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    [–] Best Friends Play Devil May Cry 4 (Part 1) ChemyChems 3 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Seeing this game again, I can't get over how Kyrie is just Orihime from Bleach; from looks, to personality, to figure, to voice, to even outfit during the Heuco Mundo arc. Such a fun case of parallel design.

    [–] Holy shit, I thought Pat was kidding ChemyChems 1 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Oh wow, that's super cool. Also seeing this one clip i need to buy the DMCV special edition that going to include all the scenes for that game like this.

    [–] Shinigamis rise up ChemyChems 6 points ago in bleach

    Look up the meme "Gang Weed" it involves Joker makeup and the term "Gamers rise up" its all tongue in cheek.

    [–] Does anyone record the black clover dub episodes? ChemyChems 5 points ago in BlackClover

    Check if the streaming site VRV works for you, they have the episodes all on there, and its a legal site so you can show support via that.

    [–] I really hope part three makes sense of this story.. ChemyChems 1 points ago in gaming

    It should but don't forget the side story Ragnarok Odyssey it has crucial plot details that the causal fan might miss.

    [–] Witches Forest Arc 3 New Characters ChemyChems 5 points ago in BlackClover

    Its a bad decision oh his part, at least it seems nothing that happened in the novel is important aside from meeting those folks, everything else is nicely explained in the manga itself.

    [–] Generic field spell appreciation ChemyChems 10 points ago in yugioh

    These were nice, back when the idea was a simplistic "Creatures get stronger in their home environment"

    [–] So I never noticed it before, but... ChemyChems 9 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Now the different hair shape and face I can understand because the entire pose if different so the physics would be. But the noticeable difference in her build is rough, I guess this cheerleader scene was a quick shot so the team just through it together, more important scenes needed their attention.

    [–] Marvel Mangaverse: Doctor Strange ChemyChems 2 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Oh my gosh! He's so edgy! I love it.

    [–] Blue-Eyes Deck build. ChemyChems 1 points ago in Yugioh101

    Oh I see, yes its S/T banishment is nice, replacing keeper of the shrine with this might be a good idea.

    [–] Blue-Eyes Deck build. ChemyChems 1 points ago in Yugioh101

    Blue-eyes spirit dragon? Yes I have 3 in the extra deck, it seems helpful.

    [–] Blue-Eyes Deck build. ChemyChems 1 points ago in Yugioh101

    Ok I understand most of what you suggest but the regular ultimate are mostly there for fodder into the Neo effect. Thank you for the advice with One for one, totally forgot that exists and is super useful.

    [–] Blue-Eyes Deck build. ChemyChems 3 points ago in Yugioh101

    I would prefer to go pure Blue-Eyes, because I fear going into the ritual MAX build with overpower the other elements. Also my budget is hard to explain, I have a fair budget but first I want to find a rebuy site and sell off all my old cards and bulk, then use that money towards any cards. Burn that up first.

    [–] Next Lp be like... ChemyChems 7 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Some of the set-pieces are really fun, like running through a TV newsfeed, or any of the gravity play moments.

    [–] Next Lp be like... ChemyChems 1 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    If they could be good and talk about the positive and negative, a DmC lp might be fun, to show off all the problems people have with it, so the channel can act as a full explain-er to the uninformed about the history of the franchise in anticipation of V.

    [–] Dante after the end of DMC 1 ChemyChems 61 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Wow how much of an ass kicking must Jester have taken to now work for Dante in his fun room?

    [–] Clean release of the color page from Chapter 175 ChemyChems 1 points ago in BlackClover

    Waifu bait, people are happy when they see good art of characters they like especially when its art of the cute girls.

    [–] This guy is not to be fucked with. ChemyChems 21 points ago in bleach

    With the design on the bow and sword, this reminds me of KH2 wielding Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

    [–] First attempt at drawing my OC Eva. ChemyChems 2 points ago in Beginner_Art

    I wanted to try and draw anything, so I actually went at it and attempted to do a pic of my OC Eva, but she came out a bit more like Lois from family guy 🤔 did not spend super long on this maybe 30 minutes total and the ear looks the worse.

    Was still fun, need to do this more. Also for reference Eva is meant to be a half-dwarvian woman, who is to tall for other dwarfs to believe her; imagine the half way point between that Thorin Oakenshield from LOTR and Jessica Rabbit.

    [–] Is there any legal site to watch NGE? ChemyChems 2 points ago in anime

    Unfortunately the only way is to buy the expensive dvds or know a friend who has them, I asked Funimation on social media once about if they owned the rights to the old series and they said not that they only own the new movies. Sadly at this point no cheap legal manner exists, its sad hope it changes, really want to rewatch it.