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    [–] Tanking Tuesday - Your Weekly Tanking Thread Chava27 0 points ago in wow

    Right so it is almost useless against magical damage, so I don’t see why it should be the primary stat when other primarily stats can be useful against both damage types

    [–] Tanking Tuesday - Your Weekly Tanking Thread Chava27 2 points ago in wow

    My question was more asking why agility over the other primary stat options, since it seems to be more situational

    [–] Tanking Tuesday - Your Weekly Tanking Thread Chava27 1 points ago in wow

    What stats should we be going for?

    Agility only works on physical attacks but it seemed to be recommended last expansion anyway and I’m not sure why.

    [–] Find-A-Game megathread Chava27 1 points ago in WebGames

    I sucked at mud and blood 1&2. Those two were brutal

    [–] Find-A-Game megathread Chava27 1 points ago in WebGames

    Mud and Blood?

    [–] No Man's Sky to get weekly content updates after release of NEXT patch (No microtransactions/DLC, 100% free) Chava27 1 points ago in pcgaming

    What expectations were lowered when he said "You can see other players" on a tv interview? How about when he said "You can grief other players". Or the other 10 times he hyped multiplayer in interviews.

    The multiplayer has been removed right before launch, and it was just supposed to be like it is now since Atlas Rises, nothing more.

    Then why did he tweet the day after launch that there was multiplayer elements?

    And then not answering anyone's questions and going silent on social media for months. That reeks of a scam

    [–] RTS games with a strategic / turn-based layer? Chava27 1 points ago in patientgamers

    I'm not too familiar with the titles but you could check out the Endless Space and Endless Legends games. I think they play like civilization games but they have different combat mechanics when your armies fight.

    [–] Games you've given up on due to difficulty? Chava27 5 points ago in patientgamers

    I remember not being able to get past the tutorial fight (3 nekkars?) on the hardest difficulty for like 20 minutes. Ended up sticking with the second highest difficulty until I got used to it then bumped it back up to max difficulty later. Witcher 3 ended up being one of my favorite single player games.

    [–] Should I watch FMAB or FMA Chava27 2 points ago in FullmetalAlchemist

    I watched Brotherhood first, and watching FMA 2003 maximized the enjoyment of both series. 2003 functioned as extra character development that I would've liked in FMAB.

    FMAB got me hooked with the action adventure to fall in love with the series and characters, then FMA 2003 felt like a cherry on top with much more character development.


    Yeah well, that's just like your opinion man.

    [–] Should I watch FMAB or FMA Chava27 -2 points ago in FullmetalAlchemist

    Start with FMAB and figure out the rest later

    [–] Its been 18 months or so since I've last played Chava27 1 points ago in OutreachHPG

    It's about the same. They've added a few maps and a handful of mechs. Did you usually play solo-que?

    I've only done group-que a few times (I usually play solo) and it was much more brutal than solo-que, I wouldn't recommend it for new players. There is however a new 2v2 solaris mode, but I heard its already a dead game mode. I haven't even tried solaris once so I don't know anything about the meta.

    [–] Open world collect-em-ups? Chava27 1 points ago in patientgamers

    Some people don't even play the multiplayer, but you can't really run and gun like you'd be able to with a squad able to revive you. It would be more of a stealthy, take out the outpost without the outpost sounding the alarm kind of game play.

    You can easily just match make for a squad and leave whenever, which is what i did for the short while I played

    [–] Open world collect-em-ups? Chava27 1 points ago in patientgamers

    Ghost recon wildlands sounds to be exactly what you’re asking for. It’s pretty much a mod for far cry 4. You just explore the map and clear outposts and collect stuff.

    Only thing is that you missed the sale :(

    [–] [Steam] Da Na Na Na, Dana Nana Naa, it's the Final Day (Day wa'maH loS) Chava27 5 points ago in GameDeals

    Or just get Origin Access for a month, and play the amazing TF2 campaign (mixed in with getting your shit pushed in on multiplayer) along with a bunch of other games.

    [–] Pam speaks the truth Chava27 2 points ago in thesims

    For PS2

    [–] Pam speaks the truth Chava27 3 points ago in thesims

    It has co-op. The sims is much more fun when you have two assholes playing together.

    [–] Steam Summer Sale: Day 1 Chava27 1 points ago in GameDeals

    They feature different games on different days. The sales will not change.

    [–] Steam Summer Sale: Day 1 Chava27 2 points ago in GameDeals

    I'd go for Divinity Original Sin 2 first.

    Both games have great rpg elements, but DoS2 is so much more user friendly and requires less micromanagement. I never got into Pillars, way too much micromanagement, slow story, and half my characters are doing dumb shit that I don't want them doing.

    [–] Min Requirements for Legendary Missions? Chava27 1 points ago in thedivision

    New PC player here. I ran 4 legendaries with PUGs and completed 2 of them and failed the other two. It really depends on your group and the mission.

    You should have free gear sets from the rewards vendor.

    Once I got those gear sets I ran the two heroic incursions, got my two exotic caches, then attempted legendaries. I think some of the missions are significantly easier than others so you should only do the easier ones for now.

    [–] Wholesome Division 1 experience. Chava27 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in thedivision

    Lmao this reminds me of a few weeks ago while I was leveling to 30 I match made with a free roaming group. Me and another lv 26 join some god tier Chinese guy power leveling his lv 29 friend from what I could tell.

    Chinese guy had google translate speak into the mic and I remember hearing something like “group or I fucking kick” proceeded by Chinese guy shouting “follow me! Follow me!” He was really trying to give us commands through google translate and half the time I could understand what he was saying.

    Funniest part was the lv 30 guy was sharing/dropping his trash loot the whole time but it was high end gear so the other lv 26 was picking them all up and just saying “thank you! Oh my god thanks” the whole time.

    Edit: autocorrect nonsense

    [–] 2 was just released with a skill tree, saving, shield towers and much more! Chava27 1 points ago in WebGames

    I made it to the regenerating health upgrade but I couldn't make it to the shield upgrade. I got stuck at base level 7 by dying on day 43 or something.