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    [–] Thunder bluff by László Szabados ChirpyNortherner 22 points ago in wow

    What is there to understand?

    There are two points of view:

    1) I've played this game for years. Id rather keep playing the same game with the same progression of my character than play a sequel.

    2) I've played this game for years. However, Id happily chose to have an up to date sequel with a major visual upgrade to the game even if that means starting over.

    I think this idea you have that 'youre not a real WoW player' or 'you dont understand the game' if you fall into the latter category is ridiculous.

    [–] Thunder bluff by László Szabados ChirpyNortherner 14 points ago in wow

    Is that such a bad idea? Do you just expect the game to run forever?

    Just because I completed a game and got all the achievements and trophies, doesn't mean that I deserve anything from the developers if they decide to make a sequel?

    [–] It's a win-win situation ChirpyNortherner 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Was he going on about the alcoves to you as well?

    [–] Reserve your hype for NVIDIA 3000. Let's remember the 20 series launch... ChirpyNortherner 6 points ago in nvidia

    I mean... that was a 2 generation jump from a $400 card to a $1200 card - were you expecting anything else?

    [–] GTA V is becoming Skyrim at this point lol ChirpyNortherner 1 points ago in funny

    Lol, you putting in so much effort to posting this stolen meme everywhere

    [–] Right ChirpyNortherner 2 points ago in pcmasterrace

    I was countering the idea that “console gud cos put in disc and enjoy”

    Accepting that you’re going to have a poor experience is not a benefit over worrying if your PC will give you a good experience.

    To most console gamers who don’t know any better, then sure, I see why they think it is. But to anyone who has an average gaming PC or better, that is just not a concern. It’s not 2002 any more - any average gaming PC will run any game, and at LEAST at console quality.

    I play on my PS4 for the exclusive games, not because it’s an “easier worry free experience”.

    [–] Right ChirpyNortherner -7 points ago in pcmasterrace

    Where are you getting that I said none of that happened on PC?

    My point was that console isn’t just “put disc in and enjoy”

    [–] Right ChirpyNortherner 33 points ago in pcmasterrace

    “Just set it up and put your disc in”

    ....and then download 100GB to play it.

    And then try to tell yourself that 30fps isn’t that bad.

    And then try to ignore the drops below 30fps and the stutters that come with it.

    And train yourself to play with the high input lag due to low FPS and, usually, a TV.

    And enjoy that immersive motion blur to cover up the 30fps and below gameplay that makes it impossible to track what’s going on when turning the camera.

    I can’t wait for the new consoles, as I hope that we can finally get out of this 30fps quagmire, but until then I simply just can’t do it!

    [–] Thought this was genuinely funny..... ChirpyNortherner 2 points ago in funny

    Just include the name of the channel in your title, it’s not hard.

    [–] Anyone else got lots of lag currently? ChirpyNortherner 3 points ago in wow

    Yup - been bouncing between 500-2000ms world ping all day.

    [–] Recently I made a post about field of view on consoles and in this picture we can clearly see why we need it. This is great answer to the eternal "HOW I DIDN'T SEE HIM" question. Also it proves fact that pc players have way too big advantage over console ones. It is unfair. ChirpyNortherner 5 points ago in modernwarfare

    PC player on controller here. No I wont go away.

    I play this game with my friends on Xbox and PS4, and they don't want to play against KBM players. So I play on my controller so they don't have to. 99% of our lobbies are controller lobbies when I use it, and 90% KBM mixed lobbies when I don't. Input is factored in to matchmaking, its just not the be-all and end-all.

    It's already been proven by a few posts on here that PC controllers users don't get the same aim assist, as anything higher than the consoles FoV setting borks it.

    [–] THICC ChirpyNortherner 2 points ago in gaming

    That’s a 16 digit card number, with an expiry date and CVV security code.

    Dude just put credit card details up for some reason...

    [–] Message to infinity ward. ChirpyNortherner 2 points ago in modernwarfare

    They made it free to play. That’s all the answer you need.

    They want that In-game store cash, and don’t care about anything else.

    If they cared about hackers, they wouldn’t have made it F2P with mandatory crossplay - they knew that it would allow every idiot with a bank account and a computer to hack the game without worry (because they can just make a new account) but they did it anyway because cash.

    [–] Coronavirus: no ‘business as usual’ with China after pandemic, Britain says ChirpyNortherner -6 points ago in Coronavirus

    Chinese figures cannot be trusted

    I'm just going to keep replying with that every time you dodge the point.