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    [–] Charged twice by Faceit for hub subscription ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in FACEITcom

    EDIT: Contacted the company handling payments and I got a refund. This is resolved :3

    [–] God i'm so nervous for results ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in Sat

    How do kids these days get a 1500+ but still manage not to get a 800 on the math? I’ve taken the SAT three times and gotten 800 on the math in all three times, yet the highest I’ve been able to get is only a 1510. I probably won’t take the test again, but can you guys help me understand how it is you manage to score almost a full English score?

    [–] Is it even worth it to keep any silver equipment? ChromeMaxx 2 points ago in DragonballLegends

    If the silver equip has a gold gem, keep it, otherwise trash it. This goes the same for all equipment, inducing gold and bronze.

    [–] My brother likes to sketch dbz characters. I think this is his best one yet!!!! ChromeMaxx 6 points ago in dbz

    You realize that some people are born with inherent traits that allow them to be better than others at certain activities right? Michael Phelps' body size and bone structure allows him to build a better body that is more efficient at swimming than other people. Someone that's born naturally short or tiny will never be as quick at swimming as Michael Phelps is simply due to physical constraints. Now that's not really something to be ashamed of as you can focus on other aspects of life that you can remain somewhat competitive at, but it's unrealistic to say that anyone can do anything with enough work put it.

    [–] When you get unbanned ChromeMaxx 12 points ago in loltyler1

    You can't woosh us with an inside joke

    [–] POGGERS ChromeMaxx 6 points ago in loltyler1

    sanity* (costing him his insanity would mean League would make him sane)

    [–] I think i have a good idea ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in DragonballLegends

    By the time it was revealed he could become super saiyan, Trunks was already born. Now why would Vegeta go and kill all of his wife's friends?

    [–] Overheating issues? ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in MapleStoryM

    That's not the point. This is a mobile game, why would you use a liquid cooled PC(which costs a lot of money) to play a goddamn mobile game?

    [–] Overheating issues? ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in MapleStoryM

    I know people do this, but why would you play a mobile game on your PC if you aren't streaming?

    [–] Chance Me for NYU CAS ChromeMaxx 2 points ago in chanceme

    Money should be no problem, (able to pay full tuition). Planning to apply early descision as well. I'm from New York too.

    [–] When you log in and there's only one banner ChromeMaxx 3 points ago in DragonballLegends

    He's not bragging, he's just letting us know. Stop being a douche please.

    [–] What fan theory do you 100% accept as true? ChromeMaxx 2 points ago in AskReddit

    This isn't a fan theory. The viewer knows that Creed has no credibility and is lying.