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    [–] Baseball Stadium 2.5/9 Baseplates Done Chicosdad 2 points ago in lego

    Just don’t take off their jerseys and they’ll be fine.

    [–] Off-season fishing workout Chicosdad 1 points ago in Fishing

    This is awesome. Thanks OP!

    [–] 80lb. Curls! Chicosdad 5 points ago in Fishing

    There’s a difference?

    [–] 80lb. Curls! Chicosdad 2 points ago in Fishing

    Halibut and a lot of em

    [–] It happens fast Chicosdad 1 points ago in WTF


    [–] Crossbow kills kept getting better this game Chicosdad 2 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Oyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Fucking beautiful - Rollin

    [–] “What’s the address again?” Chicosdad 2 points ago in Sacramento

    The hanging one is pretty new. I work next door.

    [–] BREAKING Chicosdad 6 points ago in mlb

    This made me chuckle.

    [–] Spike Strip Squad Wipe Chicosdad 2 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Plenty of Lvl 3 helms to go around on Vikendi and the thirst is life there buckaroo. Get over it. This man just murdered that squad, thanks to a perfectly placed spike strip of course...

    [–] Every damn time Chicosdad 3 points ago in PUBG

    I'll 2nd that.

    [–] Tank House! Chicosdad 4 points ago in Sacramento


    [–] The Angels have traded Zack Cozart and Will Wilson to the Giants for cash and a PBTNL, source tells The Athletic. Chicosdad 7 points ago in SFGiants

    This comment didn’t age well, lol, but you’re right just wrong player. I think they want Rendon from some of the stove talk I’ve heard.

    [–] I wonder what fishing live bait here would be like Chicosdad 3 points ago in Fishing

    Good roommate. Better one if he offered to wipe.

    [–] Beautiful details Chicosdad 1 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Right?? This small exchange just made my evening.

    [–] Aesa the Chesapeake warming up after a cold morning waterfowl hunt. Good girl club! Chicosdad 4 points ago in dogswithjobs

    And she didn’t care!! I’m sure she was just happy to be out with dad/mom/family and doing what she’s best at!

    [–] Column: The California haters are back. And once again, they get us all wrong — "The political right, of course, has long specialized in the sport of California mockery. But we’re now getting it from the left, as well." Chicosdad 1 points ago in California

    Please show me exactly how CA law has prevented PGE from doing needed upgrades and maintenance they’ve known was needed long before any of these “new fangled” laws were passed trying to address climate change? That is the saddest excuse I’ve ever heard. PGE has known their infrastructure is antiquated for a long long time but has not had the financial incentive to do anything about it because profit is their primary incentive. Don’t be so fucking ignorant.