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    [–] Mavs fan here! I come in peace to ask...what the hell is going on? City-Blue-42 7 points ago in heat

    I’m with this guy, you don’t even deserve Dragic. He’s too good for you

    [–] What's your grade for the selection of Tyler Herro? City-Blue-42 2 points ago in heat

    Would not want you as a professor, he gets an easy A+ for me

    [–] Boy’s we’re going to war City-Blue-42 8 points ago in heat

    Dude they were so bad. Was infuriating

    [–] I put a Santa hat on every Clone Troopers head, Enjoy! City-Blue-42 1007 points ago in dankmemes

    Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud

    [–] New Big 3 City-Blue-42 9 points ago in heat

    The Heatles are back

    [–] Take a seat Ani City-Blue-42 5 points ago in PrequelMemes

    You haven’t, I literally made it today