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    [–] 'China's military says it is prepared to protect security in Hong Kong, as protests grow' Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in worldnews

    China tried replacing Hong Kong for many years, nothing happened. You need international recognition to be an international city, and good luck trying to persuade enterprises to settle lawsuits in a Chinese court.

    [–] 'Rights and freedoms are not absolute': Hong Kong leader warns protesters Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in worldnews

    Deng’s original vision was that China would be progressive enough that it won’t be different from Hong Kong after 50 years. Instead, it went all downhill after 1989.

    [–] Hong Kong security law is going to devastate its economy Charlie_Yu 3 points ago in HongKong

    The law isn't even passed yet, expect more dropping after May 28.

    [–] China loses bid to run Israel's biggest desalination plant after U.S. pressure Charlie_Yu 18 points ago in worldnews

    Hutchison is Hong Kong based though, and if you want to name a Hong Kong tycoon that isn’t as much a puppet of China then it is Li Ka Shing

    [–] Flag of an independent Hong Kong proposed by Hong Kong protestors Charlie_Yu 1 points ago in vexillology

    After 1 year of bloody protests most people realised that it won’t be possible without independence.

    [–] Ighalo's Man United loan set to end on May 31 - Rob Dawson Charlie_Yu 3 points ago in reddevils

    Not the same type. Ighalo is getting older but he got all qualities that our other forwards don’t have.

    [–] Former Hong Kong governor: China's proposed national security law should be on G7 agenda Charlie_Yu 3 points ago in anime_titties

    Maybe in an official agenda but surely something will be agreed by the leaders. Nobody even talked with Xi during G20 last year and it was the first month of HK protests.

    [–] Chinese Ambassador urges UK to respect China's Hong Kong national security legislation Charlie_Yu -5 points ago in worldnews

    Historically, Korea was part of China. Roughly 1500 years ago.

    Historically, Vietnam was part of China. As late as 500 years ago.

    [–] Several points on Wumao logic regarding Hong Kong Charlie_Yu 3 points ago in HongKong

    1. Everyone in the march is chanting for Hong Kong independence today. We did not ask for independence at the beginning, but after one whole year of events, there are a lot more people seeing independence as the only way out. It is time to acknowledge this.

    [–] Protesters in Hong Kong Uses durian shells as roadblocks. Charlie_Yu 3 points ago in interestingasfuck

    A second delayed is a second to run for life.

    And it takes time to deploy armoured vehicles.