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    [–] Reservations to Visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Park Available May 2 Clemario 3 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    For Disneyland, a 1-park 1-day ticket is $104 (off-peak), $129 (regular), or $149 (peak days). Parking is $25.

    [–] Should spoilers in this sub be marked as spoilers? Clemario 0 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    I very much agree. In the last days before TLJ’s release I wanted to listen to the leaked soundtrack, but since the release was so soon I still wanted to avoid plot spoilers.

    [–] Slashfilm Seems to Confirm Recent MSW Rumors? Clemario 8 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    Maybe Jason’s biggest source is someone in Bad Robot.

    [–] MSW: Han Solo will be in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Clemario 22 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    I bet it’s something that feels real but could be in his head but it’s left ambiguous. Like the chapter with Dumbledore near the end of the last Harry Potter book.

    [–] Ian McDiarmid referred to IX as “Rise of the Skywalkers” on Star Wars Show Live interview Clemario 6 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    Yeah. The actual title looks simple enough but somehow it’s not the most natural thing to say. I often find myself gravitating towards Rise of the Skywalker.

    [–] The Mandalorian will have progressive rollout; first episode arrives with Disney+‘s launch, full season arrives over subsequent weeks. Clemario 15 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    Right. One and done destroys the conversation. Like when a Stranger Things series drops, people can talk vaguely for a week about how good it is but everyone still has to dance around the subject to avoid spoilers.

    [–] Making Star Wars patreon podcast tidbits Clemario 9 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    On the other hand it seems they genuinely did not know that Snoke would die.

    [–] Wild idea... Clemario 1 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    That is a wild and terrible idea

    [–] Episode IX teaser poster Clemario 1 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    The one you’re thinking about for TFA is probably the Drew Struzan one. That came out at D23 and I wouldn’t consider it an actual teaser poster.. it was never displayed at theaters, just given out at D23.

    [–] Rise of Skywalker is the title! Clemario 2 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    Revenge of the Sith Return of the Jedi The Rise of Skywalker

    I just don’t like that t starts with “The”

    [–] Rise of Skywalker is the title! Clemario 99 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    I like it. Never had “Skywalker” in a title before. And it keeps the “X of the Y” format that each third part of the trilogies has had.

    [–] Lando Clemario 64 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    Lobot.. we’re home.

    [–] All Star Wars films confirmed to be on Disney+ Clemario 15 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    I can accept them but I want them to be consistent across the 9 saga films.

    [–] I put the THX Jedi News leak together with the banner at Celebration Clemario 5 points ago in StarWarsLeaks

    The best part of this mural is definitely the OT section that they released last week.