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    [–] What is one small thing that changed your life for the better? Citworker 1 points ago in AskReddit

    And pot is literally designed for you.

    With that said, give a call to the HR of SpaceX. Ask the lady about their pot policy. She will explain you a thing or two and why.

    It's not that you will be a zombie on pot (well you might be if you do too much), but it will most certainly drop you way off to be your best, if you already a good functioning human.

    As for investing in pot companies? Be my guest, I make money from people who invest in drug companies. Sadly they are blinded by the effect and have no financial or trading or investing background.

    [–] UN tells Belgium to apologise for its colonial past in Congo Citworker 1 points ago in Africa

    Have you ever been in the Caribbean? I visited God knows 15 + islands or more.

    There are no more colonies today. All of them are independent. Look how an island looks where Europeans never been. Now go to an ex-colony. If you are there, go to a history tour.

    What you will learn, after the colonist left, they left behind roads, factories, infrastructure, logistics, supply chains and more. I'm not just talking about an island, this was mandatory for them to use the colony.

    When they left, they were on their own. Literally all of the islands understood that they are sitting on a gold mine that is already built, reinforced, with built up carts, ships and the whole logistic plan is done. You literally need to simply hire 100 guys, walk in and make your country rich.

    And that's what they did. Look how those countries look today, and that was way before tourism kicked in.

    Congo isn't different, they still had WAY too many resources when they left, they just seem to have a different mentality. This is a simple fact.

    Look up some before after pictures of disasters in different countries. You will be surprised. It's like in the matrix. Some countries work non-stop, all the people are out helping. Others just complain. They should just all grab a brick, a wood, a trash and move it to one place. but no. They just sit and complain.

    [–] What is one small thing that changed your life for the better? Citworker 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'm not talking about a low-level programmer, but a top-end guy who works for Musk or design something that goes into the history books. Those people most certany didn't smoke weed as like I've said, it WILL fry your brain and lower your IQ. Programming some simple thing doesn't require Einstein, hence most of them doesn't even have a degree, just learned it by themself. That tells me a lot.

    I think you should call up an HR at space X and ask them about their smoking policy and why, not just some random crappy programming shop in low-income part of time instead of talking with me.

    [–] To replace my laptop’s battery if it goes bad, you need to remove the hard drives, disc drive, keyboard, display, speakers, fans, and motherboard. Citworker 1 points ago in assholedesign

    I don't know. In what terms. You bring your dell and we do a side by side benchmark. It will be 100% identical as the units inside are the same.

    Except...I payed 60% of what you did, so I will get a 40% better laptop and crash your benchmarks.

    Also you can't imagine what this thing went through. Yeas of proper abuse. I'm talking about riding a car with me 3000 miles+ every month. But that is nothing compared that it was on a ship. If you ever been on a cruise you know how shaky it can be. It vibrates and shaked like hell 0-24. This guy did 2 years there. Most laptops around me just straight up fell apart from the abuse. Apples laptops didn't even made it to 6 months. So yeah....I stick with this noname brand.

    [–] What is one small thing that changed your life for the better? Citworker 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yep, I got messaged by a lot of potheads judging by their history, and also some HRs who are actually doing the test. Most likely it will show up, so I pass.

    [–] What is one small thing that changed your life for the better? Citworker 0 points ago in AskReddit

    "If you knew how many successful people smoke weed on daily/regular basis lol.."

    In the creative field? A lot.

    In literally any other field? Practically zero.

    If you are Joe Rogan and you can ask that question in 560 ways, they talk, you make a million, you are golden.

    But if you are an engineer who designs spaceship engine modules, you MIGHT don't want to touch that stuff as it will fry your brain.

    have you looked up a sematic for any of those complex stuff or been in a day at a company who does that? I personally know a guy from the massive engineering team, who did the MB sliding top on the station in Atlanta, you have no clue how much effort and calculation goes into a project like that. Your brain has to function 120% all the time. You just don't touch anything, simple as that.

    So again, if you are an actor, singer, writer go ahead, it can make you creative. But if you need high IQ, forget about it.

    [–] Sleep not refreshing Citworker 1 points ago in Nootropics

    Okay, 3-4 coffee will mess with your brain. I used to drink 5-6+pre-training so that was about 8 a day. I got boost from the coffee but when I wasn't drinking it, I was sleepy all the time and it did mess with my sleep.

    So 1 coffee in the morning is all I need now and I sleep like a baby. That's a good start, but it will take weeks for your body to adjust.

    Also, you should really exercise. That did help me also.

    Other than that, if you eat too much junk carbs you are going to feel that. Lose the chips and other junk and try to eat healthier.

    I did one more thing, but that might not be for everybody. I stay up for 18-20 or more hours a day. Sometimes 24. As soon as I go to bed, I'm out. But somebody with a 9 to 5 might not able to do that. Cheers!

    [–] What is one small thing that changed your life for the better? Citworker 0 points ago in AskReddit

    It's for the job. They don't want potheads dealing with that kind of responsibly. I get that Joe Rogan can mess around with a mike while smoking, but if you are not in a creative field where there is no wrong way of doing it, like a podcast, but in a field where there is literally only one good way to do it, it's really bad idea to fry your brain.

    Than you though.

    [–] Trillion-dollar-valued Amazon pays $0 in income taxes for 2018, gets multi-million refund Citworker 1 points ago in conspiracy

    Pffff I do. I don't kow how to teach you the basics.

    Okay I found this:

    This will teach you the elementary level 1 or taxes. If you are interested the proper high school level you need to google that yourself. But that is exactly how it works.

    [–] Dear Firaxis, please fix the Országház flag Citworker 1 points ago in civ

    Damn, I didn't know they don't have a dedicated own forum. That's neet.

    [–] "69 percent of Canadians arent rich and should shut the fuck up. Fuck off and work harder." Citworker -13 points ago in ShitLiberalsSay

    Weird. Their president is the most leftist guy I have ever seen in my life. What he does on stage is just mindblowing.

    [–] Maybe maybe maybe Citworker 1 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Some butt holes were clinched on that day.