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    [–] This mad lad ChromeMaxx 15 points ago in Draven

    dude i wanna give u the succ

    [–] Why SSJ Bardock is broken just like GBardock ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in DragonballLegends

    Doesn’t green bardock counter blue bardock pretty easily? When I go against blue bardock in pvp I usually just switch bardock and pop the ability that locks them in and finish them off in one combo. Correct me if I’m wrong though because I don’t have that much pvp experience

    [–] I got into a T10 school and my parents literally shit on my hopes and dreams ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in ApplyingToCollege

    How the fuck are your parents about to be upset at their child getting into Stanford. This is either complete bullshit or your parents have no grasp on how hard it actually is to get into a T10 school.

    [–] Cows trying to scare Canada goose ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in funny

    I came here thinking that cows were going to be scaring overpriced winter jackets

    [–] a casual's dummy guide to +15 ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in MapleStory2

    I would really advise against buying runs from sellers. I believe that learning how to complete FD efficiently and quickly is more important than constantly coughing up your meals to people who have already done so. In addition, afking during FD runs will only cause the dungeon to take longer to complete and will ultimately require more time regardless of whether you afk or not.

    [–] Former Nazi SS camp guard, 94, goes on trial in Germany ChromeMaxx 7 points ago in news

    I’m pretty sure the US participated in constant fire bombings over various Japanese cities during WW2. They would just keep bombing the same areas to let the heat spread and start massive fires. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that the fire bombings may have caused more casualties than the dropping of the two atomic bombs.

    [–] Tip for Mapleopoly ChromeMaxx -8 points ago in MapleStory2

    Not really a way to verify that it’s an external program though. I could sit at my seat and just click my mouse over and over again for like 15 minutes. The result in the game would be consistent to the clicker program clicking at the same rate for 15 minutes. Not sure why people are getting but hurt over me not wanting to waste time on an activity that literally doesn’t affect other players.

    [–] Tip for Mapleopoly ChromeMaxx -4 points ago in MapleStory2

    I just have an auto clicker program set to click every second. I just leave my mouse over the roll bottom and come back after like 15 mins or something

    [–] Okay i know this isnt really about "niceguys" but i still wanted to share this. ChromeMaxx 6 points ago in niceguys

    Not even a pick up line. It's probably something you say to your edgy friends at SawCon.

    [–] What has the college board become ChromeMaxx 31 points ago in Sat

    Why is r/SAT so fucking thirsty?

    [–] EK-FB ASUS M9H Monoblock probably fits the Maximus XI Hero as well, right? ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in watercooling

    I mean if you have a lot of money and buying enthusiast level PC parts as soon as they come out, then you do you. I just think it’s kinda wasteful to make the jump especially when what you have is pretty much the best 8th generation Intel CPU.

    [–] EK-FB ASUS M9H Monoblock probably fits the Maximus XI Hero as well, right? ChromeMaxx 1 points ago in watercooling

    If you upgrade just because something better comes out, you must either have a lot of disposable income or are horrible at managing your money.

    [–] For anyone who accidentally accepted the Founder’s Pack on the wrong character ChromeMaxx 2 points ago in MapleStory2

    We fix this by not being stupid and ignoring the message that explicitly tells you all your times will be deleted. The hell did you think was going to happen?