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    [–] First time build - RTX 2080 Chava27 4 points ago in buildapc

    I would downgrade the PSU & processor to get almost the same performance for a decent amount cheaper. Put that money towards a good monitor. 8700k or 8600k if you want intel, 2700x for amd will all perform pretty similarly. Look at some processor benchmarks to see what I mean.

    [–] Faction Play Update - Post MechCon 2018 by Paul Inouye Chava27 3 points ago in OutreachHPG

    I’ve been around a while, Mercs got a mech bay and other rewards for getting each faction rep high enough. Loyalists can only do that once.

    I’ve only been seeing a Merc bias since the loyalty rewards are pretty much non existent.

    [–] I suppose I'm doing something right. Chava27 4 points ago in cncrivals

    Those shocker troopers fucked me up. I thought regular riflemen would counter them, boy was I wrong.

    [–] How long is left for MWO (revisiting an old topic post Mechcon)? Chava27 4 points ago in OutreachHPG

    That last thread seems to have said what we’d be saying anyway.

    MW5 will bring a small influx of players to MWO, similar to what battle tech did. But then most of those players leave and we end up right where we started - one or two thousand people actively playing. I think your 2020 guess is pretty accurate, I’d wager late 2020 but who knows.

    [–] What's the meta right now? Chava27 5 points ago in OutreachHPG

    MWO Mechs Lists by denAirwalkerrr has been my mech bible since I saw it. Minor changes made to these builds still work fine.

    Not really mentioned in his builds, but if you have an organized group, LRMs work well on certain maps.

    [–] Savage sortilege and Hothead go well together,what are other talents that work well together Chava27 1 points ago in DivinityOriginalSin

    Do you know if unstable will stil proc if the dwarf has comeback kid?

    Edit: How about the idol of rebirth? Or does it have to be a “real” death?

    [–] Divinity 2 Planner Chava27 2 points ago in DivinityOriginalSin

    This is so fucking polished.

    I’m on my second play through and already know what I’m doing but this would’ve been 100% what I used to plan my second playthrough.

    [–] I may have overspent a little, but I'm happy with it. My new battlestation. Chava27 5 points ago in buildapc

    How’s it running/looking? My build looks pretty similar to yours but with an RTX 2070.

    My last build was 6 years old with a budget monitor so I’m probably going to shit myself when I get all my parts and turn it on.

    [–] How important is Freesync/Gsync? Chava27 1 points ago in buildapc

    How does one set up their gsync properly?

    [–] Simple Questions - November 21, 2018 Chava27 1 points ago in buildapc

    What monitor should I get with a $400-$500 GPU? The computer would mainly be for gaming

    Is g-sync important if I just get a FreeSync 144hz monitor?

    Should I be getting a 1440p monitor or is 1080p good enough?

    [–] What's more pointless than Sabotage? Besides Mass Sabotage? Chava27 2 points ago in DivinityOriginalSin

    You can reverse pickpocket people and put grenades in their inventory, but it’s probably more work than it’d worth

    [–] Incoming Missile Podcast: Balance Document Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    That was just the CBill cost. Isn’t there still an XP cost?

    Plus it’s still full price to get new nodes even though you’ve “mastered” your mech at 91 other nodes.

    [–] Incoming Missile Podcast: Balance Document Chava27 3 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Another thing that has always bugged me that I don’t think was talked about in the podcasts was how the skill tree costs you GXP to requip nodes you already purchased or full price to switch to a new node. Pre-skill tree let you swap out modules and you only needed 1 of each to try any build you wanted. Why couldn’t we just switch to any 91 nodes that we wanted once we pay some fee to unlock each node.

    It’s also not new player friendly to have all these new people fuck up their skilltree just to have to pay full node price to try and fix their mistakes (rip blackjack I tried investing jumpjets into, rip any heavy or assault mech I thought could use some mobility)

    A “mutation weekend” would be great if I could edit my skilltree for free. Otherwise, why would I change my skilltrees to use some niche weapon system just to realize my meta tree is now a turd tree.

    [–] Micromouse contest where small robot mice solve a 16 × 16 maze Chava27 4 points ago in theocho

    I (attempted to do) one of these competitions, the goal was to reach the center which was a 2x2 maze area in the fastest amount of time.

    You’ll notice there is no entrance nor exit in the maze, so that wouldn’t work.

    [–] Thank You Blizzard North Chava27 2 points ago in Diablo

    I spent so much time as a kid reading that giant diablo II strategy guide that came with the battle chest.

    I also remember getting a lecture by my parents the first time the phone bill came in after I spent half the month setting up 3-way calls to my friends playing Diablo with me ($0.75 each) before I knew about VOIP.

    [–] Destiny 2 is cool, but... I don't know. Chava27 1 points ago in destiny2

    It’s still the same development company so a consumer might expect similarities in their products, like a difficulty slider that almost every other RPG or FPS has.

    Destiny is also clearly influenced by halo, and they share many of the same core gameplay mechanics.

    [–] Destiny 2 is cool, but... I don't know. Chava27 1 points ago in destiny2

    I got the game for free this weekend as well and I am pretty disappointed that there wasn’t a difficulty slider (unless I missed it somewhere?)

    Is this really the same devs that brought us Halo 3? That game had difficulty settings, skulls that you could set for each mission to add challenge and variety to missions, as well as Easter eggs in many of the missions. This game doesn’t seem to have any of that and I can’t force myself to play what looks like is just a 20 hour tutorial that they call a campaign.

    [–] New Player Tips and Q&A Chava27 1 points ago in pathofexile

    Would I be able to make a “Molten Strike Jugg (tanky melee)” but with a bow using Iron Grip? Or is that Shanksword the whole reason the build works?