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    [–] [MH1] Farmstead Gleaner ChemyChems 1 points ago in magicTCG

    I love it! The untap symbol and mechanic was one of my favorite parts of Shadowmoore, and have always wanted to see it get play. Rad.

    [–] Ironwood from the Chinese mobile game ChemyChems 7 points ago in RWBY

    He's so muscular and strong, looks like hes about to burst out of his shirt.

    [–] Clothing options for large chests. ChemyChems 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    I have heard women's clothing is too expensive like that, its a shame.

    [–] I’m confused about chicken alfredo ChemyChems 1 points ago in TooAfraidToAsk

    I want to think because the sauce is basically only used for that dish so the restaurant can't buy in the same sheer bulk that can a plain tomato sauce to make all the red dishes.

    [–] Black Cat did not think this through. ChemyChems 7 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Ooh I bet this bank guy was planning that moment in the mirror for hours before that meeting.

    [–] Crunchyroll let one slip ChemyChems 2 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Pfft Sure hope got fired for that one.

    [–] Dating a Superhero sucks on both ends. ChemyChems 29 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    For Angelica Jones she should take the advice from the early aughts Fantastic four movie "Fire-proof undergarments and lots of aloe"

    [–] First time meming, so be gentle ChemyChems 14 points ago in magicthecirclejerking

    Geez Bolas planned for the future, no matter what he needs to be relevant. Either by king or meme, we can never escpse the dragon.

    [–] Hungry Days x One Piece (Cup Noodles CM) ChemyChems 21 points ago in anime

    Oh man so much work went into this, the beautiful animation, the world building of this au. All fun. I need to download the video and split it frame by frame to notice everything.

    [–] [Making Magic] [MH1] Modern Sensibilities - Morophon the Boundless ChemyChems 1 points ago in magicTCG

    Oh man my [[Animar, Soul of Elements]] EDH just got stronger, I already have a significant number of dragons and beasts in there. Oh boy!

    [–] What are peoples thoughts and hopes for Brightburn? ChemyChems 5 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    I'm feeling good about it, not usually a fan of "Evil Superman" stories, but this feels more like a "In spite of a nail" version so I'm cool with it. While being a dark movie it looks like a horror/thriller i can sit through.

    [–] Sexy from the Vault ChemyChems 7 points ago in magicTCG

    I don't think so, easier for fans to just commission that from NSFW artists.

    [–] Kaladesh be like ChemyChems 2 points ago in magicthecirclejerking

    Very good meme. Well made.

    [–] It's Vanessa's Birthday ChemyChems 12 points ago in BlackClover

    Seems possible, the second she got out of the cage, just drinking like a fish.

    [–] It's Vanessa's Birthday ChemyChems 28 points ago in BlackClover

    She's only 24 is still odd to, with how much of a vodka aunt she's written as I thought like 34.

    [–] War of the Spark Card Obsolescence Chart ChemyChems 31 points ago in magicTCG

    Man that tortoise formation just gets destroyed, new one is better in every way.

    [–] Today on things that haven’t aged well ChemyChems 8 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    I do like how superman accidentally looks really uncomfortable by the situation.

    [–] How does the Guildpact work? ChemyChems 14 points ago in magicTCG

    While part of it is a legal document that problem establishes rules, laws, details meetings and whatnot. Part of the guildpaxt is inherently magical what does control their actions somewhat, it's why the guilds have stayed so sinial for thousands upon thousands of years. Part of me think similar to how a law abiding civilian in our world will just not do things because they know it's illegal for example crossing a street at a corner instead of jay-walking without nay force but just becasue the will of law tells them too, I believe the guild pact has a low level control magic that does that.

    So it keeps the simic and izzet from polluting the ground too much which would hurt the gruul and selysna, or keeps the azorious and orzhov from blending together as I image they would do both being order loving aristocracy. (These are examples I'm making up to illustrate my point not specifics wizards has given)