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    [–] Episode 71 "The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness" ~ Preview ChemyChems 3 points ago in BlackClover

    So then maybe in the preview images next week we might get a clue; I'd assume just do the Barbie-doll look the manga used.

    [–] Episode 71 "The Uncrowned, Undefeated Lioness" ~ Preview ChemyChems 8 points ago in BlackClover

    I wonder how they will handle the hotsprings scenes, should either end this episode or start in the next.

    [–] Dark Magician Support and Suggestions ChemyChems 2 points ago in customyugioh

    Ah I see, your idea for Dark Sage of Chaos does make sense, I may have over estimated how commonplace spellcasters were.

    [–] Dark Magician Support and Suggestions ChemyChems 2 points ago in customyugioh

    I like the idea for these but think they might need to be powered down a little bit;

    Skilled Dark Magician Girl should probavbly need 3 Spell Counters on it like the other skilled magicians, because while its stats are weaker than them, having a wider search ability should at least have the same cost threshold.

    Dark Sage of Chaos needs some requirement for its alternate special summon condition, perhaps needing 5+ Spells counters on the field, or a turn where a monster was destroyed by a spell card, because right now being able to steal away an opponents monster by only needed a Dark magician seems too much.

    Magic Formula Library is good, but maybe take away the LP boost, does not seem to flow with the rest.

    But nevertheless very nice design work here.

    [–] Exodia The Forbidden One Archetype ChemyChems 1 points ago in customyugioh

    While I know the collection of Exodia cards are about the win condition, I wanted to try and stretch the archetype out, and make interaction with the individual pieces. I tried to make them have some stall tactics to try and slow the game out with the idea of the win condition for a deck with them being using Exodia in the hand.

    [–] LEON PLEASE ChemyChems 146 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Innocent, pure fella shipped with sexualy-experienced and wanting woman are some of my favorite; can be churned for fanservice or humor.

    [–] We have a "reset the clock" in the making today! ChemyChems 2 points ago in TwoBestFriendsPlay

    Yeah this is some normal game housecleaning but a clock reset has the possibility if day inventories are cleaner out more so, or if paired items disappear.

    [–] I have some terrible news for you all... ChemyChems 2 points ago in gaming

    Eeeeh it's probably fake as part of a tax dodge. Got the advice from Yoshi.

    [–] Trophy name on point ChemyChems 2 points ago in gaming

    I love the icon looks her reacting to seeing the achievement.

    [–] What fights do you wish we could've seen, but didn't? ChemyChems 9 points ago in bleach

    I would have loved during the soul society arc to get a fight between Hitsugaya and Ishida like the opening showed off. Ice vs arrow provides a lot of good choreography possibilities, and those two try to out think one another would be enjoyable to see.

    [–] Found some interesting advertising of spicy chips ChemyChems 4 points ago in OnePiece

    Oooh that's some good ad work, hope who though that up got a bonus.

    [–] Whydo so many animes only have 12 episodes? ChemyChems 9 points ago in anime

    It's just what the production companies order, a nice solid dozen, and because anime work goes by the the seasons a nice three months covers a good period of time.

    [–] I Wonder ChemyChems 2 points ago in BlackClover

    Good guy, people with earth powers only work as villians to me if they are sheer power obsessed and love to destroy everything them, and shes not like that.

    [–] Why BC dont have figures? ChemyChems 7 points ago in BlackClover

    I found some small phone charm level figurines, but I guess despite its level of popularity the figurine manufacturers don't think they will get a proper returns. It sucks because they design work would make some greats models, even if an Asta figure would be top heavy because of his shortness and big swords.

    [–] Could they possibly be any more cruel? ChemyChems 1 points ago in gaming

    This also implies they fired people to their face and not vis phone or email, which seems generous for the company.

    [–] Friendly reminder that Call of Duty helped 50,000 veterans find jobs. ChemyChems 1 points ago in gaming

    I've always liked this charity work the franchise does, because they make so many millions off of the idea of military and veterans, and even more so back when they were real war plot lines, it's nice they use it to help real life veterans.

    [–] Made this ChemyChems 1 points ago in gaming

    If I am being made to pick between the two I'll go for sick tricks over crawling in the dirt.

    [–] Anyone else not really like Overlord? ChemyChems 0 points ago in anime

    It has a slow start, and is not really what it seems to be at first, would recommend trying another 2-3 episodes, if you are not hitched there then it's just not for ya. No biggie but better to drop one your not feeling, everyone's done it.

    [–] Alexis Rhodes Voice Actors ChemyChems 6 points ago in yugioh

    She probably retired from the industry.