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    [–] A plaque pledging for unity with muslims balsted by blue water from police's water cannon, by Stand News Charlie_Yu 1 points ago * (lasted edited an hour ago) in HongKong

    Protester: whoever attacks the mosque is the agent provocateur

    Police: attacks mosque

    Protesters: :o

    [–] TST today Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in HongKong

    Popo fired tear gas at TST less than an hour ago

    [–] Hong Kong says murder suspect whose case sparked protests to turn himself in Charlie_Yu -1 points ago in worldnews

    And now Taiwan would probably deny his entry as Carrie Lam is trying to use him to solve the current political crisis

    [–] Does schools shut down when a protest is happening? Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in HongKong

    No, protests usually happen during weekends, before/after school/work, and lunch hours.

    [–] 0933 Police seen exiting ambulance in TST Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in HongKong

    The police is to blame if an ambulance is denied to pass by protesters.

    [–] We are really fighting for world peace. If we lose, one trillion Hong Kong dollars would be funnelled to China through East Lantau plan which will be used as financial weapons against a lot of smaller nations. Charlie_Yu 34 points ago in HongKong


    Maldives owed China 15.6b HKD, the regime is almost completely controlled by China.

    Sri Lanka owed China 62.4b HKD, had to lease main port for 99 years, economy is sunk forever.

    Laos joined Belt and Road, spent 45.2b HKD, and is facing bankruptcy.

    The East Lantau plan, for the 770k immigrants in the next 14 years, will cost 1 trillion HKD.

    You know how many countries can be bought with that money?

    You should object the reclamation plans if you are Hongkonger!

    [–] Stay strong Chile (from Hong Kong) Charlie_Yu 2 points ago in chile

    I read a top comment in another sub that wealth inequality was a deeper cause of protests, rather than just about rising metro prices. We surely have a lot of wealth inequality in HK, while our wealth inequality is caused by China, a puppet government, and crony enterprises that support each other. Enterprises support China politically, which in return gains favorable deals and policies for them, at the expense of ordinary people. We call this crony capitalism, and the only way to stop it is through democratic elections. We need to elect our leaders, our Legco members, and get rid of the puppets. Hong Kong is notorious for high land prices, there are a lot of people renting divided flats of 100-200 sq ft or even less for 30-50% of their salary. You can say the political ideals are different for HK and Chile, but if we go deeper into the issues that affect the living standards of ordinary people, there is some similarity.

    [–] Lee Shi Tian silently supports Hong Kong protests at Magic: The Gathering MCV Charlie_Yu 5 points ago in HongKong

    We had a lot of top MTG players since like 10-20 years ago. There are tons of gaming enthusiasts.

    [–] Chinese censorship in Canada Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in HongKong

    I thought that particular South Park episode is free to watch on the official website?

    [–] The madlad did it 🤣🤣🤣 Charlie_Yu 4 points ago in HongKong

    The true madlad. He probably doesn’t have much financial interest in China but it still takes a lot of guts.

    [–] Chile rioting: state of emergency declared Charlie_Yu 2 points ago in worldnews

    Sometimes media are to blame for conveniently calling protests as riots

    [–] Hong Kong voted the 9th best city to visit! Charlie_Yu -1 points ago in HongKong

    I guess tourists have different ideas. Honestly I will rate Taipei, Seoul etc above us.

    [–] I taught a long uncensored lesson on HK today (I'm a teacher on the mainland- Chinese students). Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in HongKong

    Most Chinese are uninformed about the current issues because of censorship. Bringing up the issues is a great idea. You don't pick a stance for kids, they will research on their own and make their own mind as long as they are curious

    [–] Republican senators said they want to move quickly on legislation to support pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong despite a threat of retaliation from China. Charlie_Yu 15 points ago in worldnews

    As a Hongkonger, I feel we are ignored by the Democrats government for too long while our autonomy declined so much the last 10 years. Pro-Democracy parties in HK, often having some association with Democrats in US, were blamed for being too weak against Chinese influence during mid-late 2010s when they could have done a lot more.