backstitch or not? Link to FO with backstitch in comments Chapstickie 2 points ago in CrossStitch

    I would redo the backstitch to be smooth curves and consider doing it like that. I don’t like it jagged like that.

    [–] I tried to get involved in one of my boyfriend's hobbies by asking him for a video game suggestion. The one he gave me was just hypersexualized woman killing things. Sigh. Chapstickie 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago) in TwoXChromosomes

    There is a lot of sexualized fanart and products based on that fanart but the game itself isn’t that bad. It’s just the horny audience shifting things that direction. I think there may be some more revealing alternative outfits for the characters in the game but they certainly aren’t necessary for gameplay.

    If you use the Internet with an adblocker the products don’t come up and it looks a lot less gross because that stuff isn’t actually from the game.

    Edit; I just saw you had this same conversation with someone else. When I click that google search link you posted, I also get the game screenshots and no nudey mousepads or anything.

    [–] [CHAT] What thread color would you use as an off-black shade? Chapstickie 2 points ago in CrossStitch

    I would use 3799. The details might get a little lost but if the important part is the blackness of the shirt, venturing too far away from black won’t work.

    [–] [PIC] Typical Chapstickie 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in CrossStitch

    When her and her sister were new, Cinder and Sterling, the naughtiest kitties in the world.

    And now still naughty but less naughty than my other cat, Tortuga.

    [–] [PIC] Typical Chapstickie 2 points ago in CrossStitch

    You would have to literally kill me to get me to give up my kitties at this point. Lol They are my preciouses. We are together all the time and my cross stitch productivity is at an all time low.

    [–] [PIC] Typical Chapstickie 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in CrossStitch

    My husband thought he was allergic to cats but now isn’t. We ended up with the two kittens because some tourists found them on the side of the highway and posted on Facebook asking for help for them because they were flying off the island (I live in Hawaii) and the airline wouldn’t let them take them. The only open admission shelter on the island euthanizes 85-90% of the cats brought in without them ever going up for adoption so these ones wouldn’t have had a chance, especially since they were sick (goopy eyes) and still on milk. My husband thought he was going to be making a huge sacrifice having them in the house but turns out his allergy either went away or he was actually allergic to something else in the cat owner’s homes he had visited. He never even sneezed despite me having seen his eyes swelled practically shut after being in my sister’s house around her cats a few years prior. If your husband isn’t reacting to the clothes you wear home from your cuddle sessions it might be worth getting him tested because cat allergies don’t seem to always be forever.

    This is the sisters together. They looked exactly the same. Lol. Cinder and Sterling.