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    [–] My Favorite Deli - Tony's on 12th/J - Amazing Pastrami! Chicosdad 7 points ago in Sacramento

    One of the best sandwiches in Downtown! So damn good. They might not have it now b/c summer is almost over, but they also do a prosciutto fici that has fresh plums, goat cheese and a fig spread that is absolutely awesome.

    [–] Sac PD horse patrol taking a lunch break in downtown Chicosdad 6 points ago in Sacramento

    The artist formerly known as Firestone... now it’s just the Public House. Firestone the beer company I believe (maybe the tire) threatened a suit so they dropped the Firestone part. At least that’s what I heard or possibly am making up?.?. Whatever the name is, it’s a great place to watch any sporting event and the food is pretty good. Service can be spotty but lately I haven’t had any complaints.

    [–] loot delivery... Chicosdad 10 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    Corpses can’t say no.

    Edit: fat thumbs + auto correct = no make sense

    [–] What is this haircut Chicosdad 1 points ago in WTF


    [–] Made Doc in WWE2k19(Xbox One). Just search his name Chicosdad 10 points ago in DrDisrespectLive

    Seriously. He needs to see this b/c he’d love it. Tweet them both and send it to her via PM on instagram if you have an account OP

    [–] Cow playing with their tiny pig companion Chicosdad 22 points ago in AnimalsBeingBros

    Arnold and Danny DeVito are back in Twins 2! Hitting theaters this Thanksgiving.

    [–] Tyler Rogers' submarine delivery in slowmo Chicosdad 16 points ago in SFGiants

    I need Tommy John just watching that!! But seriously a fun guy to watch. I hope he sticks and hope he can replicate his success from last night going forward. Go Gigantes!

    [–] "They laughed at my looks, so I told them-- Chicosdad 58 points ago in gaming

    So much this. I could play Nagano Winter Olympics for all of a half hour before the old Energizer Bunny was twitching dead on the floor. Thank god for the lighter plug in adapter for the car.

    *It was '94 Lillehammer Winter Olympics, not Nagano. My b.

    [–] Nice little detail: the cats in the game hunt the rats Chicosdad 21 points ago in reddeadredemption

    Because people are lazy and instead of responding with the answer they just downvote. No cats catching rats and raptors swooping isn’t new. I haven’t played in months and remember seeing both. So damn cool. Just Rockstar doing Rockstar things, but too bad that also has a negative connotation especially when it comes to RD:O and single player dlc.

    [–] This dog has good acting skills Chicosdad 5 points ago in AnimalsBeingDerps

    Oasis in the background. Nice.

    [–] All those apple throws in lobby payed off! Chicosdad 3 points ago in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

    That may be one of the most "KOBE" throws I've ever seen. Well done sir.

    [–] The battle rages.... Chicosdad 3 points ago in Sacramento

    I work downtown and they aren't as bad as PB or other beach towns yet. I was in PB in April, and in the mornings many street corners looked like scooter and bike orgies. We don't have the bike/scooter density YET. I hope they keep them at manageable numbers because from what I saw in PB/SD and what I've seen on here from other beach/resort towns, it can get out of control.