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    [–] Seems legit Cheapo_Sam 13 points ago in aww


    [–] How Homophobic Chants Led To The Rise Of The Gay Gooners! AFTV Cheapo_Sam 9 points ago in Gunners

    Why would they be in your face? Why do you not want to be near 'them'?

    [–] Buffon: I cry often and I cry alone. Cheapo_Sam 28 points ago in soccer

    TIL Buffon is an Arsenal fan

    [–] From dead last in League One to Five W's in a row. Plymouth Argyle are 1 point away from Promotion P.O spot. Cheapo_Sam 2 points ago in soccer

    Yeah, although thats the trouble with lower league, you cant afford to offer long deals. Still, the club showed a lot of ambition to keep him and he obviously believes in adams and the project. Its good to have some positive vibes around the club though as its been a tough 5 years. The city deserves to be higher up the pyramid

    [–] From dead last in League One to Five W's in a row. Plymouth Argyle are 1 point away from Promotion P.O spot. Cheapo_Sam 5 points ago in soccer

    Done it already with carey this summer. Showed a lot of ambition to keep him as his contract was up. Had a lot of interest from championship clubs but they managed to get him onboard for another 2 years. He is arguably the best player outside the championship!

    [–] From dead last in League One to Five W's in a row. Plymouth Argyle are 1 point away from Promotion P.O spot. Cheapo_Sam 11 points ago in soccer

    Yup. Have been very impressed with James Brent's patience and vison for the club since he took over. The club was almost bankrupt and he has rebuilt and done a lot of work to find the right personality to manage the club on tbe pitch. Argyle were SO close to going up to the big time 10 years ago, and it almost cost them.. but things are looking great at the moment.

    [–] Tite says that 15 out of 23 man squad going to Russia are already defined: Alisson, Daniel Alves, Marquinhos, Miranda, Marcelo, Casemiro, Renato Augusto, Paulinho, Coutinho, Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Thiago Silva, Fernandinho, William and Firmino. Cheapo_Sam 255 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in soccer

    Sooo Remember u/f_e_v's post r/soccer selects the Brazil squad?

    well... 13 14 of those 15 names are on the list (bolded below)

    Goalkeepers: Ederson, Alisson, Diego Alves,

    Defenders: Dani Alves, Danilo, Thiago Silva, Marquinhos, David Luiz, Miranda, Marcelo, Alex Sandro

    Midfielders: Paulinho, Casemiro, Fernandinho, Fabinho, Allan

    Wingers: Neymar, Phillipe Coutinho, Willian, Douglas Costa, Malcom

    Strikers: Gabriel Jesus, Roberto Firmino

    r/soccer did not select Renato Augusto

    [–] Eddie Howe named Premier League Manager of the Month Cheapo_Sam 21 points ago in soccer

    'Joined Feb 04, 2018'.. You've gotten awfully hip in 12 days mate

    [–] Free Talk Friday [2018-02-16] Cheapo_Sam 2 points ago in soccer

    I'm not certain on this, but my gut is telling me that no company in the UK would really stock a product where the logo was someone kicking an animal, or one that used the word 'ass' in its brand name. I would think doing both is almost a nailed on way to not launching a successful brand.

    [–] Free Talk Friday [2018-02-16] Cheapo_Sam 62 points ago in soccer

    Don't feel shit. Anyone that dumps anyone on valentines or christmas is a callous cunt.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2018-02-16] Cheapo_Sam 0 points ago in soccer

    why the fuck would you buy someone who doesn't fit your style of play when you have no intention of adjusting how you play to incorporate them.

    [–] The Times(Paul Joyce): Liverpool end pursuit of Roma goalkeeper Alisson after 70 million asking price Cheapo_Sam 5 points ago in soccer

    Lets not forget that stoke forgot how to play football under Mark Hughes. They will at least defend like a mid table team under Lambert. Then we will see properly what JB is capable of.

    [–] Daily Discussion [2018-02-16] Cheapo_Sam 6 points ago in soccer

    Hes got 21 league goals in Belgium when he was only 19. Then he got 17 (23 in all comps) at only 21 with Marseille. There are not many players his age scoring that amount of goals in top divisions. So yes in that respect he is exceptional.

    Conte gave him plenty of chances off the bench. Big difference in quality of minutes, opportunity to score or even chance to get up to speed with the game.