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    [–] Daily Question Megathread For September 18, 2017 Chava27 1 points ago in pokemonduel

    I wasn't aware that a UX would be a waste if I need the compatible figure for it. I also agree that, like many other gacha mobile games, we will see a new banner eventually

    [–] Daily Question Megathread For September 18, 2017 Chava27 1 points ago in pokemonduel

    Brand new player here.

    Do I get the special 10 pack for 500 gems.

    Or the "rocket starter pack" for 300, limit 10?

    Both guarante an EX but the first one also has a chance for a UX

    My guess is for the 300 packs because i think I should value EX more than random non EX cards

    [–] Rutgers discord Chava27 1 points ago in PokemonGoNewJersey

    Could you invite me to that one?

    [–] What's the best at using ATMs? Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Something I do that kinda counteracts it is jump jetting straight up and/or away from the enemy. That way I have a better shot at getting 120m of distance between us.

    [–] Verdict on Civil War Tech? Chava27 3 points ago in OutreachHPG

    I'm just a soloque T4 player, but I've been using 2xATM 12 combined with HMLs and it's been doing work. Especially with Jumpjets I'm able to pop tart and hit someone with 72 damage. If someone comes under the min range I have the heavy lasers, plus i can jump jet to help get within firing range again vertically instead of needing to run away horizontally.

    Probably won't get the same results in high level play, but it's quite fun so far.

    [–] Harvard study: Exxon 'misled the public' on climate change for nearly 40 years Chava27 1 points ago in worldnews

    High fructose corn syrup has similar fructose to glucose ratios compared to alternatives actually:

    It does have a lower GI number, but Fructose is only metabolized in the liver which has its own range of effects. Both sugars are bad in their own ways.

    [–] Harvard study: Exxon 'misled the public' on climate change for nearly 40 years Chava27 4 points ago in worldnews

    Fructose and Glucose are two types of sugars. High fructose corn syrup has higher fructose levels than cane sugar. Fructose is harder for the body to digest, I forget the reason why.

    Don't quote me on this but I think fructose needs to be broken down more or stored in the body longer since the body cant digest large amounts of it fast enough, compared to glucose.

    I'm not going to get started on what that does to insulin or leptin levels, but too much sugar is bad mmmk.

    [–] How about a mech builds megathread? Chava27 2 points ago in OutreachHPG

    less user friendly version of the builds listed on

    Nothing against Gman or his website, but I don't see how introducing the concept of light engines would make things less user friendly. From what I've heard most builds are switching over to light engines, which is not really mentioned on builds. Not to mention the new weapons and balance that came with them.

    [–] How about a mech builds megathread? Chava27 5 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Until then, anyone who is looking for builds can check out the subreddit discord, smurfy net, mechspecs, or by posting to a subreddit.

    I for one haven't even started modifying my IS mechs because I hate the fact that I have to buy engines, so I've only been working on my clan mechs. PGI seems to think that having three engine types with like 50 different sizes which are all expensive is a good thing for returning/new players

    [–] MWO: Forums - Patch Notes - 1.4.130 Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    If people stopped buying them they'd probably stop making them so often.

    [–] Lots of Changes, Lack of Motivation to Trial Chava27 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in OutreachHPG

    These sources are a good start:

    For build ideas:

    For tech tree stuff:

    edit: Also for more builds

    [–] Let me tell you why I'm really starting to appreciate the skill tree. Chava27 3 points ago in OutreachHPG


    [–] When you realize the enemy has NINE ASSAULTS! Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    It's been out for a while. I googled "mwo meme soundpack" and I think it's called MLG Betty sound pack

    [–] The Evolution of Trust Chava27 1 points ago in WebGames

    Wonder what would happen if there was also a level that added a mechanic that allowed each player to warn each other when they've been cheated. This way, the cheaters would have a harder time cheating, and the cooperators would have an easier time cooperating.

    [–] What hero mech should I buy that's on sale, if any? Currently only have 2 Timber Wolves Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Just so you know that sales happen reasonably frequently so there's no real urgency to spend this time around.

    I actually bought the MC years ago when I first started playing, but haven't actually spent it yet because I never knew what I was doing and I kept taking breaks from the game due to university.

    [–] [Discussion] Failures of Mechanics, or why I've stopped treating Pokemon Go as a game Chava27 7 points ago in pokemongo

    Agree with everything you said. The first trailer for Pokemon Go still has more features than the actual delivered game after a year or two of decelopwment. Where's trading, 3v3 battling, tracking down a Pokemon given some kind of direction? The devs were not up for the challenge of making this game and haven't added many mechanical features to the game.

    Your post just makes me want to check out Granblue lol.

    [–] But raising the minimum wage hurts business Chava27 4 points ago in LateStageCapitalism

    What number did you read US as? I'm pretty sure it's 354

    [–] For those of you not at the event Chava27 11 points ago in pokemongo

    You were able to battle Pokemon that people left at gyms since day 1. The "battling" essentially consists of rapidly clicking on your screen until your Pokemon KO's the other ones, and you need to use type match ups to win against strong opponents (example use water Pokemon vs. fire Pokémon).

    The only additions I can think of have been 'raid battles' and the next generation (150 or so) of new Pokemon. Raid battles consist of waiting for an area of your town to challenge a rare Pokemon, but you need to attack it with friends (maybe 5 other people) in order to beat it and catch it. In smaller towns or towns with little coordination, only the easiest raid battles can be completed. Niantic continues to develope the game focused towards city players and pretty much all of my friends and I have stopped playing the game.

    [–] New Jersey Raises Minimum Smoking Age to 21 Chava27 2 points ago in news

    I see you edited your post and also corrected the equestrian link.

    I appreciate your time and discussion because I didn't know of the rates of horseback riding and diving, but to play devils advocate, many kids don't even have the choice to choose of of these sports as they require more upkeep and space compared to other sports.

    I'm not looking to remove the competitive environment either, but I do see high intensity contact sports like football and hockey as something we shouldn't be exposing kids to.