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    [–] Games you gave up on initially only to come back and love them? Chava27 1 points ago in Games

    I refuse to play DF now without the Dwarf Therapist add-on and a graphics pack now.

    [–] Easy puppy cam set up. Chava27 1 points ago in puppy101

    I've never heard of team viewer. Is that what you're using to play the music playlist?

    [–] New to pc, just started divinity. Chava27 1 points ago in DivinityOriginalSin

    I felt very lost in Fort Joy as well, just explore as much as you can and talk to as many people as you can. Once you do that you should have an idea of what you want to get done.

    I'm at Act II now and I only used crafting a few times to make/combine potions and to combine boots + nails to prevent slipping on ice.

    [–] Light and medium hero recommendation for the hero sale? Chava27 2 points ago in OutreachHPG

    The clan scouting tonnage is 55 now, so the Huntsman probably isn't the best choice for scouting now. Really making me regret not getting that free event Stormcrow a while back :(

    The Huntsman does great in quickplay and can run many builds.

    [–] Puppy peeing in house for no reason? Chava27 -1 points ago in Dogtraining

    Maybe stop giving treats after he eliminates? Maybe he thinks he gets a treat every time he eliminates, so he wants to do it as often as possible.

    [–] I spoke to a vegan and found myself defending animal abuse. Chava27 11 points ago in vegan

    By that logic, wouldn't you want to kill less plants? That would imply eating less meat too.

    Unless you're implying that you don't care how many plants get hurt. #allplantsmatter

    [–] It's not often my interest gets re-kindled in a game Chava27 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in battlefield_one

    I'm in the same spot. Do we (Origin Access) users get all the DLC or is this just a trial for the new DLC?

    edit: Never mind, it looks like a "Premium Trials" event just started.

    [–] Clan Drop Deck help... Chava27 1 points ago in mwo

    If you were looking for a Clan Mech for scouting, I'd also suggest getting a huntsman or hunchback iic. I'd recomend you get the huntsman, since it is an Omni Mech while the hunchback iic is not. You'll get to play with many more weapon loadouts due to that.

    [–] Thank you PGI for an amazing 2017! Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Fair points.

    I do have some mechs that have about a third to a half of their skills in the firepower tree that would almost completely need to be replaced if I were to switch from a missle --> to a ballistic build. It's less drastic if I need to switch from or to a laser build, since those are in the middle of the tree.

    The point I wanted to make was that we never had to pay a cost to consistently change a build in the old system. If you bought a module, there was no cost associated with swapping them out, but we have a "swapping out" cost now with the skill tree. I should try to calculate how many skill node changes it would take to be equivalent to having to buy a new module.

    New thread on the topic:

    [–] Thank you PGI for an amazing 2017! Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    there are no Clan 'Mech packs, and I'd steer far clear of buying 'Mech packs.

    What? If you check the store page, there's plenty. The most recent being the Sun Spider. The fact that PGI is still selling 'Mech packs with a system that doesn't need a "set of 3" 'Mechs anymore is mind boggling.

    2) You only need one module of each type. Are you serious? Do you have any idea how much it cost in the old system to buy one module of each type?

    Assuming you'd need them all, in reality most people only used radar deprivation and seismic sensor and just threw that on whatever mech they were playing at the moment. I should've been more clear on that. You only needed a handful of modules in reality, since the only thing that mattered was the mech you planned on using at the time of playing.

    I see no problem with requiring a small XP cost to switch 'Mech skill layouts around every so often.

    Other people do mind, and the "small" XP cost is half of what was needed to unlock the node in the first place. I just find it unneeded for a game all about customization of 'Mechs.

    Honestly if they just got rid of this respec cost I would be mostly ok with the new system, or at the least I think PGI could give more experience per match.

    [–] Mech Sale Ongoing Chava27 3 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Going off of what these usage stats say,

    It looks like the SNV-1, SNV-C, MAD-IIC are the way to go?

