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    [–] Atléti sign Thomas Lemar Cheapo_Sam 2 points ago in soccer

    Atleti doin some tidy business so far

    [–] England Starting XI vs Tunisia Cheapo_Sam 36 points ago in soccer

    Putting the text down a colour divide too. Wtf is up with englands media team

    [–] Madeira Airport replaces Cristiano Ronaldo's infamous statue Cheapo_Sam 13 points ago in soccer

    the change has not gone down well with everyone and a petition has been started to bring the old sculpture back.

    "The bust is more an attraction for our island today and we can not accept in any way its replacement"

    [–] Team Preview: Sweden Cheapo_Sam 198 points ago * (lasted edited 16 hours ago) in soccer

    The review r/soccer was promised but never received. Now it has been delivered and this sausage-fest of a subreddit is not worthy. Great write up.

    [–] [theplayerstribune] I've Got Some Things to Say | By Romelu Lukaku Cheapo_Sam 11 points ago in soccer

    So I made a bet with our coach.

    "I told him, *“I’ll guarantee you something. If you actually play me, I’m going to score 25 goals by December.”

    He laughed. He literally laughed at me.

    I said, “Let’s make a bet then.”

    He said, “O.K., but if you don’t score 25 by December, you’re going to the bench.”

    I said, “Fine, but if I win, you’re going to clean all the minivans that take all the players home from training.”

    He said, “O.K., it’s a deal.”

    I said, “And one more thing. You have to make pancakes for us every day.”

    He said, “O.K., fine.”

    That was the dumbest bet that man ever made.

    I had 25 by November. We were eating pancakes before Christmas, bro.

    Let that be a lesson. You don’t play around with a boy who’s hungry!

    Holy shit. What a legend.

    [–] Stop messing with my head! Cheapo_Sam 6488 points ago in aww

    The real magic trick here is how the husker walks out the living room door and re-enters the shot back in the living room.

    [–] BBC: What would happen if England actually won the World Cup? Cheapo_Sam 20 points ago in soccer

    Better get on and win it and send those pale cunts back to another ice age then

    [–] /r/soccer now has 1,000,000 subscribers Cheapo_Sam 68 points ago in soccer

    Was watchin the sub counter not brazil. Way more gripping