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    [–] Why haven’t black boxes in airplanes been engineered to have real-time streaming to a remote location yet? CheshireLux 0 points ago in askscience

    My guess would be that the cost of inventing/maintaining such a tool is not justified based on the very few times it would be needed in the case of a tragedy. Within a few short years it’s cost would probably overcome the value of the statistical lives lost in the very rare occasion of a crash.

    [–] It’s official, Iran done it CheshireLux 1 points ago in Conservative

    Sure, but I think it is still pretty early, man. There is no harm with saying they are confident rather than sure. I mean, I believe it was them as well. But I wouldn’t be presumptuous enough to make claims of absolutes, especially when the article doesn’t use them either. After all, only Sith deal in them.

    [–] It’s official, Iran done it CheshireLux 9 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in Conservative

    Not defending Iran, but the title literally says ‘confident’. And then you say, “it is official; they did it”. Now, I believe as much as anyone they did just as I believe Epstein was whacked. But reporting it like this is just as bad as the way normal news media take license and liberty with interpreting statements.

    [–] Non-Profit Status Abuse? CheshireLux 1 points ago in legaladvice

    No, you still pay tuition. You get no financial benefit from it all; that is the point.

    [–] Gabe Newell really let himself go.... CheshireLux 1 points ago in Cringetopia

    Yeah, fuck you. And the horse you rode in on. And the horse’s mother.

    [–] It's so true,it hurts. CheshireLux 9 points ago in Cringetopia

    The U.S. should start invading his face for oil any minute now.

    [–] ACS Analytical Chemistry CheshireLux 1 points ago in chemistry

    It is my final for my Analytical Chemistry course?

    [–] An actual legit Woke Kid (xpost from /r/ABoringDystopia) CheshireLux 5 points ago in wokekids

    Because flipping burgers is low skill job. In essence, the value you provide is expendable and minimal because literally any functional human being can do it.

    [–] Without using your name, what is your name? CheshireLux 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I supposedly must work at State Farm and wear cargo shorts.

    [–] (Capitalists) How does it feel to know you will burn in hell for all eternity? CheshireLux 2 points ago in CapitalismVSocialism

    I cannot decide if you are unbelievably stupid or a magnificent troll. Either way, you end up in the same category for me, a one-layered lasagna. You didn’t even have time to respond to my argument before sending out a verse with no real context. Notice, all these verses are directed to individuals, not government institutions.

    [–] (Capitalists) How does it feel to know you will burn in hell for all eternity? CheshireLux 2 points ago in CapitalismVSocialism

    So instead of addressing my point about theft, You ignore it and give another parable from Christ. Once again, no one disputes that conscientious capitalism is the best system. But genuine charity is better than forced. Would you rather charity be forced on people? Or would you rather it actually come from the voluntary heart? Forcing charity isn’t moral. It says nothing about the condition of man except that you condone theft and justify it with your very and surprisingly poor understanding of Scripture.

    God wants us to give, but because we want to and because it is right. God doesn’t want Government to take and give on our behalf forcefully because then we are not deciding to do what is right.