    I'm just a T3 potato so I have no idea why these are the way they are.

    [–] Thank you PGI for an amazing 2017! Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Both systems are bad for different reasons. Here you are comparing how much it takes to master a single Mech in each system. Yes the new system is better, but it gets worse when you want to start experimenting away from your optimized build. Skill nodes will now need to be changed or bought to account for a different weapon system or playstyle, which you aren't accounting for. You are also assuming the new player knows which mechs, skills, and builds to buy on his first go, which is a best case scenario in the new system.

    Why don't we compare the different costs it would take if you bought a Mech pack of 3 right now? The old system wins, and doesn't punish you if you want to try different builds. You only need one module of each type and you can run any mech with any build you wanted.

    The new system wins assuming you don't want to change your build too much. But there comes a point where changing you build so often may end up costing more XP than previously. Not to mention the time it takes to manually build or redo your skill tree. Some people have hundreds of mechs that (still) need to be updated to the new system.

    [–] Thank you PGI for an amazing 2017! Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Except... since you can literally buy only one 'Mech now and still "master" it, they've eliminated almost two thirds of the grind right off the bat.

    Unless you want to try a new build on your mech, now all of your missle nodes are useless when you switch to a ballitic focus and you are essentially paying to buy one- quarter to one-half of a skill tree again just to try out a new build. If you end up not liking it, then you need to now pay half the experience you used to get your previous tree back. This was not an issue in the old system, as you could swap out modules, but you are now punished for trying different builds on the new system.

    They are also still selling their mech packs as 3 different variants of the same chassis, so now you have to grind more than what you did before to master those 3 mechs.

    Anyway, it simply isn't necessary to purchase all skill nodes on most 'Mechs, so again, the grind is less intensive than it was with the old system.

    You didn't have to master your mechs in the old system either, but at least you could put some modules on a mech as soon as you got one, instead of starting with nothing in the new system.

    [–] Thank you PGI for an amazing 2017! Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    You're right but it's the same difference. You need to grind for it in either case. Many people don't have the exp. they need anyway for all the variants they own. Especially considering they would need to master the Mech first.

    [–] Thank you PGI for an amazing 2017! Chava27 20 points ago in OutreachHPG

    -Having to pay cbills to change your skill tree for nodes you already bought

    -Engine desync, nerfing mechs with big engines for their tonnage

    -Killing Gauss/PPC

    [–] [FMA Brotherhood Spoilers] Is Edward and Alphonse special? Chava27 1 points ago in FullmetalAlchemist

    idk but I'd assume that they would be specially gifted in the sense that their father is a superhuman

    [–] juju's bizarre soundmod teaser Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    404 on the edit link

    [–] The Timber Wolf nerf, the how and the why it was overperforming. Chava27 13 points ago in OutreachHPG



    [–] MWO Game / Machine Specs Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    If you're interested in learning head over to /r/buildapc. They'll answer any questions you have. It took me a while to pick my parts but once I had them all selected, I was able to build a pc by myself in a day, I just followed along a with a youtube tutorial while building it.

    I'd suggest going through some of their FAQ.

    [–] Jade Falcons drop deck and scout selection Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    I'm assuming one would just always go for the variant with a laser hard point in the CT?

    [–] Inexperienced Player needing tips on light mech survivability. Chava27 2 points ago in OutreachHPG

    Choose one:

    1) Lightmech

    2) Survivability

    3) Urban Mech (I swear these things don't die)

    [–] Brand new player looking for some current advice. Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    I wouldn't suggest it as a first mech anymore, but as long as you don't run that one TBR-A side torso, or have those giant missle pods sticking out of the torsos, the TBR still plays ok. It can run lots of builds ok, but I guess non are great anymore after the engine desync as well as the negative quirks on half of it's omnipods.

    I'm not much of an authority on this because the only other heavy I've owned is the NTG Prime that was just the event reward and holy shit talk about no agility.