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    [–] What's a scam you fell for? ClintosM 0 points ago in AskReddit

    flash::red:: Doubling money

    [–] I loved when the intro screen for PvP had random placements for the players. ClintosM 34 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    sees my character at the far left looking at something other than the camera. Dead inside...

    It was such a small but neat feature that made the crucible that bit more enjoying.

    [–] What movie would you watch if you needed a good cry? ClintosM 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It REALLY hits you in the feels when you have a dog.

    +bonus points if you have an Akita named Hachi.

    [–] Whats the biggest myth everyone still believes? ClintosM 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Throughout history, the same premise still lies.

    There will always be governmental deformities, which is sad.

    [–] Whats the biggest myth everyone still believes? ClintosM 1 points ago in AskReddit

    We are flawed. Yep, no matter how much we try to fix everything, I doubt we will.

    [–] Destiny Brought My Family Closer ClintosM 40 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    This is actually amazing. It put a big smile on my face I hope you further enjoy your moments with them and rememeber to cherish them. You'll only live through them once bro.

    [–] A guardian in my clan has gifted me Forsaken and wanted to share. ClintosM 4 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    How low must one be to do such a thing? Sorry to hear that. Best of wishes forbthings to get better for you bro.

    [–] We missed it in CoO, so in Forsaken could we see a return of Egyptian style armor? ClintosM 1 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    Easy. He hasnt got the EP shotty yet after 500 attempts. Lets hope he has to try atleast another 500 times.